15th January 2020

Extra good care from Nirmal and Roshan.

I had no idea how hard this trek would be for me mentally and emotionally. I am physically fit from the cascade mountains, but living out of a bag in group life, crowded trails and teahouses with folks one doesn’t know is hard for an introvert used to lots of alone time. Our guides, Nirmal and Roshan, made sure I was OK. Nirmal had lots of jokes, games and cultural sayings to keep our group going. He has endless enthusiasm, energy and an incredibly patient and kind spirit. When we didn’t want to eat he made sure we ate anyway. When we wanted to cry he made us laugh. I had to descend at from Loboche due to AMS and Nirmal made sure Roshan took me to a quiet lodge. These guides are top-notch, the best you will find in Nepal, or perhaps anywhere in the world. I am indebted to our porters as well for their hard work. Please consider Trekking planner and Nirmal in particular if you want to see Nepal on foot.