24th March 2019

Awesome Trekking Planner

My wife and I went with Trekking Planner for our Everest Base Camp trek. If you’re thinking about trekking in Nepal, you can’t go wrong with Trekking Planner. Fantastic company!

Even before we went, making contact was quick and easy. Dipak, the boss, contacted us via email and WhatsApp; which allowed us to chat freely at any time. He was very responsive to any queries, which made planning the trip much easier (e.g. what would happen on the ground in Nepal, what we needed or didn’t need, etc). He also personally met with us each day we were in Kathmandu to ensure any needs were met. All trekking planner staff were friendly and helpful and one of them, Suman, helped us out with getting final supplies, groceries, SIM card, etc around town.

On the trek, our guide, Ananta, was awesome; knowledgeable about the route and himself passionate about trekking. He was not interested in simply paying lip service and more invested in making sure we had a safe and maximally fulfilling experience. He listened to what we wanted to get out of the trip and was very honest about what was or wasn’t possible according to weather and our own pace. 

In the end, he managed to get two city dwellers with average fitness, zero experience of high altitude, and zero training… in the middle of winter, through snowstorm and high winds… all the way to Everest Base Camp and back! Along the way, we had laughs, breathtaking moments of natural beauty, and even learned how to sing a Nepali song.

Special mention to our porter who took the initiative to double back and look for us once when the snow and wind got real bad, and then stuck with us to ensure our safety. (Porters often don’t travel alongside small groups, and will push on ahead so they get to the next location first and have your stuff waiting for you).

Highly recommend these guys for any trekking journey or little tours around Nepal, not just for EBC. We also had a couple of days in Chitwan for a fun safari. Our Kathmandu day tour guide, Sudendra, was also particularly good and made the city’s cultural tourist attractions really come to life.

As a real special treat, we even got invited to one of Nepal’s “Party Palaces” for a celebration for Dipak’s own son and daughter. That was a fantastic way to glimpse some real local custom and culture!

In future, we may return to Nepal to try a different trekking route; and if we do, we will definitely be contacting Dipak and Ananta again.