12th August 2018

Amazing trip, but full of challenges

My husband and I had an amazing but super challenging trip to Nepal. Dipak in Kathmandu, and Ganesh, our guide on the mountain, looked after us well, despite lost luggage, missed and delayed flights, my husband having mountain sickness (and being flown back to Kathmandu, then back up to Pheriche to recover until we met him on the way down).
In Nepal, you soon learn that things don’t necessarily go to plan, and there are often lots of unknowns, but if you have faith, eventually things tend to turn out ok.
Our yoga instructor and guide, Rinchen, was the absolute star of the show – he was honestly the nicest person I’ve ever met, a very inspiring yogi, one of the fittest people on the mountain, and went out of his way constantly to help us, the locals, other groups, and really anybody he came across.
Whilst separated from my husband, the whole team made us both feel well looked after and safe. It was challenging, but I loved the trek to EBC and all the amazing people we met on the way.
When we finally made it back to Kathmandu (after 2 days of delayed flights from Lukla), we had a really nice room in the hotel, and went out for a lovely meal with Dipak … it would have been really nice to start the trip with this too, as our first night in Nepal included a very strange experience in a traditional restaurant, with a guide who spoke no English, and left us feeling confused.
We did a shorter 11 day trek, which seemed a bit too quick and I genuinely think my husband would have had a better experience if we had taken more time. Heading back down in 3 days was really tough for all of us, especially our guide, Ganesh, who caught a cold/flu, and really wasn’t fit enough for the trek.