12 days Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour

Good to Know
  • Duration 12 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Group Size 1+
  • Trip Starts Paro, Bhutan
  • Trip Ends Lhasa, Tibet
  • Group Style Group and Private
  • Activities Tours
  • Best Season March-June and Sept- Dec


  • Visit the three Himalayan countries Bhuta, Nepal and China and their capital on one multi-country tour.
  • Explore the top attractions including monastery and landmarks of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.
  • Get insights into the culture, religion and tradition of these Asian countries and understand their way of life.
  • Explore local markets, and try different cuisines across three different countries.
  • Follow up with different adventure activities with a chance to engage in local festivals and rituals.
  • Commence prayer sessions, ceremonies and communicate with the locals to understand their way of life.
  • Visit some of the renowned UNESCO world heritage sites across Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.

Trip Introduction: 12 Days Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet Sightseeing Tour

The Bhutan Tibet and Nepal tour encompasses three of the most culturally rich countries of the world. Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal, being in the South Asian region are noted for their beautiful Himalayan wonders and rich religious background. One can find various monasteries, chortens, stupas, paintings, woodwork, and different structures with fascinating architecture during the visit.

Bhutan, which is known for its soaring snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, dense forests, and giant medieval fortresses is home to the wonders of architecture. Bhutan also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon has a rich history of Buddhist tradition and mythology. The Paro Tatshang which is also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is one of the attractions of Bhutan situated in the Paro Valley near the capital city of Thimpu. Similarly, there are many other monasteries present in Bhutan including Gangtey Monastery, Kyichu Lhakhang Monastery, Rinpung Dzong Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Phajoding Monastery, Samdrup Dargayling Monastery, and many others.

Similarly, these monasteries are decorated with ancient relics that broadcast the Tibetan culture of the nation. Mainly practicing Buddhism, one can see several monks and nuns that take care of such monasteries. Typically, these monasteries consist of large praying halls, quarters for nuns and monks, paintings relating to the culture and religion with artifacts, and evidence relating to the origin and importance of the religion persisting here.

Besides these, Bhutan also provides an opportunity to view the panoramic mountains, including Jomolhari, Kangkar Punzum, Kangphu Kang, Masang Kang, Giomochi, and many more. So, for those who wish to view the snowcapped mountains, Bhutan doesn’t disappoint.

On the other hand, the landlocked country that houses the tallest mountain in the world is another marvelous place included in the Nepal Bhutan and Tibet sightseeing tour. Nepal located between China and India is the country blessed with Himalayan marvel. Similarly, the rich culture, religion, and tradition with warm hospitality that persists in Nepal are well renowned. Thus, there are a lot of things going on in Nepal for visitors which is not to be missed.

Nepal is home to ten UNESCO World Heritage sites including the three Durbar Squares (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan), Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath stupa, Changu Narayan temple, Lumbini, Chitwan National Park, and Sagarmatha National Park. Each unique presence provides a glimpse of the long long-lasting rich religious background of Nepal with varieties of cultural as well as wildlife diversity available here. The blend of Hinduism and Buddhism with such a religious harmony is truly an example set out to the world.

Similarly, the Himalayan region of Nepal, which lies in the northern part enables Nepal to host eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. Thereby including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna. Visitors who wish to join the sightseeing tour of Nepal can get the opportunity to view any of the mentioned peaks through helicopter tours or trekking.

Finally, another beautiful destination in the 12-day Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour is Tibet. Tibet being the autonomous region of China, is very rich in history, culture, and tradition. Similarly, Tibet also provides visitors with the best Himalayan scenery and a chance to explore natural and historical landmarks present there. Lying in the lap of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, located on the border with Nepal, gives it the title “the roof of the world.”.

Similarly, the Buddhist religion, unique architectural marvels, and stunning mountain views make Tibet famous all around the world. Talking about culture and tradition, the majority of people in Tibet follow Buddhism. The evidence for the long-running Buddhism is the monasteries, chortens, and stupas that reflect the culture. Likewise, the Potala Palace, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Jokhan Temple, Rongbuk Monastery, Samye Monastery, etc. are some examples of the architectural marvels that are available for sightseeing in Tibet.

The route of the Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour. How does it start and end?

The Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet tours begin from Bhutan. While the exploration initiates with Thimpu, visitors get the option of exploring the statue of Buddha Dordenma, Tashichoo Dzong, Changangkha Lhakhang, Memorial Chotern, and many more.

With an optional visit to any of these marvelous locations, the tour in Thimpu completes thereby subsequently starting the tour to Paro. Paro located in the Paro district in the Paro Valley of Bhutan is a historic place where several sacred sites and landmarks are present. During the visit to Paro, one will visit the Paro Taktsang which is also known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery which is one of the most famous landmarks of Bhutan. Other sightseeing locations in Paro are Zuri Dzong Fort, Rinpung Dzong Monastery, Drukgyal Dzong Monastery, Dasho Nishioka Chorten Museum, Tamchoe Monastery, Tago Lhakhang, and many more. Visitors can choose the place of interest based on personal preference.

As the sightseeing tour of Bhutan completes through the immigration process, a flight takes explorers to Nepal. During the sightseeing tour to Nepal, visitors get to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Begin with the tour to any of the sites including the Kathmandu durbar square, Pashupatinath temple, Swayambhunath temple, Boudhanath stupa, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and many more.

Kathmandu/Patan/Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the royal palaces that showcase the intricate Newari (local) architecture. The intricate woodwork, sculptures, temples, shrines, and statues are a must-see. Similarly, the Pashupatinath temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal dedicated to Lord Shiva. Swoyambhunath and Boudhanath are the Buddhist stupa with a blend of Hinduism. Also known as Monkey temple, the Swayambhunath provides a good aerial view of Kathmandu valley and Boudhanath provides an insight into the Tibetan culture of Nepal.

Moving from Kathmandu, visitors are then led to Pokhara which is one of the largest tourist hubs of Nepal. Pokhara also known as lakeside city provides opportunities for various sightseeing tours in Nepal and adventure activities. The Peace Stupa, Tal Barahi Temple, Bindabasini Temple, Pumdikot, Davis Fall, and Mahendra Cave are some attractions of Pokhara for sightseeing. Similarly, adventure activities like boating, rafting, bungee jumping, photography, and sunrise viewing are also offered.

As the sightseeing of Nepal comes to an end. Visitors clear the immigration process and visit Tibet through a scenic flight from Tribhuvan International Airport of Nepal. In Tibet visitors in the 12-day Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour explore Lhasa. During the stay in Lhasa, individuals will get an opportunity to explore the famous Potala Palace, and Jokhang Temple, and explore places in and around Barkhor Street.

Potala Palace is one of the historical landmarks and the dzong fortress is present in Lhasa. Supposedly built in the 7th century, it plays an important role in showing the culture, religion, and traditional importance of Tibet. Similarly, the Jokhang Temple is another religious site that houses the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is also recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Likewise, Barkhor Street is a famous trading hub of Lhasa. Visitors can purchase various kinds of Tibetan costumes, exotic handicrafts, and souvenirs here. Similarly, the street also has some of the authentic Tibetan food restaurants including the Guangming Sweet Teahouse and Makye Ame that serve mouthwatering foods.

What is the best season for Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing trips?

Before booking any trip to a Himalayan country it’s important to understand the climate and weather of the country one plans to visit. The best seasons for the Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour of 12 days are spring or fall/autumn for the best experience. However, the three countries can be visited all year round.

 The autumn season lasts from September until early November, the weather is a bit cooler but the skies are clear blue. The season provides favorable weather conditions for a comfortable walking experience with longer day lengths that aid in longer walking periods. Similarly, a clear blue sky means an unobstructed view of the hilly landscape and mountains which are the primary attraction during the visit.

Similarly, another best season spring lasts from March to May. Spring season is marked by blooming rhododendron flower that paints the landscape red and pink. The pleasant aroma that spreads during the spring season mesmerizes any nearby travelers. The clear sky and fresh breeze in the early morning refresh anyone who visits these Himalayan countries.

Do note that the days are shorter during the fall/autumn season. In spring the weather is warmer, but in the afternoon more clouds can block the views.

However, trips can be done in summer and winter also but the experience is slightly changing. Summer is marked by heavy rainfall, and due to this reason, there can be difficulty during the sightseeing tour. The experience can be hectic and with rainfall comes fog which in turn blocks the Himalayan views. On the other hand, the summer season requires additional preparation and packing. Thereby causing more logistic preparation and difficulty.

On the other hand, winter comes with extremely cold temperatures and snowfall. The denseness and black clouds in the winter cause gloomy weather conditions. Similarly, the snowfall causes obstruction of the mountains as well as difficulty in walking at higher altitudes. So, for the best experience, Trekking Planner Nepal recommends doing prior research about the weather conditions for the Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour.

Accommodation in Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet tour?

Those who are on a sightseeing tour of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet are placed in three-star to four-star level accommodation places. However, depending on the budget and personal interest one can stay in more common luxury houses.

Accommodation options in Bhutan

During their stay in Bhutan, visitors have arranged a luxury room with all the appropriate facilities. A private vehicle will be arranged for transportation during the sightseeing tour. Similarly, the hotel option ranges from standard hotels to luxury hotels, signature campsites, and Homestays.

  • Standard Hotels: These are the basic hotels that are available in Bhutan. The standard hotels are not a star level hotels however they do provide good bed and blanket facilities with room service. They are available in prominent locations including Thimphu and Paro.
  • Luxury Hotels: These are the more luxury hotels available in Bhutan. They include three-star to five-star hotels with similar reputed and luxury experiences. Several world-class resorts can be arranged with luxury accommodation and premium service including fine interior decoration, and clean first-rate rooms with little to no complain.
  • Campsites: Thimpu and Paro offer an opportunity to choose a campsite as an accommodation option. Although requires additional preparation on logistics this can be arranged. It enables visitors to get close to nature and feel a sense of liberty in the lap of mother nature. For campsites, prior notification should be provided and the cost might fluctuate as per the necessity.

Accommodation options in Nepal

During the stay is Nepal, the accommodation options provided are the premium level of hotels. As Nepal Trekking Planner has prior contact with such hotels it can be one of many. The hotel we chose is a clean and premium quality hotel with good bed and blanket facilities. Amenities like Wi-Fi, Air conditioner, Multimedia, attached bathroom, and good room service are included.

Similarly, most of the hotels provide international cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu ranges from authentic Nepalese to Western international food.

Accommodation options in Tibet

During the stay in Tibet, the accommodation options can range from basic to luxury hotels depending upon the client’s request. Feel free to contact Trekking Planner Pvt. Ltd. regarding the selection of the hotel depending upon the type of service one is hoping for and the budget limit.

Similarly, it is necessary to understand that one will be spending the night in Lhasa which is full of diverse accommodation options. From simple bed and blanket facilities to more standard levels of rooms can be selected.

Electricity, Communication, Internet, and Bathroom amenities during the tour

  • Electricity: Electricity is required during the sightseeing tour. There is no difficulty during the sightseeing tour in Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet for electricity. The accommodation that we have arranged has no problem regarding power. In case of shortage, there is always a backup power for an uninterrupted supply of electricity. During the day, be sure to carry power banks and additional batteries to keep the electric devices updated.
  • Communication and Internet: As individuals will be traveling, to three different countries, communication is mainly recommended via the Internet. For making local calls (only in Nepal), Trekking Planner Nepal provides a SIM card free of cost. In the sim card, cellular data is installed which is going to cost extra. Similarly, the Internet will be available in all the accommodation places without any cost.
  • Bathroom: The attached bathroom facility will be available in the accommodation option. Showers mainly hot showers can be either geezer or solar-powered. No additional cost for the showers will be added. Similarly, their rooms will be equipped with an uninterrupted water supply.

What is a typical day in Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet like?

Bhutan and the Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

The Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour of 12 days starts in Bhutan. Upon your arrival at Paro’s airport, our Trekking Planner representative and local guide will be awaiting you with a warm welcome. We don’t waste too much time and depart for Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city. After settling into our hotel we head out to explore Thimphu and head to the Memorial Chorten. The next day we go around sightseeing at the amazing School of Arts and Crafts, the Folk Heritage Museum, the National Library, the Motithang Takin Zoo, and the 51m/167ft tall Buddha Dordenma statue! For the last part of our Bhutan tour, we head back to Paro and visit the 3,120m/10,236ft high Taktsang Monastery. Also, known as the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery! The next day we say goodbye to Bhutan and fly to Nepal’s Kathmandu.

Nepal, and Pokhara Lakeside City:

Being home to Trekking Planner’s main office, your first stop in Nepal is at Kathmandu’s Thamel area. Known as a backpacker’s paradise this tourist area is filled with hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops! For your first evening, Trekking Planner invites you to a welcome dinner in a traditional Nepalese restaurant with a live cultural show.

The next day we go sightseeing around the Kathmandu Valley’s most famous landmarks. First up is the legendary Swayambunath Stupa, resting on a jungle hill on the edge of Kathmandu city. Second, up is a visit and exploration tour around Kathmandu’s Durbar Square. This palace square is filled with cobbling alleys, markets, and ancient buildings! In the afternoon we visit the Boudhanath Stupa and the Pashupatinath Temple.

For your second day in Nepal, we travel to Pokhara. Located just southeast of the Annapurna Himalayas, this city comes just out of a painting. Resting peacefully at the shores of Phewa Lake, Pokhara is also known as Nepal’s favorite tourist spot! We’ll spend time boating on Phewa Lake and visit the Tal Barahi Temple and the World Peace Shanti Stupa.

On land, we can choose to see an amazing sunrise view from Sarangkot or go directly sightseeing at Davi’s Falls and the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave running below it! We spend the last day in Nepal traveling back to Kathmandu and enjoying Nepal for the last time. As we make way for Tibet and the last part of the incredible Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour of 12 days!

Tibet, and Lhasa:

When you think of Tibet, you most definitely imagine secluded Himalayan Buddhist Monasteries and Buddhist monks! Well, you are not incorrect! Arriving at Lhasa makes you realize that. To end the Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour of 12 days we plan sightseeing in Tibet’s capital city Lhasa. The city is incredibly clean and your eyes quickly catch a glimpse of the incredible big Potala Palace, which we’ll visit.

It will take most of the day to travel to Tibet from Nepal and we can take an afternoon walk around Lhasa before turning in for the night. The next day we’ll visit the most famous place in Lhasa; the Potala Palace. The Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. At Barkhor Street, you can do a round walking tour, as a sort of ritual to cleanse yourself of negative thoughts. The next day we plan a visit to two of the great Gelug Monasteries, the Drepung and Sera Monasteries. We’ll also plan a visit to the Buddhist Sculpture Carving Workshop!

Filled with sightseeing, culture, and activities, the Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sightseeing tour of 12 days is one of the most popular multi-country touring packages! Get ready to see the best parts of these three Himalayan countries and book today with Trekking Planner for a lifetime of experiences!

How should one prepare for the 12-day sightseeing tour of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet?

Preparation of the tour mainly depends upon planning, research, and fitness. One should carefully prepare for the 12-day sightseeing tour of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet for an enjoyable experience. The preparation and understanding can be done as:

  • Check the climatic conditions: Traveling in three different countries can differ a lot. The weather conditions can also be varied with different weather patterns at different locations. Individuals or groups should understand and research the current weather patterns for different regions so they can adjust their preparation.
  • Pack appropriately: Packing essential gear and equipment is necessary for the sightseeing tour. As most of the tours are in a cultural and religious place, we recommend wearing appropriate sleeve clothes that are according to the climate and comfort.
  • Understand the culture: It is necessary to research the culture and traditions of the region. Visitors should always know about the dos and don’ts of the customs and respect the culture at all costs.
  • Punctuality of Document: Traveling across three different countries requires a lot of logistics. So be sure to carry all the necessary documents and permits before the travel. Make sure everything is up-to-date.

Is travel insurance necessary?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for travel. However, it is recommended as there are many perks while purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide reassurance of any unforeseen circumstances so purchasing one can safeguard against it. However, Trekking Planner Nepal doesn't provide the insurance facility and such should be done by the insurance company. Therefore, purchasing travel insurance with an appropriate policy is essential. Purchase the insurance that includes safety against:

  • Loss of Baggage and Belongings
  • Trip interruption and cancellation
  • Medical coverage against injuries
  • Emergency evacuation and medical facilities
  • Trip expansion or extension
  • Financial emergency allowance
  • Accidents coverage
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    • Trekking Planner’s representative awaits you with your name card at the airport
    • Meet & greet with your local guide
    • Drive by private vehicle to Thimphu
    • Arrival at Thimphu
    • Explore Thimphu’s Memorial Chorten
    • Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

    Traveller’s note: Did you know that arriving at the airport a Trekking Planner representative will be awaiting your arrival together with your Bhutanese guide? The first day we’ll spend traveling to Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan. In the afternoon we go sightseeing at the famous Memorial Chorten.

      • Hotel breakfast and check out
      • Enjoy guided sightseeing in Thimphu:
      • Visit the School of Arts and Crafts
      • Visit the Folk Heritage Museum
      • Visit the National Library
      • Lunch
      • Visit the Motithang Takin Zoo
      • Visit the Buddha Dordenma after sundown
      • Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

      Traveller’s note: Did you know that the Takin is the national animal of Bhutan, and at the Motithang Takin Zoo you’ll get the chance to see this exotic animal? The 51m/167ft high Buddha statue of Buddha Dordenma reflects the moonlight at night! If you plan your itinerary to visit Thimphu at the weekend you can enjoy the weekend market as well.


        • Hotel breakfast + check out
        • Drive back to Paro
        • Hotel check-in
        • lunch
        • Afternoon tour to the famous Tiger’s Nest, the Paro Taktsang Monastery
        • Either hike up or choose to hire a pony
        • Enjoy a few hours at the monastery
        • Head back down to the hotel
        • Evening walk around Paro’s Old Town
        • Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

        Traveller’s note: Did you know that the Taktsang Monastery is the second largest monastery in Bhutan and is presumed to have been built around the 16th century at the height of 3,120m/10,236ft! You can visit the Paro Dzong at the edge of Paro Old Town.

          • Hotel breakfast and check out
          • Transfer to the international airport
          • Scenic flight to Kathmandu, Nepal
          • Meet and greet with our representative
          • Transfer to your hotel
          • The rest of the day is free at leisure
          • Welcome dinner with a live cultural show
          • Overnight stay at your hotel

          Travelers’ note: Did you know that Trekking Planner’s main office is located in Kathmandu, Thamel? During our welcome dinner, we’ll introduce you to our team and go over your itinerary during your Nepal visit.

            • Hotel breakfast
            • Pick up from our guide
            • Enjoy sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley
            • Visit the Swayambunath Stupa
            • Visit the Kathmandu Durbar Square
            • Visit the Boudhanath Stupa
            • Visit the Pashupatinath Temple
            • Transfer back to your hotel
            • Overnight stay at your hotel

            Travelers’ note: Did you know that today we’ll spend the entire day on a guided sightseeing tour? For lunch, we do recommend one of the rooftop restaurants around the Boudhanath Stupa. Kathmandu’s Durbar Square is also filled with unique Nepalese handicraft shops making it a great place to find some authentic souvenirs!

              • Hotel breakfast + check out
              • Drive to Pokhara lakeside city
              • Lunch on the way
              • Arrive at Pokhara + hotel check-in
              • Enjoy an evening walk around Phewa Lake
              • Overnight stay at your hotel

              Traveler’s note: Did you know that you can also fly to Pokhara in just a 35min flight? This always you to spend more time in Pokhara but is not included in this package rate. If you wish to fly to Pokhara instead, then do let your Trekking Planner representative know to make the arrangements.

                • (Optional: Early wake-up call, to drive to Sarangkot hill for a stunning sunrise view)
                • Hotel breakfast
                • Activities in Pokhara:
                • Boating on Phewa Lake + Visit Tal Barahi temple
                • Hike to the Shanti World Peace Stupa
                • Visit the famous waterfall Davi’s Falls
                • Explore in the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
                • Overnight stay at your hotel

                Traveler’s note: Did you know that Pokhara is considered one of the cleanest cities in Nepal? Today’s sightseeing tour goes to some of the most famous places in Pokhara, but there is much more to here. If you want to stay longer in Pokhara then do let us know to organize any additional activities.

                  • Hotel breakfast + check out
                  • Transfer to the airport in Pokhara
                  • Fly back to Kathmandu
                  • Transfer to your hotel
                  • The rest of the day is free at leisure
                  • Overnight stay at your hotel

                  Traveler’s note: Did you know that there are many more things you can do and see within Kathmandu? Talk with your Trekking Planner representative to organize any other activities for this day!

                    • Hotel breakfast + check out
                    • Transfer to the international airport in Kathmandu
                    • Scenic flight to Lhasa, Tibet
                    • Transfer to your hotel
                    • The rest of the day is free at leisure
                    • Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel

                    Traveler’s note: Did you know that although Tibet’s Lhasa is relatively close to Nepal it will take most of the day to travel there by flight?

                      • Hotel breakfast
                      • Pick up by your guide
                      • Enjoy sightseeing in Lhasa
                      • Visit the famous Potala Palace
                      • Visit the Jokhang temple
                      • Visit and make a circle around Barkhor Street
                      • Transfer back to your hotel
                      • Overnight stay at your hotel

                      Traveler’s note: Did you know that the Dalai Lama resides at the Potala Palace during the winter? During today’s sightseeing tour, you can also see the incredible culture of the Tibetan people!

                        • Hotel breakfast
                        • Pick up by your guide
                        • Enjoy sightseeing in Lhasa
                        • Visit the Drepung Monastery
                        • Visit the Buddhist Sculpture Carving workshop
                        • Visit the Sera Monastery and the discussing monks
                        • Transfer back to your hotel
                        • The rest of the afternoon is free for leisure
                        • Overnight stay at your hotel

                        Traveler’s note: Did you know that the Drepung and Sera Monasteries are two of the three only great Gelug Monasteries of Tibet? At the Sera Monastery, we can witness the monks discussing getting rid of bad karma. 

                          • Check-out
                          • Our team will transfer you to the airport approx. 3hrs before departure
                          • We hope you enjoyed the Bhutan Nepal and Tibet sightseeing tour of 12 days with Trekking Planner, and can’t wait to organize your next adventure!

                          Not satisfied with this regular itinerary? Make your own.

                          What's Included
                          • All airports pick up drop by private vehicle.
                          • Bhutan and Tibet entry visa fees and special permits for Tibet.
                          • Twin/double shearing accommodation on full board at 3-star category hotels in Bhutan.
                          • Bhutan to Nepal to Tibet flight.
                          • Guided sightseeing tours by private vehicle and all necessary entrance fees in Bhuta, Nepal (Kathmandu and Pokhara), and Tibet.
                          • Kathmandu to Pokhara by land and Pokhara to Kathmandu by flight 
                          • Twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on BB at 3-star category hotels in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Tibet.
                          • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English-speaking, well-trained, Government license holding local guide. price includes his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport, and insurance.        
                          • Welcome dinner in an authentic restaurant in Nepal.
                          • First aid kit box.
                          • Trekking Planner’s T-shirt, cap, duffle bags, and city maps – if necessary.
                          • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (should have insurance for emergency evacuation and will be paid by your travel insurance company).
                          • All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary.
                          What's Excluded
                          • Your Nepal Visa fees 
                          • All the International airfare To Bhutan and from Tibet 
                          • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and in Tibet.
                          • Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation (Helicopter rescue insurance is highly recommended. If you have any problem and you have to be evacuated, without your insurance you have to pay for the helicopter in cash).
                          • Your Personal expenses such as (laundry, phone calls, bar, beverage bill.. etc).
                          • The Tips to the guide and drive.
                          • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather conditions, or any event out of our control.
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