Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trekking-22 Days

"Adventure to Remote far flung corners of Far North Western Himalayas"
Good to Know
  • Duration 22 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Max. Altitude 4890m
  • Group Size 2+
  • Trip Starts Kathmandu
  • Trip Ends Kathmandu
  • Group Style Group and Private
  • Activities Trekking, Historical and Cultural Excursion
  • Best Season March to November


  •  Far from mainstream trekking trails within absolute mountain wilderness.
  •  Explore traditional villages of Upper Mustang enriched with colorful cultures.
  •  Extraordinary views in the backdrop of red rugged canyon, cliffs with snow peaks.
  •  Enjoyable walks from one lovely village to another with ever exciting moments.
  •  Explore within the former walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang and its historical sites.
  •  Amazing views, a photogenic country and an extension of vast Tibetan Plateau.
  •  Adventure to sacred Damodar Kund a glacial pond and holy Muktinath complex.

An Advantage of Booking a Trip with a Trekking Planner Nepal.

  • Private vehicles pick up and drop off passengers at all airports.
  • First-aid kit box.
  • Trekking Planner’s down jackets, t-shirt, and cap, if necessary.
  • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (you should have insurance for emergency evacuation, which will be paid for by your travel insurance company).
  • We use an oximeter to check your pulse, oxygen saturation, and heart rate, and we provide oxygen.
  • Sim cards are provided by our company for travelers, so there won’t be any networking issues.

Trip Introduction: 22 Days Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trekking

Trekking Planner Nepal presents a wonderful adventure Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trekking, where all types of people can enjoy the trek.

Upper Mustang Damodar Lake, located on Nepal Far North-West Himalaya and close to Tibet border. Where walk takes you around beautiful country steeped with amazing and unique scenery, truly a paradise for photographers.

The beauty of Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trekking is its picturesque landscapes enriched with lovely traditional villages. A great walk following the ancient Trans Himalaya Salt Trade/ Caravan Route of Nepal and Tibet.

The trade between Tibet and Nepal still exists around the border beyond Karo-la pass, since the past few years motorable roads have reached Upper Mustang. Making the region much accessible to reach the destination in a short frame of time, where’s trekking is more enjoyable.

Upper Mustang an extension of Tibet Far South-West plateau, from 14th Century onwards it became an independent kingdom. Separated from Tibet remote corners of Ngari province under the rules of King Ame Pal.

The first Raja/king to established Lo the Upper Mustang, the walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang stood as the capital. The fort palace still stands for the last former Raja Jigme Bista, who ruled the country for the last three decades.

Upper Mustang Trek with Trekking Planner Nepal allows you ample time to immerse within its beautiful location. Enclosed within the red canyon and high eroded cliffs dotted with hidden caves, that serves as a meditation and retreat place.

The adventure takes you around lovely villages enriched with an age-old tradition, cultural heritage steeped with Buddhism prayer monuments.

One of the main highlights of this wonderful Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trek is exploring the local culture. Where walk leads you within the harmony of astonishing surrounding beautiful scenery in the backdrop of high snow-clad peaks. The other main attraction is the country’s dramatic desert-like landscapes and to reach within former walled kingdom Lo-Manthang.

At Lo-Manthang enjoy the rest day exploring its medieval-type town with narrow lanes and stone-paved streets. Visit the late Raja Jigme Parbal Bista palace located in the center of the former walled kingdom. Tour of Namgyal Gompa, Champa Lakhang (God House), Red Thubchen Gompa, Chyodi Gompa the highlights of Lo-Manthang. An extra day necessary and important to support acclimatization before heading towards our higher destination to Damodar Lake.

From Lo-Manthang after an exciting wonderful time, the adventure takes you further North direction towards the complete wilderness. The area around the remote Upper Mustang is more barren and yet beautiful that leads you close to high Damodar Himal. Damodar Kunda or Lake, located within the basin of Damodar Himal at the height of 6, 706 m high. Damodar Kunda at 4, 890 meters is tucked on a windswept valley, enclosed within range of Mustang Himal and Bhirkuti peak.

After a wonderful experience at Lo-Manthang, a walk leads to the high country of Upper Mustang to Dhi and Yara. The last permanent village from here onwards into the complete wilderness, as the walk takes you on off the beaten tracks.

An interesting and exciting walk around remote Northern areas of Upper Mustang an opportunity to explore its absolute wilderness. From Lo-Manthang onwards towards the isolated country, as trek leads to Dhi and Yara within rough and windswept terrain. The adventure continues heading due North-East to cross the highest point over Batsyak-La Pass at 5,490 m. Enjoy fabulous scenery of the wild country enclosed by a high mountain range of Damodar Himal.
Finally walk leads to our final destination at Damodar Kund, regarded as the holiest of all holy lakes around Himalaya. Where Hindu devotees and pilgrims pay homage, as Damodar Kund one of the sources of Kaligandaki River flows south. It is mentioned on Hindu epic Barah Puran; Lord Krishna has said a visit to this Kunda and takes a deep-bath, will be freed from all the sin.
Normally the area is visited from April to September, but the best time is during the full moon of August. One can enjoy a religious festival, get merged with many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims to celebrate on the full moon.

After a grand time within beautiful surroundings, the adventure takes you back to human settlements at Tangye and Tetang villages. On the main trail, as the walk continues on a higher route to reach Muktinath, another holy site for Hindu and Buddhists. A great spiritual spot where thousands of Hindu make a pilgrimage to this sacred spot, every season of the year. Pleasant and scenic walks take you to isolated Tangye and Tetang village to reach Muktinath another highlight of the adventure. Muktinath a holy spot name means a place to liberate oneself located at 3,700 m high. A scenic location which also falls on-route Manang via high Thorang-La Pass, enjoy views of Nilgiris and Dhaulagiri Himalaya Range.

At Muktinath with time to explore around the holy sites and temples dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and visit Buddhist monastery.
From Muktinath, scenic walk downhill to Kaligandaki River valley then ends the adventure at Jomsom, the headquarter town of Mustang. Where next early morning short flight from Jomsom brings you to beautiful Pokhara blessed with natural beauty. A city on a lovely valley surrounded by green hills with close views of Annapurna, Manaslu Himalaya with Machhapuchare Himal.

Route to Upper Mustang Damodar Lake.

Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trek take you to one of the remote countries of Nepal's Far Wild Western Himalaya. Although Upper Mustang, frequently visited since it was open from 1992 for outside visitors, remains as Restricted Area. Where all foreign travelers require a special permit to enter Upper Mustang from Kagbeni village onward. The area beyond Jomsom the headquarter town of Mustang, also known as the 'Last Forbidden Kingdom'. The whole is steeped with fascinating undisturbed Tibetan Buddhist culture, ancient monasteries, traditional villages, and retreats as well meditation caves.

The adventure begins with a drive or flight from Kathmandu to reach a scenic Pokhara, one of Nepal's charming cities. Blessed with the natural beauty of the verdant valley, green rolling hills, and snow-capped mountains of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalaya Range.

Staying overnight in Pokhara, next early morning short flight to Jomsom facing a superb panorama of high Himalaya range. Where views of peaks can be seen on both sides of the plane windows. Annapurna Himalaya on the right side and Dhaulagiri on the left as the plane touches down at Jomsom airport.   

From Jomsom town airport, after a refreshing break and getting organizing loading gear for the porters and mules. Where our trekking staff will make necessary preparation and then start the morning walk on a wide Kaligandaki River valley. A pleasant 3-4 hours walk on a windy valley to reach the first overnight stop at Kagbeni village. An interesting place located on the high side of Kaligandaki River, houses and the people of Kagbeni similar to Tibetan. Kagbeni the entrance to Upper Mustang, from here on a restricted region where the trail follows the old Trans-Himalaya Salt Trade route.

After Kagbeni adventure takes you to an arid and barren country enclosed within high canyon walls and windswept cliffs. The walk leads to Chusang village for the first overnight around Upper Mustang, a nice settlement adorned with Buddhism and Bon culture. The journey continues to the next lovely Samar and Ghiling villages as walk lead within arid terrain. Trees lines disappear for short high altitude bush and shrubs, few trees exist around villages like Populus and willow trees.  

The adventure leads you right in the center of Upper Mustang on crossing Nyi La pass at 3,932 m, to Syangbochen. An interesting walk as you encounter one of the longest series of prayer wheels to reach Tsarang. A lovely village surrounded by a neat farm field of buckwheat and barley, an exciting place to explore its old monastery.

Tsarang one of the loveliest village where one can enjoy and immerse into local culture, from here onwards to Lo-Manthang. Our first main destination and highlights of the adventure before Damodar Kund/Lake, after an enjoyable time at Tsarang.

Walk for some hours to reach a river, as the route leads around Tholung valley, and then our route diverts north. As walk process towards gradual uphill to a top ridge marked with a large Chorten. The Buddhist Stupa marks the border between the two main towns and villages of Tsarang and Lo.

Descend leads to a stream within a wide windswept valley, and then enter into historical and former walled kingdom Lo-Manthang. An amazing place where in ancient medieval times it stood as a capital city of the whole Mustang Region.

Where Trans Himalaya Salt Trade route and caravan passed through Lo-Manthang to Tibet border, which still exists to this day.

Spending two overnights at Lo-Manthang, on visiting places of importance, the adventure continues towards further North to remote Dhi/Yara.
Where overnights will be in spacious tents with full camping equipment support, as well separate kitchen unit of cook, kitchen staff. Besides guide and porters or pack animals to carry all camping gear, which makes one feel like a true adventure.

Walk finally takes you to Dhi and Yara for an overnight stop located on the mid-way of various routes. Dhi or Yara, the last permanent settlement as well on the way towards our destination Damodar Kund.   

From Dhi and Yara, the adventure starts towards barren windswept and desert-like terrain, pack lunch is needed. As there are no shelters to cook hot lunch till overnight camp is reached. On route Gangra which is at 3,870 m, with time to visit Lori Gompa placed on a high cliff. This monastery includes fascinating paintings which is an optional side hike with a steep climb to reach on top. Besides an interesting tour of the monastery, great views of surrounding beautiful landscapes with snow-capped peaks.

After the first overnight in tented camps, a morning walk from Luri Gompa leads to summer grazing fields at 4,780 m high. Trek continues towards a wide plateau facing views of massive Dhaulagiri Himalaya, the rough trail climbs to a high ridge. On crossing one of the high passes at 5, 100 m and descend to Ghuma Thanti, a remote isolated spot. A place with temporary huts and shelters built for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visiting holy Damodar Kund (pond/lake).

Finally, the walk takes you to the final highlight of the adventure at Damodar Kund a glacial holy lake. The source of the lake formed by the glaciers of Damodar Himal and Bhirkuti Himal, located on this scenic spot.

Explore the beautiful location far and away from the mainstream trail, and villages certainly a mystical and sacred place. After reaching our main destination return journey takes you down back to human settlement and villages at Tangye and Tetang.

On the return, the journey walk takes us to another holy place at Muktinath, where pilgrims of both Hindu and Buddhist religions. At Muktinath enjoy the tour around its sacred temples and monastery, and then back to Jomsom for a final overnight stop. Next early morning a sweeping flight reach you at Pokhara after a wonderful adventure on Upper Mustang Damodar Lake Trekking.

The Best Seasons for Upper Mustang and Damodar Lake.

Upper Mustang Damodar Lake, open for nearly all seasons of the year except November to March months. During winter and early springtime, chances of much snow on trails and high passes. One of the few adventures around the Himalayas where one can enjoy the trek in monsoon time also.  As Upper Mustang falls within the rain shadow where monsoon dark clouds are blocked by the high Himalayan Mountain range. Where the climate is much similar to Tibet, actually an extension of Tibetan South West plateau, a dry arid country.

However, the best season and favorable times are from April to June, September, and October months, during the mid-spring and autumn seasons. When the weather is fine with crystal clear blue sky for glorious views of surrounding scenery and mountains. Chances of snowfall sometimes can be cold in the morning, late afternoon, and nighttime with an extra wind chill factor. From November onwards till March the villages will be almost deserted, where all natives migrate to lower warm areas to escape the harsh winter cold.

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Upper Mustang Damodar Lake trekking provides with standard Itinerary days where some days walks can be shorter or longer as per your physical fitness, some designated overnight stops can change, due to available rooms and other facilities and etc…….

We will follow the itinerary if its need to be changes in case of weather, landslides and difficulties on walks requiring more days where our leader and lead head guides decides holding full authority for Trekking Planner Treks and Expeditions.

    On arrival at Kathmandu International Airport, received by our staff and escorts you to the Hotel, where our Trekking Planner guide will provide briefing and orientation of the Hotel, Kathmandu, Trekking, local culture, do's and don’ts and other related information to make you holiday in Nepal an enjoyable.

    Evening a group welcome dinner in a nice authentic Nepalese restaurants where you can enjoy meals, along with live folk cultural programs.

      In Kathmandu, for exciting sightseeing tour at places of great historical and religious interest, a familiarization tour which helps you to understand the local cultures of both Hindu and Buddhism. Our city guide will take you around important places steeped with world heritage sites.

      Enjoy tour Kathmandu Durbar Square, an old palace and its beautiful royal courtyard, filled with temples and historical monuments. Simirarly tour takes you to old Swayambhunath the landmark of Kathmandu and Nepal, visit to Bouddhnatha a large Stupa and holy Hindu Pashupatinath temple.


        Today we shall drive to the beautiful city of Pokhara before starting the trek to the foothills of Annapurna massifs and Fishtail Mountain. Beginning with the drive on the highway accompanied by the popular Trishuli River and past the lush hills and twisting road, roadside settlements before branching off to Prithvi Highway leading to Pokhara. Through the rural settlements and past lush hills, beautiful waterfall and mighty river, looked over by soaring and snowcapped mountain from far away and welcomed by the unique Fishtail Mountain we reach to Pokhara, the Lake City of Nepal. Afternoon you arrive in Pokhara then check in your hotel and refresh and look around lakeside. Pokhara is a beautiful valley, with panoramic views of Annapurna, Machapuchare (shape of fish tail) in the north, and Dhaulagiri in the west, Lamjung Himal and Manaslu in the east. The town of Pokhara is set on the banks of the Phewa Lake. Stay overnight in Pokhara.

          From Pokhara you will take a flight to Jomsom where you can view an electrifying outlook of graceful world’s deepest Kali Gandaki Gorge all along to the bank of Kali Gandaki Valley. You will get pleasure from the eye-catching sceneries of Nilgiri Mountain. Afterward, you will turn up to Kagbeni which is resting at 2,810 meter altitude. Stay overnight at Kagbeni.

            After checking your special Mustang permits in Kagbeni the trek goes uphill for while leaving Kaligandaki River behind. The trail goes to harsh barren countryside all the way with some stops. Here you cross some small and tiny villages as walk progress coming to the town called Tangbe, after walking an hour more brings the overnight stop place. Chusang located at the confluence of the Narsang River and the Kali Gandaki River. Stay overnight at Chussang.

              First villages comes Chele after passing this village the stream via the broken canyons and ruin castle walls on the around cliffs. Pass the river from Chussang are some massive red eroded cliffs higher the mouths of unreachable caves. After passing the tiny bridge an up climb for about 45 minutes brings to Chele town. From this village walk gets steep up for an hour up to ridge at 3,130m, a perfect vistas of Gyagar across a big canyon is visible. Afterwards the path goes up slowly windswept terrain up to at 3,540m. Normal decent for a while takes you to Samar. Stay overnight at Samar.

                The trek today fallow the tiny climb above Samar village to a ridge, with a downhill leading to a large gorge past a Chorten tainted red, black, yellow and white all the colors are made from local stones. Meeting some Juniper trees the trek goes on to another township. From here the path descends to Shyangmochen, am tiny livings with some tea houses at 3,710m, taking right downhill the trek descends towards to Gelling. Stay overnight at Ghiling.

                • AccommodationLodge/Guest House
                • MealsBreakfast, Lunch and Dinner
                • Max. Altitude/Time3520m/11549ft

                From gelling, the path goes up genteelly via the fields up the centre of the valley, crossing below the Tama Gung village, the walk carry on a long climb across the head of the valley to the ByiLa Pass 3,950m which is also elevated place of the trek as well the cross itself happens to be the southern boundary of Lo. From here a normal down for half an hour arrives to junction the right trail leads to Tsarang where the left leads to Ghami town. Stay overnight at Tsarang.

                  In the morning after breakfast, we will visit the Old Palace and Ancient Buddhist Monastery which is said to be that the Tibetan Buddhism flourished in Upper Mustang from this Monastery. Then, we descend to the gorge of the Tsarang Khola, making a big traverse upstream and cross by an Iron Bridge over the River. We ascend to about the same height as Tsarang on the rocky gully. Now we enter the valley and the dirt road turns north and climbs gently to a large isolated Chorten that marks the boundary between Tsarang and Lo-Manthang. The road crosses a stream, and then becomes a wide thoroughfare traveling across a desert-like landscape painted in every hue of grey and yellow. Finally we arrive in Lo-La from where we can see the first view of the wall city of Lo-Manthang and the player flags are flapping in the wind. A short dusty descent leads onto the plain of aspiration; the, the trail crosses a stream by wooden bridge. Now we climb up onto the plateau of Lo-Manthang, crossing an irrigation canal at the southern wall of the city of Lo-Manthang. In the evening, we meet with King of Lo and visit the insight city as well as ancient Buddhist Monasteries.  Stay overnight at Lo Manthang.

                    Today we explore the surrounding areas. Visit Namgyal Gompa and Tingkhar. Namgyal Gompa situated on a hilltop serves as an important monastery of the local community and also as a local court. After visiting Namgyal Gompa continue the tour to Tingkhar, the last main village to the northwest of Lo-Manthang and stroll back to hotel.  Or you may hire horse to go to Chosar village to see the beautiful two Gompa (monasteries) called Garphu and Nyphu Gompas as well as Chosar village is main trading route to Lhasa (Tibet) and return to Lo-manthang (3810m). Stay overnight at Lo Manthang.

                      After an expended and memorable visit of the historical places in Lo Manthang we start our trek today with an easy walk. We walk in the flat path for about 2.30 hours without any strenuous trail and then lately gentle descending down ward. But, before reaching Dhie village it’s a steep down walk for half an hour and we reach Dhie village. After crossing Dhie village we come to cross the river on a metallic bridge and also enjoy walking on the bank of the river. Now we have a steep climb up for about an hour and some gentle steep walk before coming to Yara (3650m). Stay overnight at Yara.

                        Today we wake up with a mindset for a new destination. From Yara we now trek towards Bas Khola for an overnight stay there.

                          This is the day to acclimatize you with new environment. As this is the new trek for you we cannot make you to continue the trek without any acclimatization. As a rest day you will make yourself adjust with the changing altitude. You can move around the tent to know more about this place, Stay overnight at Bas Khola.

                            Damodar Kund is a holy site for Hindus and Buddhists alike, and is the home of a big festival during the August full moon. From Damodar Kund, we will be treated to magnificent views of the Annapurna Massif and Damodar Himal. Stay overnight at Damodar Lake.

                              Now from the Damodar Lake we move on towards Ghechung Khola. From here on wards we get to see the decrease in the altitude as we now move downwards to the lower regions. Today we reach Ghechung Khola as our final destination. We stay overnight at Ghechung Khola.

                                Each new day brings us closer to the end of our amazing trek. We now head towards Tangye. We take a walk to Tangye, followed by the stunning lady finger canyons before reaching Tetang and the Kali Gandaki River. We stay overnight at Tangye.

                                  Today, our trek begins with a fine trail for around an hour before crossing another river. From here, we can have a wide range view of mountains like Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Tukuche Peak, Tilicho peak and Thorong Peak. The trail passes through a steep ridge with beautiful views of wind-eroded hills. Continuing the trek, you can see the village of Tetang. We stay overnight at Tetang.

                                    Today, we begin the trek with a descent downhill to dramatic Kali Gandaki Gorge, initially through arid country in the same geographical and climatic zone as Tibet. After passing through Jharkot (3500m) and Khingar (3280m), villages with typical Tibetan architecture, you follow the valley floor most of the way to Jomsom (2713m) through Ekle Bhatti (2740m) which is sprawled along both banks of the Kali Gandaki .From here there are fine views of the Nilgiri peaks. Stay overnight at Muktinath.

                                      Trekking into the lower part with graceful world’s deepest Kali Gandaki Gorge. Walking forward, you will move all along to the bank of Kali Gandaki Valley. You will get pleasure from the eye-catching sceneries of Nilgiri Mountain. You trek back to Jomsom with numerous upwards and downwards and it takes 5 to 6 hours. In the morning after breakfast, we leave the village and drop down to Jharkot village where we visit the ancient Sakyamuni Buddhist Monastery and Traditional Medical Center. Then, we follow the dusty road trail for a while and choose short cut left trail until reaching Eklebatti where we have our lunch. After lunch, we follow again dusty and strong wind road level trail along the Kaligandaki River to reach Jomsom. Stay overnight at tented camp. Stay overnight in Jomsom.

                                        After morning breakfast we check in the airport to fly back to Pokhara with a 30 min dramatic flight to Pokhara between the gorge of two huge mountains Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. On arrival at Pokhara airport guide will transfer to the lakeside hotel. Rest of the time explores the lake and overnight stay at Pokhara.

                                          It takes about seven hours, while driving from Pokhara to Kathmandu; you head up to Damauli, Dumre, Muglin and Kurintar where the Nepal’s first Cable car is operated to reach to Manakamana Temple. En route, you could enjoy the mountain views, green sceneries, rice terrace fields, vegetable fields and people being engaged in their daily life activities. From Naubishe you climb up to Thankot, the gateway to capital city. You can also fly from Pokhara to Kathmandu which takes about 25 minutes. Stay overnight at Kathmandu.

                                          - See more at: http://www.nepaltrekkingplanner.com/upper-mustang-dhamodhar-lake-trekking-22-nights23-days/#sthash.yUcqSrOv.dpuf

                                            Today your Upper Mustang Domodar Lake Trek comes to an end. A representative of Trekking Planner shall transfer you to the International Airport and see you off if you wish to wrap up your stay in Nepal.  We hope that you had some wonderful memories during your adventure in Nepal and are enthralled to be back in this nation for other adventures and touristic activities. Have a wonderful journey ahead and keep undertaking adventures.

                                            Not satisfied with this regular itinerary? Make your own.

                                            What's Included
                                            •  All airport pick up drop by private vehicle.
                                            •  03 night twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on BB in Kathmandu.
                                            •  Guided sightseeing tours with private vehicle in Kathmandu.
                                            •  Kathmandu to Pokhara to Kathmandu by tourist bus.
                                            •  02 night twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on BB in Pokhara.
                                            •  Pokhara to Jomsom to Pokhara by flight.
                                            •  ACAP Permit and Special permit for upper mustang trek for 10 days.
                                            •  Accommodation in the mountain during the trekking.
                                            •  Three meals a day; breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking.
                                            •  A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly , English speaking well trained, Government license holder guide with all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, Transport and insurance.
                                            •  02 guest=01 porter with their Insurance, Salary, Food, accommodation and equipment.
                                            •  Safe drinking water.        
                                            •  Welcome dinner in Authentic Restaurant.
                                            •  First aid kit box.
                                            •  Trekking Planner’s sleeping bag, down jackets, T-shirt, cap, duffle bags, city and trekking route maps – if necessary.
                                            •  Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (should have insurance for emergency evacuation and will be paid by your travel insurance company).
                                            •  Oxymeter to check your pulse and oxygen saturation and heart rate twice daily during the trek (very useful to check Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) symptoms). This helps ensure your trek is in the safest hands possible.
                                            •  All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary.
                                            What's Excluded
                                            • Nepal Visa fee (Bring accurate fee in USD and two Passport size Photo).
                                            • International airfare to and from Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight).
                                            • Diner and lunch in Kathmandu and in Pokhara.
                                            • Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation.
                                            • Extra night accommodation and lunch and dinner in city because of early arrival, late departure and early return from the mountain (due to any reason) then the scheduled itinerary.
                                            • Personal expenses (phone calls, baggage charge, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower etc).
                                            • Tips to the trekking crews and drive.
                                            • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control.
                                            Essential Info

                                            Suggested Equipment List

                                            • Duffel/Rucksack bag/Suitcase (We provide one complimentary Trekking Planner duffel bag that is to be returned after the trip).
                                            • Day pack.
                                            • Trekking shoes.
                                            • Sports shoes or sandals.
                                            • Sun Hat/cap.
                                            • Warm woolen cap.
                                            • Warm fleece jacket or puffy jacket.
                                            • Waterproof Gore-Tex layer.
                                            • Pullover or warm sweeter.
                                            • Raincoat.
                                            • 4/5 pairs of good quality socks.
                                            • Hand gloves.
                                            • 2/3 pairs of trekking trousers.
                                            • 3/4 pairs of trekking shirts.
                                            • 3/4 pairs of underwear (non cotton preferred).
                                            • Sun glasses.
                                            • Water bottle.
                                            • 4 season sleeping bag (Optional/we can provide one if you need it. It is to be returned after the trip).
                                            • Flash or Torch light.
                                            • Camera and batteries.
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