Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking-5 Days

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all the envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.”
Good to Know
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max. Altitude 2420m
  • Group Size 2+
  • Trip Starts Kathmandu
  • Trip Ends Kathmandu
  • Group Style Group and private
  • Activities Trekking, Historical And Cultural Excursion
  • Best Season March-June and Sept-November


The Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking, which lasts 5 days, takes you through Nepal's magnificent landscapes. Trekkers will pass through lush forests, attractive villages, and scenic hills while taking in stunning vistas of the Himalayan highlands, making it a great journey for both nature lovers and trekkers.

Major Highlights: Chisapani Nagarkot Trek.

  • Along the route, learn about the various cultures and traditions of different towns and gain insight into the local way of life.
  • Explore the natural richness and diversity of Shivapuri National Park, which is noted for its diverse flora and fauna.
  • Witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets from Chisapani and Nagarkot, with panoramic views of the Himalayas including Dhaulagiri, Mount Everest, and Kanchenjunga.
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Changunarayan Temple, one of Nepal's oldest temples which is renowned for its architectural quality.
  • Trek through lovely villages inhabited by Gurung, Brahmin, and Sherpa communities and enjoy their gracious hospitality.

An Advantage of Booking a Trip with a Trekking Planner Nepal.

  • Private vehicles pick up and drop off passengers at all airports.
  • First-aid kit box.
  • Trekking Planner’s down jackets, t-shirt, and cap, if necessary.
  • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (you should have insurance for emergency evacuation, which will be paid for by your travel insurance company).
  • We use an oximeter to check your pulse, oxygen saturation, and heart rate, and we provide oxygen.
  • Sim cards are provided by our company for travelers, so there won’t be any networking issues.

Trip Introduction: Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking-5 Days/ What to expect during Nagarkot Chisapani trek?

Travelers who embark on the "Chisapani Nagarkot Trek," also known as the "Nagarkot Hiking Trail" or “Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek” are in for an unforgettable Himalayan trekking trip. This gorgeous trekking adventure in Nepal promises an immersive journey across Kathmandu Valley's natural beauties, all within easy reach of the bustling capital. The Chisapani trip takes in the beauty of Kathmandu valley while immersing in the Himalayan and hilly landscapes of Nepal.

The journey starts with the "Chisapani Viewpoint Trek," which takes trekkers through the stunning vistas of Shivapuri National Park, a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. The Chisapani Nagarkot route passes through lovely Himalayan villages, providing an authentic sense of local life and culture.

The fascinating vistas of the Nagarkot Hiking Trail as the sun rises are nothing short of magnificent, making it a popular destination for sunrise treks. The timetable for the Chisapani Nagarkot trip offers a well-paced tour, allowing travelers to relish every moment of the walk while staying within their budget.

Those wishing to enhance their trekking experience can camp along the way, making it an amazing Chisapani Nagarkot camping trek. This budget-friendly trip promises an authentic Himalayan encounter without sacrificing breathtaking scenery or cultural immersion.

Another major highlight of the trip is Changunarayan temple which is a renowned UNESCO world heritage site. The Hindu temple built during the Lichhavi dynasty is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu as his incarnation as Narayan. This temple is also stated to be the oldest Hindu temple of Nepal which displays intricate wood carvings, followed by ancient sculptures and pagoda style architect.

This enticing short trek is conveniently located near the capital city of Kathmandu, providing an accessible adventure for all. So don’t miss the chance to embark on this unforgettable Himalayan journey with Trekking Planner Nepal offering the best of both worlds - nature and culture - just a stone's throw away from Kathmandu.

Where does the Trek to Chisapani Nagarkot Start and End?

Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking, which offers a richness of culture, tradition, and natural diversity, starts from the small settlement of Sundarijal, located at the north-east of Kathmandu and famous for the quaint environment, natural beauty, home to hydropower plant and a popular picnic spot for locals. Through the stone stairs, trekkers then head up into the Shivapuri National Park and trek through dense forest with rhododendrons and varieties of other flora, watershed and waterfalls, river dams and river banks, and occasional small settlements. Afterwards, we reach the beautiful Chisapani Village. The village with inhabitation of Gurung, Brahmin, and Sherpa communities has mind-blowing sunset and sunrise over the panoramic Himalayas (from Dhaulagiri in the West to Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga in the Far East) overlooking the beautiful valleys and high hills.

As trekkers move from Chisapani the journey continues towards Nagarkot. Nagarkot offers the splendid view of sunrise as well as Mt. Everest. This hill station provides the spectacular view of Ganesh Hima l (7,422 m/24,350 ft), Langtang (7,205 m /23,638 ft) , Langtang Lirung (7,234 m /23,734 ft), Gaurishankar (7,134 m /23,406 ft), Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m /22,854 ft) and many more. Thus enabling adventure enthusiasts to have a quick escape from the bustling capital.

The hilly landscapes and terraced fields add a serene beauty to the trek. The Chisapani Nagarkot trekking is also a gateway to Langatang Gosaikunda trek and Helambu Trek.

Similarly, the trail of Chisapani Nagarkot Trek from Chisapani to Nagarkot is gradual and easy through small settlements, tea shops, and lush landscapes. Further on the trail explore the diverse landscape, interesting villages, and welcoming locals before reaching the temple listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List and one of the oldest temples in Nepal, the sacred Changunarayan Temple.

Do some prayers and walk around the premise, receive blessing from the gurus and spend a time of relaxation in the Changunarayan temple. Visitors can spend time to photograph the architectural grandeur which show cases the intricate wood and stone carvings. As the exploration of the holy Changunarayan completes return back to the Kathmandu valley after this enriching, insightful, and entertaining trek.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking is an economical, easy-to-take-on, rich, and diverse trekking experience. Preferred by local and foreign tourists alike, this trek is at its best during the spring, autumn, and winter seasons due to magnificent views of the Himalayas and lush natural scenery. Join the professional team of Nepal Trekking Planner to pursue the trip of your life and get the best out of the money spent by you. We are here to organize your holiday in Nepal as per your interest and make this take the memory of a lifetime.

Best Season for Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking

Most months of the year are suitable for trekking towards Chisapani and Nagarkot, except during the monsoon season which lasts from mid-June to early September, and the winter season which typically spans from mid-December to February.

The best time for Chisapani Nagarkot trekking adventure is during the spring season, from March to May and autumn which lasts from September to November.

During the spring period, most days are clear, with occasional light rain and snow in the late afternoon. While mornings and nights can be cold, the landscape is incredibly scenic, adorned with seasonal wildflowers, including tall trees to bush rhododendrons, magnolia, and other vibrant blooms. Days are marked by clear skies, offering grand views of the snow-capped peaks, and the longer daylight hours in spring make it an ideal time to embark on this journey.

The next best season is autumn/fall to pre-winter, spanning from the middle of September to early December. Although mornings and evenings can be much colder during this time, and there are shorter daylight hours due to the approaching winter, most days are bright and clear, allowing for excellent mountain views and enjoyable walks. Occasionally, higher elevations may experience some snowfall.

Accommodation options in Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking

The place to relax and spend the night matters while individuals are visiting the Chisapani and Nagarkot areas. The choices for accommodation are found to have a mental effect after a tiring long day walk. So, keeping that in mind, Trekking Planner Nepal has always kept accommodation options as a top priority. We only choose the best places with all the necessary amenities to provide the best service for our visitors despite the trekking season or trekking region.

In the Chisapani Nagarkot trek, the accommodation has various options that mainly depend on the budget. This means the options range from cheap teahouses if trekkers are on a budget to more expensive lodges or guesthouses. A brief description of the housing facilities is provided below:

Teahouses are the best option for those wishing to visit Chisapani on a budget. They provide basic bed and blanket facilities and are considered cheap. Do not expect electric blankets; however, a typical teahouse room has two single beds. The bathrooms in the teahouses are shared and located outside the room. Hot showers can be found, which mainly cost extra. Similarly, bucket showers, solar showers, and gas geezer showers are the options to choose from.

  • Lodge: These are more developed and expensive shelters than teahouses. Visitors can find double beds or single beds according to their needs. The rooms are warm and cozy, an incredible relaxation option in high altitudes. The best thing about the private lodges is that the bathroom is attached to every room.
  • Guesthouse: These are another excellent option for medium-range budgets. They provide comfortable rooms which are well equipped with good amenities. The guesthouse offers attached bathroom facilities with hot shower options. If individuals spend extra, they can also pay for the heating system. However, the guesthouse itself provides warm and cozy rooms. Showers are either solar or gas geezers, which are also attached to the rooms.
  • Hotels and resorts: They are the best option for luxury travelers. They contain high-standard rooms with exclusive facilities. The room can be chosen according to the number of people, and these locations have a wonderful ambiance. The bathrooms are attached with hot shower facilities, all included in the room's price. This is why they are considered an expensive accommodation option in Chisapani.

Charging, Internet, and communication facilities during the Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking

These are some of the most crucial prerequisites in any travel. Electricity, the Internet, and communication have become integral to a journey. Whether posting on social media, researching the area, or contacting loved ones, they are necessary. Thus, here is a brief scenario of the Nagarkot trekking.

  • Charging: Most of the Chisapani Nagarkot region is well facilitated with electricity. Charging ports can be found in the accommodation place, while the cost of charging can vary according to the options. This means that only some service providers will charge for electricity. However, some may, and some may not. Similarly, individuals can find charging ports in their rooms. Still, sometimes, they are limited only to the hotel lobby, depending upon the place of shelter. So, it is recommended to carry extra batteries, power banks, or solar chargers to omit the limitation of electricity or charging.
  • Internet: Internet facilities are available in Chisapani and Nagarkot. Visitors can get a chance to use Wi-Fi in the accommodation places or any nearby prominent village. If individuals stay in teahouses, they need to pay extra to use the internet facilities. At the same time, the cost of Wi-Fi is mainly included in more expensive accommodation options. The connection might be optional to more substantial houses or higher altitudes. For those who wish to reduce the cost of Wi-Fi, it is advisable to take cellular data packs during the trekking period.
  • Communication: Communication networks work fine in the Chisapani Nagarkot route. However, the web can be unstable at higher altitudes or in some sections, including forests or hilly terrains. Nepal Trekking Planner provides each of our valuable guests with a Nepalese SIM card with data packs that can be used during their stay in Nepal. Similarly, the SIM card is free, enabling them to use communication and internet facilities on a budget.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m/4430ft).
  • Day 2: Kathmandu to Chisapani (2215m/7267ft).
  • Day 3: Chisapani to Nagarkot (2100m/6890ft).
  • Day 4: Nagarkot to Changunarayan and back to Kathmandu (1350m/4430ft).
  • Day 5: Final Departure from country.
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Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking provided with standard Itinerary days where some days walks can be shorter or longer as per your physical fitness, some designated overnight stops can change, due to available rooms and other facilities, etc.
We will follow the itinerary if it needs to be changed in case of weather, landslides, and difficulties on walks requiring more days where our leader and lead head guides decide holding full authority for Trekking Planner Treks and Expeditions.

  • Accommodation3 star Hotel
  • MealsWelcome Dinner
  • Max. Altitude/Time1350m/4430ft

Arrive in Kathmandu, at the Tribhuvan International Airport, and complete the formalities at the customs. You will then be received by the representative of Nepal Trekking Planner and escorted to the hotel for your stay. Check into the room; relax after a long journey to this beautiful nation in the hotel and get prepared for a half-day sightseeing to the nearby historical heritage of Kathmandu Durbar Square, a complex with ancient temples, a royal palace, and several monuments of prominence. Stroll around the cobbled paths surrounding the site and later in the evening get welcomed by the authentic cuisine in the cultural dinner. After dinner you will return back to your hotel make all the necessary preparation for tomorrow and then have rest. You will spend the night in Kathmandu.

  • MealsBreakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Max. Altitude/Time2215m/7267ft

Wake up early in the morning and have breakfast. Today you will travel towards Chisapani from Kathmandu through a scenic drive in a private or shared vehicle. A representative from Trekking Planner Nepal will pick you up from your hotel lobby and transfer you to your vehicle or nearest bus station. As you travel through the road you will pass across dense settlements and slowly towards more remote side. Upon reaching the entry point for Shivapuri your vehicle ride completes marking the starting of your trek.

The trek into the natural sanctuary of Shivapuri National Park begins today as we drive to Sundarijal for the start of the trek. Sundarijal is a small settlement in the northeast of Kathmandu which is popular for its quaint, natural scenery, hydroelectricity station and small dam for the purpose of water supply to the Kathmandu valley.

We walk along the stone stairs for some time and head into the wet, sub-tropical forest adorned by rhododendron and oak trees and trek past the watershed and lush forest to reach the first settlement in today’s trek, the village of Mulkharka. After the sparsely located Tamang village of Mulkharka, the trail leads us up to the heights of Burlung Bhanjyang and down the ridge through the forest of oak and rhododendron to the destination for today, the village of Chisapani. A settlement dominated by Sherpa community, Chisapani is famous for the panoramic view of the Jugal Mountain range including the peaks such as Ganesh Himal and Langtang Peak, the mightiest Everest and Kanchenjunga Peak in the east, and Manaslu and Annapurna to the far west. After witnessing a beautiful sunset, we warm ourselves in our respective rooms. Stay overnight in Chisapani.

  • MealsBreakfast+Lunch+Dinner
  • Max. Altitude/Time2100m/6890ft

We wake up today with the pleasant sunrise over the Himalayas stretching in the horizon and prepare for the trek to another popular hill station of Nepal, Nagarkot. In a charming trail, we embark on our journey through the trail that passes through lush and dense forest of the national park, along the ridge and provides us the occasional views of Annapurna, Ganesh Himal and Manaslu Peaks before we reach Chauki Bhyanjyang and nearby Jhule; trekkers generally stop in one of these places for brief stop and rest.

Through the rural country side the trail continues through the dense forest which is green lush and relaxing, have some brief ups and downs on the trail and reach to Nagarkot, a hilltop to the east of Kathmandu. We have one of the most beautiful sunset and sunrise from this popular hill station of Nagarkot along with the view of Himalayas and unmatched scenery. The Sun decorates the mountains in surreal fashion and gives your imagination the chance to play with the color it unfolds before you. After a bit strenuous trek, you shall have an overnight stay in a hotel in Nagarkot.

  • MealsBreakfast+Lunch
  • Max. Altitude/Time1350m/4430ft

Today as well we shall wake up with the beautiful sunrise over the Himalayas and after breakfast, we shall head on for the town with an ancient temple of Changunarayan. Beginning with the scenic surroundings of Nagarkot overlooked by lofty peaks, we shall trek through the terraced fields through the unique settlements inhabited by the indigenous Tamang community, the major being Telkot village. The houses are typical with thatched houses made of stone, by the local craftsmen; the adjoining shed for animals and the vegetable garden next to the house supplies fresh vegetables.

Local wines made in these villages are delight to the visitors. If interested you may taste the local dishes as well. On the other section, more scenic, trekkers traverse through rich deciduous forest; moving further every step the Himalayas seem more distant and the paths are more gradual and finally leveled path as we reach to Changunarayan Temple. A temple with intricate carvings, unique pagoda style and historical monuments, sculptures and statues, Changunarayan Temple is also listed in world heritage site list. After exploring this ancient temple, we shall drive back to Kathmandu in an hour. Stay overnight in Kathmandu.

    The short and enriching trekking in the rim of Kathmandu valley comes to an end today as you shall be leaving for your onward destination. Go for some last minute souvenir shopping if you are interested in that. If you have booked for any other activities, you may extend your stay. If not, our representative shall assist you for your onward flight and escort you to the Tribhuvan International Airport. We hope that this short yet insightful trekking experience created some of the best memories of your lifetime and tempt you for another trip in this enticing nation.

    Not satisfied with this regular itinerary? Make your own.

    Trip Map
    Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking-5 Days Map
    What's Included
    •   All airport pick up drop off by private vehicle.
    •   Twin/double sharing accommodation on BB in Kathmandu.
    •   Guided sightseeing tours in Kathmandu with private vehicles (entrance fees extra).
    •   Kathmandu to Sundarijal and Changu to Kathmandu by private vehicle.
    •   Shivapuri National Park Area Permit and Trekkers' Information Management System( TIMS card).
    •   A highly experienced, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English-speaking, well-trained, Government license holding guide. Price includes his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport, and insurance.
    •  1 porter for 2 guests with their insurance, salary, food, accommodation, and equipment.
    •  Your cost includes insurance, wages, food, and lodging for both your guide and porter. We take excellent care of our guides and porters, they are like family to us.
    •  Best available twin-sharing lodge accommodation during the trek.
    •  Three meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and tea/coffee during the trekking.
    •  Snacks of biscuits/peanuts and seasonal fresh fruits dessert during the trek.      
    •  Welcome dinner in an authentic restaurant.
    •  First aid kit.
    •  Trekking Planner’s sleeping bag, down jackets, T-shirt, cap, duffle bags, city and trekking route maps – if necessary.
    •  Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (should have insurance for emergency evacuation and will be paid by your travel insurance company)
    •  All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary.
    What's Excluded
    • Your Nepal Visa fees (should bring small accurate fees in USD and 02 passport-size photos).
    •  All the International airfare from and to Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flights).
    •  Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
    •  Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation.
    •  In case of extra night accommodation, lunch, and dinner in the city due to early arrival and late departure as well as early back/return from mountain/trekking (due to any reason) than the given time period of the itinerary.
    •  Guest Personal expenses like ( laundry, baggage charge, phone calls, battery recharge, bar and beverage bill, boiled or bottled water, hot and cold shower, extra porter.. etc).
    •  The Tips to the trekking crews and drive.
    •  Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather conditions, or any event out of our control.
    Essential Info

    Equipment and Gear List

    trekking iconGeneral

    • Four-season (-20 degree) sleeping bag (We provide rental sleeping bags available for an additional USD 35)
    • Puffy down jacket (We provide rental jackets for an additional USD 35)
    • Daypack (25-30 liters recommended) with rain cover

    HeadUpper Body

    • Sun hat or cap (We'll provide you with a trekking cap.)
    • warm woolen hat
    • Scarf/Neck Buff (highly recommended to get saved from wind and cold)
    • Headlamp or mobile torch light for nighttime
    • Polarized sunglasses


    • Technical fabric base layer thermals are light for warmer months, heavy for colder months
    • Technical fabric t-shirts and sleeve sweaters or high-necks
    • Waterproof rain jacket
    • windproof jacket for the walk as it gets windy
    • Fleece jacket or down jacket

    PantLower Body

    • thermals inner
    • Hiking pants at least 3
    • Comfortable pants for teahouses
    • Waterproof, windproof shell
    • Hiking shorts


    • Woolen gloves for the tea house
    • Hard-shell windproof outer gloves for the walk


    • Marino Wool or comfortable, warm socks
    • Hiking socks
    • Liner socks
    • Trekking/hiking boots (waterproof recommended)
    • Crampons (For passes)
    • Casual shoes or sandals that are comfortable for the time in the tea house
    • Gaiters (lightweight for rain and snow)

    UndergarmentsUndergarments and inner wears

    • Technical fabric/quick drying (can be washed during the trek)
    • Sports bras (women)
    • sleeping clothes as per the comfortability

    MedicineFirst Aid Kits and Medications

    • Sunscreen SPF- 50+
    • Lip balm or Vaseline
    • ointment cream
    • Cough Syrup and strepsils (recommended for Khumbu Cough)
    • Creams and medicines (for any allergies or diseases)

    (Note: Our guides carry medications, oxygen cans, and first aid kits during the trip. However, personal kits and medications are recommended.)

    Other essentialsOther Essentials

    • Passport
    • Extra copies of passport-sized photos
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Toilet paper, small soap, and shampoo
    • Water purification tablets or UV water purifier (if you plan to treat water)
    • water bladder for the day bag
    • small towel for personal use
    • Pillowcase in case of allergies to new pillows
    • High-protein snacks (such as mountain bars or nuts)
    • Waterproof/dry bags for carrying essential documents, stuff, frequently used items, and money
    • Power bank or extra batteries
    • Cameras and mobile phone
    • Cards/book
    • Pee bottle/ pee funnel for women
    • Trekking poles
    • Whistle in case your voice is not loud enough to stop or start
    • Thermos for hot water during the nighttime
    • We give you a free duffel bag, trekking cap, maps, and t-shirt during your pre-trip meeting in Kathmandu. The duffel bag will be used to pack your trekking supplies.
    • For every two participants, we assign one porter. The porter will carry the duffel bag, which should weigh around 10 kg/22 lbs., throughout the walk.
    • Daypack bag for daily used stuff like cash, documents, papers, a water bottle or bladder, a camera, toiletries, sunscreen, a notebook, clothing, etc. (with a waterproof cover).
    • You can store your luggage (on-trekking items) at the hotel in Kathmandu, and we can assist and help.
    • Total luggage for the Kathmandu-Lukla flight is (15 kg/33 lbs.), including duffel (10 Kg/22 lbs.) and backpack (5 kg/11 lbs.)
    • A down jacket with a hood(cap) to be warm in altitudes above 3,000m.
    • We can provide a down jacket for USD 35. In case of loss or damage, you need to pay back the cost of USD 200 per item.
    • We can provide a sleeping bag for USD 35. In case of loss or damage, USD 200 per item must be paid.

    Note: Supplies and gear can be rented or purchased in Kathmandu. Once you are in Nepal, you can buy supplies and gear for hiking if you have spare time. Trekking Planner Nepal representatives will assist you in purchasing the equipment. Thamel a tourist hub, offers a wide range of trekking equipment at affordable prices. Don't wear short clothes inside the monasteries and religious places.

    Client Reviews
    • rating star

      Beginner Trekking trip

      "4 day package. 1st in Kathmandu. Following days trekking in Shivapuri national park, Very friendly and serviceminded company. The trip was customized for us and they accommodated all our needs. The help us with equipmemt and guided us for the trip.
      First day in Kathmamdu was with a knowledgeable guide who showed us all interesting sites downtown. The trekking trip were a family trip - 2 kids (10,12) and were done in their pace. The guides were very helful and skilled. I would recommemd this company."


      Jacob BQatar,Nov 06, 2016
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