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Latest News
All the important stuff that has been updated, from trekking laws to inner company details, is mentioned in this part.

Helicopter Tours
All the details you would require about helicopter tours in Nepal, including how to prepare, what to expect, and so on.

Where to go? What to do and what to bring, complete with weather accommodations and temperature information, bagging, packing, and all that

Travel Tips
This section includes all travel advice and frequently asked questions.

Trip facts
The real facts and truth about trips where expectations and reality collide.

Weather and Climate
A section where you will find out the details about the weather and climate of particular regions of Nepal.

Yoga and spirituality
places where yoga can be done while traveling; and packages of yoga tours that are ideal and recommended.

Culture and festivals
details about how the festivals and cultures came into practice, how they are celebrated, and the rituals that take place during the festivals.

Flight information
A section dedicated to information about flight delays, what to do during delays, and how to possibly prepare for delays.

Travel experience
This blog is based on clients' experiences when they write an article for Trekking Planner Nepal after the completion of a trip.

Adventure sports
Details about the adventure activities that are conducted throughout the country.

High passes treks and Peak climbing
This section is dedicated to providing detailed information about everything related to high mountain passes, peak climbing, and other expeditions.

Guide, Porters and Shrepas.
Sure! I can provide you with some information about guides, porters, and Sherpas.

History and Future of Trekking In Nepal
Trekking in Nepal has a rich history and a promising future. Nepal, with its diverse landscapes and stunning Himalayan peaks, has been a popular destination for trekkers from around the world. Here's an overview of the history of trekking in Nepal and a glimpse into its future.

TIMs Card, Permits, Special Permit, and Visa Extenstions
This blog catagories are based on the information, procedure for TIMs card, Trekking Permit, Special Trekking Permit and Visa Extension Information