14th January 2020

Poonhill Trekking

This trip was in 4 days. We chose it because it’s the easiest trekking based on the recommendation of Deepak. We’re 3 people in group with 1 guide (Anantha) and 1 porter (Pije).

Trekking Review

First Day
Flight at 9 am from Kathmandu to Pokhara by small plane, only 30 minutes flight. Arrived at Pokhara, picked up by Anantha and get a car (Hyundai Atoz). Trip to first point in Tekhadunga village in 2 hours (incl. 2 administrations check in point). Bumpy road with scenery of Pokhara city and hills.

We arrived at 12 PM In first point, Tekhadunga, Pije our porter was waiting there. Then, we start the trekking, passed the village and market there. It’s just like 30 minutes trek to our lunch point nearby the bridge at 12.30ish. Their Masala tea is really great! We’re waiting for about 45 minutes until lunch is ready.

At 14.00ish, we started to trek to Gandaki, our first stop at that day. Trek was easy, because it’s a road, although it’s an “off-road” for a car. Hence, only jeep that can pass the road. After we pass the road way, we’re walking a valley with paddy field and river view. Then, we climb a steep stairs to get our first lodge.

The lodge is decent, small rooms with 3 beds with blankets, wifi, good food and hot showers. We took a dinner and get breakfast by tomorrow

Second Day
Anantha said second day is a hard day, because the trek is climb a steep (endless) stairs then we enter the forest. After breakfast at 8 AM, at 9 AM we started to walk again. We passed the village first and passed 3 bridges.

After the 3rd bridge, it’s the beginning of the “endless” stairs. It’s quite hard for us as an amateur trekker. Maybe we took 3,5 hours climb the “endless” stairs to get our lunch point at Ulleri village. The restaurant and lodge with scenery mountain view.

After lunch, we go up again to Ghore Pani. Just couples of minutes after we started, it’s raining. It’s quite cold because we’re at 2200 meters above the sea level. We passed the beautiful forest with couples of rest stop. Because, our stamina is depleted after we climb the “endless” stairs.

We arrived at Ghore Pani lodge around 6.30 PM. It’s already dark and really cold there. Because our clothes was wet, the altitude in Ghore Pani at 2800 meters above the sea level. The lodge is nice because, there’s a heater in the leaving room. We got hot shower, wifi and good food as well.

Third Day
Should be wake up at 5 AM to get Poonhill with 2 hours trek. But, in reality we woke up at 7 AM and go to Poonhill. We started to go to next village with 25 minutes walk. In here, we can see the mountains, but since it’s 7.30ish AM, it’s already cloudy there.

We go up to Poonhill, even Ananta already said that probably it’s cloudy up there. Since, our destination is Poonhill, even though it’s cloudy, we decided to go up. It’s full of stairs to get there. And there’s steep stairs, quite long and really it’s exhausting. The final stairs, we get the view with full of flowers and cloudy. Poonhill it’s 3200 meters above the sea level.

Then we back again to our lodge to get brunch. Then we trekking down to our first lodge in first day. We started at 11.30 AM. The route was same with before. We get to the lodge after 6 hours trekking include with lunch at Ulleri.

We stayed at different lodge than first day. Lodge still nice, have hot showers, wifi and good food as well.

Fourth Day
We go to Thekadunga as our entry point by jeep. It cost with 6000 Nepal Rupee. It’s excluded with our package plan. It’s just 45 minutes ride. Then we go to Pokhara with same car in first day. At 15.30 we flight to Kathmandu. Ananta accompanied us to Airport.

Trekking Planner Review

Deepak (Owner)
He’s really nice, informative and consultative. Plan was well planned.

Prajwal (Operation Manager) & Suman (Guide)
They picked up us at the first day to go to Trekking Planner’s office. Also, Praj that picked up from and to the airport. They accompanied us to see around Thamel (area of our hotel). They are really nice, frinedly and really helpful!

Ananta (Guide)
He’s really patient. I mean, he’s like know our stamina from the beginning, heads up about the trek and the condition. He always have couples of plan if the trek it’s not going well. One of my friend has not good stamina and Ananta accompanied him, even it’s really slow. At the second day, he and my friend got to Ghore Pani at 7.30 PM. Also, in the 4th day, my leg was injury, it’s really hurt to step down the stairs. He made a stick from bamboo for me. And it’s really helped. I don’t know what will be happened to us if Ananta was not there.

Pije (Porter)
He’s always smile, energetic and really helpful. Although his english is not good, but we still understand what he means. He always wait for me if i was get behind. His stamina is unbeatable. Even he carried our bags and i bet it’s really heavy, his walking pace is consistent.

Trekking Planner is taking care of us really well. All well planned, informative, consultative and really helpful! And, their service include with drop off us to airport. You can count on them. If i want to go to Nepal again, i will contact them!