If you have a larger budget, and want a little more comfort on your trek, you might consider a Luxury Lodge Trekking in Nepal, either in Everest Region or in Annapurna Region. These take very similar routes to the normal treks but you stay in different accommodation. Bedrooms will have larger beds with thicker mattresses, will be carpeted and heated, and will have ensuite facilities; a western style toilet and a shower with 24 hour hot water. A greater variety of food will be served, probably in a warm dining room with plenty of space. And you will be welcomed with a gift, drinks and snacks. This is not to say the usual lodges are not comfortable and welcoming. They are! But if you are older, or indeed if you are travelling with children, especially during high season, you may appreciate the extra space and privacy. We will be happy to discuss this option further if you think it will suit you.

For Luxury Lodge Trekking in Nepal we should not have to be good preparing by physical but we should have to good preparing by suggested equipment. Our Luxury Lodge Trekking package includes meals, accommodation and safe drinking water. Luxury Lodge Trek can do any time of the year and we also organize during all season. But March to May and Sept to Dec is the main trekking season. We do provide a quality service with reasonable price on Luxury Lodge Trekking in Everest and Luxury Lodge Trekking in Annapurna.