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Namaste and a warm welcome to our website! Nepal Trekking Planner is an independent trekking company in Nepal to offer exceptional trekking and/or tour packages to the travelers and explorers. We bring to you varieties of alternative solutions that cater to your need for adventure, exploration, and excitement. Combined with years of experience, the expertise and enthusiasm of a dedicated team, we accompany you on the journey that explores pristine landscape, flora, and fauna as well as the vicinity of lofty Himalayas.

We provide you with several packages for Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet that offers to you a myriad of destinations for Trekking in Nepal, Peak Climbing, and tours in the enchanting land of the Himalayas. From the trekking in Everest and other destinations in Nepal to the festival tours in Bhutan, India and Tibet and from the activities of expedition, rafting and other adventure activities to the experience of Homestay in Nepal, adventure sports and wildlife safari to the novel area of voluntarism, Trekking Planner offers you all the excitement possible. We also provide multi-country packages.

Each package of trekking, peak climbing, and expeditions in Nepal is designed and adjusted to match your level of fitness and need for adventure. We specialize in smaller groups and larger groups can be entertained on request. Handling the logistic requirements of the travelers and ensuring safety, security and greater enjoyment are some of our topmost priorities.

Nepal Trekking Planner conducts all of its adventurous and other activities with a key focus on responsible tourism, sustainability of tour and trekking destinations and support to the community involved. Besides offering personalized packages to clients we also offer something of value to the community.

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