Communication services in Nepal

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones are widely used in Nepal, and there are several network providers offering mobile services. The major mobile network providers in Nepal are Ncell, Nepal Telecom. Visitors can buy a prepaid SIM card for their phone at any of the network provider's stores or authorized retailers. The cost of a SIM card ranges from NPR 100 to NPR 200, and visitors must provide a copy of their passport and a passport-sized photograph to purchase a SIM card. It is recommended to buy a SIM card from a well-known provider to avoid counterfeit SIM cards, and visitors should ensure that their phone is unlocked and compatible with the local network.

Trekking Planner Nepal provides SIM cards for its customers. (Data charges apply for the 28 days of data, which would be around 10 dollars including the data, activation, SIM card, and photo.)


Internet services are readily available in Nepal, and visitors can access the internet at internet cafes, hotels, and other public places. Nepal Telecom, Ncell also offer mobile internet services, and travelers can buy a data plan to access the internet on their mobile phones. The cost of internet services varies depending on the provider and the type of service. The internet speed in Nepal may not be as fast as in other countries, and visitors may experience slow or intermittent connections in some areas. However, most hotels and cafes offer free Wi-Fi, and visitors can also purchase a portable Wi-Fi device from network providers or authorized retailers for a more reliable internet connection.

In the mountains, you can get wifi cards for AirLink and Everest Link, which would cost you around 4–5 dollars and be usable for 24 hours.

Landline Telephone(Wired Telephone)

Landline phones are still used in Nepal, especially in homes and businesses. Nepal Telecom is the main provider of landline services in Nepal. Visitors can make local and international calls from Public Telephone Booths, Hotels, and other public places. International calls can be expensive, and visitors should check the rates with the service provider before making a call. It is also important to note that the quality of the connection may vary depending on the location and weather conditions.

Postal Services

The Nepal Postal Service provides mail and courier services within Nepal and to other countries. Visitors can send letters, postcards, and packages from post offices or authorized courier service providers. International courier services such as DHL and FedEx are also available in Nepal. The cost of sending mail or packages varies depending on the weight and the destination. Visitors should ensure that their mail or packages comply with the local regulations and restrictions, and they should also consider the delivery time when sending international mail or packages.

Social Media and Messaging Apps

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular in Nepal, and many Nepalese use messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber to communicate with friends and family. Visitors can use these apps to stay in touch with their loved ones back home or to connect with locals in Nepal. The use of social media and messaging apps is not restricted in Nepal, and visitors can access these services using Mobile Data or Wi-Fi. However, visitors should be aware of the local laws and regulations regarding the use of social media and messaging apps, and they should avoid posting or sharing sensitive or controversial content that may offend the local culture or customs.

Overall, communication services in Nepal are widely available, affordable, and accessible. Visitors can stay connected with their loved ones back home or with locals in Nepal using mobile phones, the internet, landline phones, postal services, and social media platforms. However, visitors should be aware of potential challenges such as slow or intermittent internet connections, expensive international calls, and the need to comply with local regulations and restrictions when using postal services.