14th January 2020

Trekking Planner & Poonhill Trek

First, when I was planning to do a trekking in Nepal, and I look online for recommended trekking agencies. Then it brought me to Trekking Planner website.

I directly contact them via email and I didn’t know if it was directly straight to the owner (Mr. Dipak)
His respond is very quick, and he gave me a very detailed answer regarding of my designation. He also gave me options how I’m gonna do the trek and explain the ups and downs for each certain destinations. He even ask if I already got the pick up transportation from airport to my hotel and offering me if I still hasn’t arrange one.

The day on my arrival in Kathmandu, Trekking Planner team pick us up in my hotel. Two amazing young man (Mr. Praj and Mr. Suman) treat us like a VIP.
They both help us to guide where and what to do in city.
They even willing to spend their free time to help us with lots of stuff. (from buying phone card, helping us check in in airport, to escorting us back and forth to airports)

I was traveling with 2 friends for the trek to Poonhiil, and because we didn’t have more days to visit, we choose 4 days (inc. going there and coming back to Kathmandu) where normally people would need at least 5 days.
The person who guiding us is Mr. Ananta.
I’d say he’s one of the most patient man that I’ve ever met since he help us and wait for almost countless hours for me and my friends.
His role almost like our Mom. Because he wake us up and take a good care of us while we were up there. He also speak English very well.
The accommodation that Trekking Planner arrange for us is also the best one. They chose the nicest lodge for their customers.

For the trip itself, I recommend people who wants to visit Poonhill, took at least 5 days and do it not at the end of raining seasons.
The area has so many nice local food and beers.
The local people are SOOOOO NICE and very welcoming. I’ve meet with lots of new friends, and people who thought me not to be lazy.
The scenery also good (as in my points of view)

Overall Trekking Planner management are amazing, well-coordinated, they provide a very good service to their customer, polite and experienced at the same time. And if I’m coming back to Nepal, I know which trekking agency that I should contact.

P.S: Thank you so much Trekking Planner team. And see you soon!