Nepal, a naturally blessed nation with an enchanting landscape and a Mystic Himalayas is considered as a trekker’s paradise. This small landlocked country owns the world’s eight highest mountains out of 14(above 8,000m) which includes Mt.Everest and over 13,00 peaks above 6,000 meter along with exotic wildlife, artstic monument, unbeatable natural beauties and much more, these all have made this country unique and center of attraction for many trekkers and tourist every year from around the world. Trekking in Nepal offers a various trekking route as per ones choice, trekkers from hardcore to those wanting to unwind on a ramble from teahouse to teahouse. Whatever you choose your holiday in Nepal you will be passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Trekking in Nepal is a unique blend of natural and cultural elements. You will mostly enjoy trekking to explore people, their culture, rites and rituals and exotic nature including flora and fauna climbing a rock wall to navigating across a mountain or entire mountain ranges. For many trekkers this glimpse of another culture is one of the highlights of their adventure in Nepal. Beyond this other entertaining activity includes fire camping, bungy jumping, rafting while trekking in Nepal. While you are doing Trekking in Nepal on the most popular routes, you can stay the night at tea-houses, with comfortable rooms and good food. Only in the less well know areas will you need to camp. The magnificent giant mountains and the snow peaked Himalayas are worthwhile to view one’s own eyes during the trek which enables one’s rusty and tired soul to pep up and spark with full of divinity. Himalayans and adventure are the synonyms of each other as trekker gets to experience all the essence during the journey.

Therefore, Nepal trek is all about exploring the beautiful nature and the flora and fauna residing on it with highs and lows of the trekking trails. So, if you are up for challenge, then get ready to get hypnotized by the beauty and thrilled by the adventure of Trekking in Nepal that you will treasure in your heart throughout your life The best seasons for walking holiday in Nepal are February to May and September to November; but January and December can also be good lower down where there is less risk of snow. As we are highly expertise for the peak climbing services and focuses on destination around the country. Let us take the opportunity to serve you with the best services as we believe customer deserves the best.