30th December 2018

Everest Base Camp, Chola Pass and Gokyo Lakes Yoga Trek with Trekking Planner

I was travelling solo and seeked a unique experience. After browsing a couple of options, I chose the Everest Base Camp, Chola Pass and Gokyo Lakes Yoga Trek with Trekking Planner.

Looking back, I am glad I made this decision. It turned out to be one of the most memorable trips I have had to date. 

Dipak was helpful and communicated well in the emails we exchanged, addressing my queries patiently.

Eventually there was some miscommunication and I had to fly out of Kathmandu to Lukla the very next morning instead of the following morning. I took it in my stride as I was after an adventure wasn’t I? Nothing shall dampen my spirits!

My guide cum yoga teacher is Anil. He was knowledgeable and attentive to my needs, guiding me to breathtaking views throughout the trek. I especially enjoyed every yoga session with him. We did not do what the usual yoga classes in studios did. We went deeper into yoga, beyond the stretches and poses, into self realization.

Anish was the assistant guide and he played a wonderful supporting role to Anil, always keeping a lookout and even carrying extra loads to help tiring trekkers.

By the way, they both spoke good english which is important as we’re spending pretty much 12 hours or more daily together. So communication was clear and meaningful.

I have to give a shoutout to my 16 year old porter, Ganesh. So young yet so strong and agile. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have completed my trek. Truly a “Bahadur”!

The trek was full of awe inspiring moments. If I had to choose, these are the 3 main highlights for me:
1. That sense of achievement and triumph when I reached Everest Base Camp together with my newfound buddies.
2. Putting on my spare socks over my trekking boots and precariously crossing the glacier atop Chola Pass.
3. Staring at the spellbinding turquoise waters of Gokyo Lakes as a sense of peace and wonderment washed through me.

I would also like to commend Dipak for getting me a replacement Sitar Air flight within an hour when my original flight with Summit Air from Lukla to Kathmandu got cancelled.

The day tour was also enjoyable as I explored famous sights in Kathmandu and enjoyed some local cuisine. And I was recommended places to buy my trekking gear and souvenirs by some of Dipak’s staff.

I am looking forward to my next trek with Trekking Planner. This time likely with some friends and partners 🙂