Mt. Dhaulagiri Expedition 8167M


Mt. Dhaulagiri is the 5th highest mountain in Nepal and the 7th highest in the world. Situated in the northwest region in the Myagdi District, this peak stands tall at an altitude of 8167 m. The peak was climbed first in 1960 and many successful as well as unsuccessful attempts have been made since then. Considered to be an extremely interesting climb, Dhaulagiri is climbed by lesser mountaineers than other mountain peaks are, due to the technical difficulty it possesses. Dhaulagiri is climbed basically from the northeast ridge but can be climbed from any other direction as well, due to the many ascendable facets it possesses.

The Dhaulagiri espedition starts from Pokhara and a drive to Beni Bazar followed by trekking along the Kali Gandaki Valley. The trail heads next towards Tatopani, Ghasa and ascends up to Marpha before finally reaching Yak Kharka. The Dhaulagiri Base Camp is situated at a height of 4700 m and can be reached via Yak Kharka.

The climb up this wonderful mastiff is done via the northeast ridge by setting up four camps. The Advance Base Camp is established at 5300 m but is used only for depositing gear due to the fear of imminent danger of avalanches. Camp 1 is established at 5900 m east of ABC which is followed by a steep rocky climb to Camp 2 at 6400 m. Camp 3 lies east to Camp 2 at a height of 7200 m and is reached by climbing through steep snow. Camp 3 to Camp 4 at 7500 m is considered to be typically dangerous and technically difficult. Camp can also be set at 7900 m to facilitate the peak climbing easily. Upon reaching the summit, a wave of pride and well being will certainly overwhelm climbers for having climbed one of the most technically difficult peaks. The view is absolutely breathtaking from the top and shows the topographic beauty of Nepal.

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2nd May, 20208th May, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
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Everest Base Camp Short Trek…difficult hiking but well worth it!

I would highly recommend Trekking Planning for the Everest Base Camp Short Trek. From the time I landed in Kathmandu to my departure flight back to the USA, I was completely "hand held" for my entire excursion. Dipak was with me or had a staff member take care of my needs. I was never left alone to wonder what was coming next! The trip itinerary was complete. And since I had an extra day in Kathmandu before my trek, I was able to pay a reasonable amount of money for a city tour that was complete and very informative. When it was time for me to depart to Lukla, I had complete supervision until I got on the flight which made me feel extremely comfortable. The trek to Base Camp was rather difficult, however my guide and porter took very good care of me throughout the trek. Often I needed some extra help and they were both there to escort and hold onto to me during the technical, difficult sections of the trail. I had some minor issues during the trek, but again, I was reassured by the guide and porter that I would be taken care of. When my flight was severely delayed in leaving Lukla, my guide (Gyelijan) came back to the airport to get me and stay with me for the next 3 days till I was able to secure another form of transportation out of Lukla. I can tell you that just about every other trekker saw their guide just leave them in the airport to fend for themselves! I was so grateful for Gyelijan to take care of my needs during this delay. When I did finally leave Lukla and arrive in Kathmandu, Dipak was waiting for me in the Kathmandu airport with the taxi to take me back to the Skyline Hotel. The other trekkers had to scramble for transportation. I was able to spend a few hours in the hotel before my night flight to USA and once again, Dipak arranged for a taxi to take me to the airport. I would recommend this trek as just about everything is included which makes it a "no brainer" for the client. I did want to worry about paying for lodges, food, airfare, permit fees on the trek and so it was taken care of by the guide.

TripAdvisor Orlando, Florida

Forever Trek

I am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read.
I learn new information from your article. Great job. Keep it up!!
Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek


Andrew Ferrari

My second trekking experience with Mr. Dipak Lamichhane of Trekkingplanner, all promises are always maintained and if any problems occur they are promptly solved. I highly recommend Dipak and his stafff for their courtesy and professionalism! Attempted Mera peak 6,476 m but reached 6,260 m and had to quite due to very bad weather, but very satisfied of the experience and my Amazing guide Gyeljan Sherpa who did the impossible to try to get me to the top!!!

Andrew Ferrari from Italy.

Via Trozi, 1 Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, Italy

Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trekking

My search for a local company with great service and the competitive total cost that would offer customized private trekking trip led me to Trekking Planner. I have been to Nepal before and have good experience with another company that I used - but, I wanted to up my expectations. I have been, as of today, very pleased with Dipak (the company owner) throughout my planning process. So I now have booked my trekking trip for the two of us (myself and my wife), which goes from mid-October to mid-November. I am expecting a great trip... I will follow up with my update once I come back from my adventure.

amad d,
TripAdvisor Portland, Oregon

Slow and easy Annapurna

I did the 'Slow and easy' trek at the Annapurna region with trekking planner, and can confidently say that it was the best experience of my life. I was a bit concerned as a female (not particularly fit) solo traveller, but everything was made so comfortable and effortless by Dipak and his team I almost couldn't believe it. They were waiting for me when I got to the airport and efficiently organised transport and every little detail. They adapted the trip for me, so I could fit a stay in a monastery and the yoga classes which were not originally included in the itinerary. Dipak is really responsive and accommodating, always making sure I had everything I needed for the trip. The yoga classes were amazing, and guides and porters all were really reliable, helpful and kind. I felt safe and spoiled at all times. I highly recommend Trekking planner for their experience and knowledge of the territory, but also for their human qualities. You couldn't be in better hands! Namaste!


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