Nepal, a rich country for nature, culture, bio-diversity and elevation variation but poor in economic condition. While doing any travel and tours in Nepal you will see many poor and disable people who are getting a troubled life and children who could not study. Many children dream for study has broken and many people die because of not getting any health care.

Trekking Planner as a responsible tourism up-lifter of Nepal also takes interest in social welfare works in Nepal. We mainly focus on helping the root causes of multi –dimensional poverty of Nepal. Trekking Planner offer Volunteer service with a mission to help disable children, Orphanage, volunteer in various local hospitals as a doctors, and make these children dream come true. We bring a link between you and poor, Orphanage, disable and unhealthy people. You can offer your valuable service or anything you wish to provide to these poor children. If you wish to provide a service to our children your placement can be the below way as you wish if you think of a different contact us we will provide that too.

  • You will have a great chance to have coordination class with children. You can teach any subject like English, Science etc. for Orphanage and poor children.
  • You can offer a medical service to poor people and children in different health post and hospital.
  • You can teach Disable people like deaf and blind.
  • Work for the women empowerment and children care.
  • Perform different Charity shows.
  • Construction and painting work for various school and orphanage as well as disable houses

These all the work would be challenging for you because of cultural difference but slowly and gradually, you will love the work what you are doing and also love the country as well as hospitality of the local people towards you as a guest. You can also donate some amount to them if you are interest or pick some children and help for them as giving some amount for their study.