30th December 2018

Everest Base Camp Trek 13 Days: My Awesome First Trek Adventure

I went on a solo journey for the Everest Base Camp trek on first week of November and decided to join a small group as it was my first time on trekking. I was grateful for Dipak, owner at Trekking Planners, as he had made arrangements according to the requests I made from the email. The response was smooth and quick, no matter the time difference in the country I’m in, he made certain that everything is planned when I arrive. Anil and Anish were great guides who we were with us on the course of our trek. They ensured that we were on track, followed through the course and enjoy during the trek at the same time. I was slow-paced as the altitude increased and they were both considerate of my well-being, even pursuing to move forward was tough as I ran out of breath, still, they looked after me well. We were given good advise on the best food to eat in the mountains to avoid any discomforts while we proceed on our trek. Good and comfortable accommodations were provided. I was close to not having reached the EBC as I had AMS but they helped me out to recover, the following day, I felt better and moved ahead! We became good friends along the way. Overall, my goal of getting to EBC was the best moment and celebrated with my newfound friends who were with me on this journey! As my journey ended, flights unexpectedly cancelled the last day I was about to fly due to bad weather. As I needed to fly back urgently, it was impossible on that very day. I’m grateful for Anish as he went his way all throughout assisting me and ensured to get me on the flight the next day. I got on a chopper, got safely in Kathmandu and Dipak picked me up from the airport and got a great hotel to comfortably settle in for the day. He also offered to treat me to Momos, a Nepali dish dumpling, and it tasted great! All the trip was a memorable one and I would like to give thanks to Dipak, Anil and Anish for all the hardwork and great planning in order for me to have a memorable journey to the Everest Base Camp and a safe trip back home!