12th January 2020

Life changing & Amazing trek @ EVEREST BASE CAMP

One of the most organized & reliable trek agency in the business . Amazing service from the staffs & guides throughout the trek .
This is a must go trek for all mountain lovers & hikers out there , felt like a different world with the mountains , scenic beauties , the beautiful landscapes & the panoramic view of the mountains , the religions , cultures , lifestyles coexisting & creating a wonderful & adventurous environment . The people were happy & helpful there .
The food is absolutely delicious & drinks are organic & help reduce body ache & tiredness from hiking
Aside from shopping around, if you arrive in Namche Bazaar during the weekend, you might catch the Sherpa Market where locals from surrounding villages come and trade local goods. Apart from this, we also recommend going to Liquid Bar where they project daily movie screenings as well as checking out the many coffee shops around Namche.
Altitude sickness, also known as AMS (Acute Mountain Syndrome) is one of the major challenges that most trekkers face. In fact, throughout our trek, every day, we would see at least 2-3 helicopter evacuations from people who needed immediate care. Symptoms of AMS: Dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, difficulty sleeping, vomiting. The only real cure for altitude sickness is to go lower, giving your body time to adjust and recover.

The incredible scenery, the people we met along the way, and the challenge of conquering the cold and the trails is something that we will always remember. Brought together by a love for travel and adventure, throughout our trek, we saw a variety of people from all walks of life try out their luck as they conquer one of the most iconic and beautiful treks in the world.