14th January 2020

The best trip ever!

Ok… How can i explain… I wait for two years for do this trekking, nepal trekking planner do mi dreams in reality. They pick me up in the airport, they offer a private tour in the city, and amazing trekking, massage after the trekking… The hotel was amazing… Everything was more than incredible! The give me more than my expectation…

My guide in the trekking was Nirmal, and he was awesome! More than a guide he was a friend, he all the time take care of me, he explained everything… He all the time was really servicial, super fun, and kind. He makes the trekking super fun… And after the trekking we enjoyed in katmandu also!

My porter was ambrit, he all the time was so nice, helpful and kind with me..

And Dipak thw owner was kind, pacient and helpful with everything…!

Thanks for the adventure… Hope to see you soon!!!