18th September 2018

Yoga really enhances this stunning hike to Everest Base Camp

Wonderful team, I felt really well taken care of from start to finish. Every day of the trek was more breathtaking than the last. Trekking in February meant beautiful weather with every morning clear and sunny. It was chilly, but I felt warm when walking, and stoves burned in the tea houses for a few hours morning and evening. Buying boiled water helped me to stay healthy on the trek while keeping my sleeping bag toasty at night. Our guide Nirmal was wonderful, experienced and a lot of fun. With his guidance and the support of our yoga teacher Anil, I felt strong and healthy throughout the trek, and never faced any issues with altitude. The majestic Himalayas provided an ideal backdrop for our yoga sessions, and trekking to EBC was a wonderful opportunity to do some soul searching- accessing much needed peace, restoring balance and connecting with my body. Fresh hot vegetarian meals with tea (and the odd snickers…) felt very luxurious and were delicious and nutritious. Along with our guides, we were in good company throughout the trek with warm and resilient locals, adventurous and inspiring fellow trekkers, the hard working yaks and ponies and the scores of friendly puppies everywhere! The route itself was manageable for someone in generally good health. I booked last minute, and didn’t train for for trek at all. The distance covered and altitude are the main to be things of. I was careful to stay well hydrated and avoided alcohol, meat and caffeine during the trek.