4 Nights 5 Days Bhutan Tour

  • Destination:Bhutan
  • Total Duration:05 days
  • Start Point:Paro
  • Trip Grade:Easy
  • Accommodation:Double/Twin shearing in hotel/lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast basis in Kathmandu and full board in Bhutan
  • Transportation:Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/Flight
  • Best Time:March to May and Sept to Dec


The 4 night/ 5 days Bhutan Tour is a Tour which is design to suit your time and to explore the main attraction places of Bhutan. Bhutan Tour offers sightseeing tours in Thimpu, Paro, and Punakha. Thimpu is the capital of Bhutan whereas Punakha was the ancient capital city. Superb Monasteries, matchless lifestyle, typical Buddhist culture and views of greenery and Himalayans will be your main attraction of the place.

Bhutan Tour includes the chance to explore the countryside with a massive view of the ending Himalayans. Day Hiking in Bhutan includes the hiking to get to Monasteries and the best natural viewpoints of Bhutan. Beautiful valleys, waterfalls, wonderful monasteries, peoples custom and traditions, beautiful flowers and greenery will take your heart.

  • DAY 04: PARO

Equipment for this trip

  1. Day bag.( Small handbag)
  2. shoes.
  3. Sports shoes or sandal.
  4. Sun Hat, cap
  5. Warm woolen cap.
  6. jacket Gore tax/ flees jacket.
  7. Pullover or warm sweeter.
  8. Raincoat.
  9. 4/5 pairs of good qualities shock.
  10. Hand gloves.
  11. 2/3 pairs of trousers
  12. 3/4 pairs of shirts.
  13. 3/4 pairs of Underwear
  14. Eye glass
  15. Water bottle.
  16. Flash or Torch light.
  17. Camera and batteries.
  18. Sun cream.

Bhutan Visa
With the exception of travelers from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all visitors to Bhutan require a visa. Visas are only issued when a confirmed booking through a Bhutanese or International tour operator has been made. All visa application must reach Bhutan at least 10 days prior to the intended arrival date. Bhutanese Embassies and missions abroad do not issue visa for entry to Bhutan. Upon entry to Bhutan, the visa is stamped into the passport.

Travel Insurance
Tours in Bhutan is mainly in remote area. You should be sufficiently protected and need to have travel insurance that covers emergency evacuation, lost items, liabilities, injuries and medical treatment. Ensure the insurance covers all the activities in the mountains.

Bhutan’s currency is the Ngultrum that is at par with the Indian rupee. It is however recommended that you carry traveler’s check or cash, preferably American Express and US dollar instead.

Garbage Disposal
Use a dustbins and do not throw anything into the fire. Carry garbage’s in the way where dustbin facilities are not available and conserve the environment.

How Can I Plan and Confirm My Trip?

Trekking Planner is a government licensed trekking company in Nepal. You can see photos of legal documents in about us section. We accept your booking under following terms and conditions:

  • Bookings must be done 48 hrs. in advance
  • Free Cancellation
  • No Down payment
  • No Deposit
  • Accept Cash Payment, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, or a Credit Card.

For more information see our Terms and Conditions page.

Detail Itinerary

"Ready-Made itinerary presented in our website can be operated for individuals, couples and small groups on a private tailor-made basis, starting on a date of your choice. An itinerary is on the basis of tea-house trekking but it can be operated as Camp Trek. Please contact Trekking Planner to discuss your tour plan."

Fly into Paro by Druk Air, Bhutan’s National Airline. The great snow-capped peaks of the inner Himalayas rise up to the heavens can be seen during clear weather. As the plane approaches Bhutan, if you look down farmhouses as dots on the hillsides can be seen. As the aircraft enters the Paro valley, you will see Paro Dzong on the hillside overlooking the Paro Chu (river), with Ta Dzong, formerly a watchtower and now the National Museum, above it. You will meet your guide and transfer to Thimphu. On arrival at Thimphu check into your hotel and after refreshments, free to relax or stroll around Thimphu or visit National Memorial Chorten, chorten literally means ' seat of faith' and Buddhists often call such monuments the 'Mind of Buddha'. Meet the elderly generation in circumambulation at the National Memorial Chorten. Tashichhodzong, "the fortress of the glorious religion". This is the center of government and religion, site of the monarch’s throne room and seat of the Je Khenpo or Chief Abbot. Built-in 1641 by the political and religious unifier of Bhutan, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, it was reconstructed in the 1960s in traditional Bhutanese manner, without nails or architectural plan. Overnight at hotel in Thimphu.

After breakfast, drive to Punakha via the Dochula pass. An hour's drive from Thimphu will take you to this pass (3140 m) where one can have a superb view of the Eastern Himalayas on a clear day with a powerful binocular telescope. Visit the beautiful 108 chortens built on the hill by Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo for the security and well being of His Majesty the King of Bhutan. Also visit Druk Wangyel Temple which was built to honor His Majesty, the fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The past and future appear to merge in the details of the temple that tells the story of a supreme warrior figure whose vision pierces the distance future. Drive onto Punakha, the old capital of Bhutan and presently the winter residence of the central monk body. Visit the Punakha Dzong, located on the island of the Pho-Chu (male) river and the Mochu (female) river. Visit the Dho Jha Gha Lam Temple. In the evening, walk through the Metshina Village and take a 20-minute walk through the rice fields to the Devine Madman’s Monastery-Chhimi Lhakhang, famously known for its fertility shrine, where couples unable to conceive come here for the blessing. Overnight at hotel in Punakha.

Full Day visits the sites in and around Paro. The people of Paro are known for their hard work which is displayed in their large traditional country houses. If you marry a girl from Paro, be prepared to put metal roofing over the traditional shingle roof in your wife's house and purchase farming machinery, to show that you are a capable and well-to-do husband. (So we joke among ourselves.) Paro's sightseeing is full of gems such as the 200-year-old Watch Tower which was renovated and converted into the National Museum in 1968. It houses a fine collection of national costumes and fabrics, gallery of thangkas, an impressive stamp gallery with three dimensional and CD stamps issued as early as 1960 that are remarkable and other galleries showcasing armor and silverware with the handsome Royal teapots. On the top floor, there is a four-sided temple complex depicting the history of Buddhism and its propagation. Visit Drugyel Dzong, although mostly now in ruins. Built-in 1647 by Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel to commemorate the victory over Tibetan Invaders, which indicates by the name of the Dzong meaning Victorious Bhutanese Fort. Overnight Paro.

Morning, hike up to the viewpoint of "Taktsang", popularly known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Afternoon, sightseeing in and around Paro Valley including a visit to the National Museum and Paro Dzong. Overnight Paro.

After breakfast, transfer to Paro Airport for your departure.

"Trekking Planner is committed to keeping the day-to-day schedule as per the predetermined itinerary, however, there might be an occasion in need of a change due to factors beyond our control. Factors such as adverse weather conditions, flight delays, natural disasters, political situations etc can force us to make necessary changes. Even though it is not possible to guarantee the itinerary the trip leader will do his best to minimize your inconvenience." We trust you will have a wonderful time with us!

Most Common FAQs

No, there is no ATM facility in Bhutan. A few high hotels and hand-craft shops accept visa cards but they charges very high amount of money. Credit card also does not work there.

You should not take photo them without permission, please show the respect to them. Please, Do not talk about the sensitive topics like political or their religious matters.

All of the hotels we use are clean, comfortable, and of the highest standard in Bhutan. They are all approved by the Department of Tourism. Western Bhutan has the best hotels. As you head into central and eastern Bhutan the quality of the hotels goes down a little bit. But we use the best quality available in each region.

The best time to visit Bhutan is during spring or autumn, the months of February, March, April, September, October and November. The other months are either cold or rainy but they too have their own flavor.

Cost and Dates

To provide you a reasonable price, we need some number of persons into a group to minimize your cost on hotel, transportation and any other alternation in your itinerary. Departure dates available for online booking are as below where price given is per person and international flight is not included. If given date is not appropriate for you, Please CONTACT US so that Trekking Planner will happily manage your trip on dates favorable for you.

Trekking Planner also organizes various trips on small groups that can suit for you. We recommend you to reserve a seat for you by booking with us right away for a wonderful experience with us. Hurry up! Adventure is waiting for you.

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Amazing trek with this company!! I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. Our guide Nirmal was the best!

This company goes above and beyond! They think of every detail and take care of all the trekking needs including accommodations, food, water tablets, medical emergencies, etc. Our guide Nirmal was extremely familiar with the trail, he was attentive - making sure everyone was taken care of, made us laugh the entire way, gave great advice/tips/recommendations for a successful trek, generous (carried some of the day packs up when they were feeling tired), encouraged us and more! I was so impressed with how well thought out everything was and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about the details and all I had to do was show up. The other guides and porters were all just as fun, thoughtful, and accommodating. I would highly recommended these guys for the EBC trek!


Best trek in the world

In March i completed the Everest High Pass trek with Trekking Planner and had all the support i needed from Trekking planner from planning the trip, to arriving in Nepal and then completing the trek. I had an amazing guide in Gyeljen, whose knowledge of the area was the best! This meant I was able to make it over the passes when many other groups didn't due to the weather. He helped with all the accommodation and provided great advice to help me deal with the altitude and very cold weather as these were a new challenge to me. The whole team and Dipak were very welcoming and funny and this meant the trek and then the visit to Chitwan afterwards was one of the best experiences of my life! Would highly recommend and planning to return sometime soon.

Sam B,

Best Guide for trekking in the Himalyas

Everest Base Camp is such an amazing trek, but to have the best, kindest and funniest guide, who encouraged our team all the way and back, made my trek extra special. Nirmal Lamichhane your knowledge of all the mountains are incredible and you knew everyone on the trek. Watching you interact with the rest of the guides, they clearly have great respect for you. You are a natural leader. You are ambitious and know where you want to be in the future and I applaud you for studying while doing treks and taking people up into the mountains.

I enjoyed your stories and games along the way especially the last 2 hours before reaching Namche when it was up, up and up (your way of saying it is very steep). When I fell ill and gotten worse you were there all the way alongside me to help and encourage. The morning after reaching Base Camp when I was faced with being evacuated from Gorakshep, you told me that you believe that I could finish the trek and you would be there all the way if I choose to do so. Seeing the helicopter leave was hard but you believed in me and it made all the difference. Thank you so much.

Nirmal carried my bag on our decent in order for me to be able to breath better (I had bad flue, borderline bronchitis). Out of his own pocket, he bought us Fanta, lollypops, gum .... anything to lift moral on the last day down to Lukla. Our group had such fun with Nirmal.

If ever you need a guide, Nirmal is the perfect man for your trek. He does varies treks into the mountains, not only to Base Camp. Mountain expert, clued-up with flights to/ from Lukla, knows everyone and teahouses, can help with last minute gear, great knowledge about altitude sickness and knows how to take great photos (and how to pose, lol).

TrakkingPlanner and Travel Her Way are very lucky to have Nirmal as a guide.

The organising of my trip was great. Before leaving the UK, all my emails were answered promptly. Collecting from the airport, great accommodation in Kathmandu and the tea houses we stayed at on our trek was great. We were taken to a welcoming dinner at a local Nepali restaurant. What an experience. They also arrange for a farewell dinner back in Kathmandu - all included in the price. The care and detail was appreciated. Fruit and biscuits at dinner while on the trek- and the guides carried all of it all the way. Taking our oxygen levels after every meal to make sure we were in great shape.

All in all I had the best experience! Thank you Trekking Planner.

Janettie W,

I have just had the best travel experience of my life.

What a trip!

What a great buch of guys at Nepal Trekking Planner!

Dipak and his team made my trip so easy, simple and enjoyable - I can't still hardly believe it.

I felt totally safe and fully supported - which was a big thing for me as I was unsure how the high altitude would affect me. I needn't have worried as my guide Ananta and porter Ganesh were brilliant - really helpful, patient and firendly. Every night my blood/oxygen saturation was checked which gave me real confidence. Not many of the guides from different agencies were doing this which suprised me a little.

I had 16 days in the mountains and enjoyed every minute. As things became harder or easier, my intinery was flexible with Ananta very willing recommmend alternatives and to make changes to suit. This made a real difference and I really felt that I got the most from my trek.

I'm not one for recommending and over-praising but Dipak, Ananta and Ganesh all went the extra mile to make it all very special indeed.

Well done guys and (funds permitting) see you next year!


Brilliant service

Just finished the EBC trip with Trekking Planner. Brilliant service from Prajol in Kathmandu who covered my every need with cheerfulness. My guide on the trek, Sudip, was excellent throughout ensuring I made it to Kala Pattar despite a severe headache. He was great fun and was ably supported by Damact (?) as my porter. All in all I really aprecated the service from Dipak and his team and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Graham H,
TripAdvisor Cockermouth, United Kingdom

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