Trekking Planner Nepal can help you discover Nepal's rich agricultural heritage. Agrotourism Package in Nepal. Nepal is known not only for its towering Himalayan peaks, verdant valleys, and diversified culture, but it is also a place of rich agrarian tradition. Agro-tourism in Nepal has grown in popularity in recent years, providing guests with a unique opportunity to engage with Nepal's rural inhabitants, learn about their traditional farming practices, and immerse them in the countryside's abundant natural beauty. Trekking Planner Nepal, a premier adventure trip operator, is pleased to offer an intriguing Agrotourism Package that allows you to explore the heart of Nepal's agricultural life.

Authentic farm lodgings in gorgeous villages, hands-on farming experiences, educational farm tours, authentic delights created with freshly gathered ingredients, cultural immersion, scenic trekking through breathtaking landscapes, and insights into local craftsmanship are all included in this package. Immerse yourself in rural Nepali life through farm stays, participation in daily activities, and cultural contact with local families. Explore terraced fields, luscious orchards, and thriving vegetable gardens while learning the techniques of traditional farming, from sowing seeds to harvesting crops. Enjoy real Nepali cuisine prepared with ingredients harvested from the farms you visit, as well as cultural events such as music and dance performances. Gentle treks through scenic terrain and visits to cottage industry manufacturing traditional handcrafted goods are also included.