Tibet one of the most fascinating and unique country in this planet, covering almost the size of California USA, 8 times larger than England with world’s highest largest plateau that stretches towards the border of Pakistan-India-Nepal-Bhutan as far to Myanmar.

Tibet at present Autonomous State of Republic China, in early times remained as one of the Himalayan Shangri-La to the outside world, hidden behind high Himalayan Range of mountains where the north-east and west touches the mainland of China province.

Tibet a country of scenic windswept territory of arid and barren landscapes where high Himalayan peaks borders with Nepal to the south and North-West with India and Pakistan, traveling into Tibet makes you feel of medieval time era around its remote and isolated town and villages.

Where most of the cities are well established with modern networks of roads and highway including tall buildings around the city of Lhasa-Shigatse and Gyantse but still retains its past old glorious of age-old heritage, colorful culture and traditional life as it was since past hundreds of centuries.

One of the largest Buddhism religion nations where on tours includes visit of impressive old monasteries including places of interest, Tibet worth a visit once in your life-time experience with its vast landscapes and Yak grazing pasture fields in the shade of tall snow capped peaks.

In our Tibet tour where one can experience with visit to its interesting cities interwoven with ancient past history of Buddhism and exploring remote farm villages of great interest around nomads camps, as well visit to Everest North Base Camp the easy way in the comfort of four-wheel drive.

  • Location : Asia
  • Official Name : Xizang Zizhiqu
  • Capital : Lhasa
  • Area : 471,700 sq.Miles
  • Population : 2.62 million
  • Ethnic groups : Ethnic Tibetans, Menba, Lhoba, Mongols, Hui and Han Chinese.
  • Religions : Tibetan Buddhism and Animism
  • Culture : Wedding, Funeral
  • Languages : Tibetan, Chinese
  • Festivals : Tibetan New Year, Monlam,Horse Racing Festival
  • Currency : Chinese Yuan
  • Time : Local Time = UTC + 8hrs