1 Day Thankot Chitlang Indrasarovar Day Hiking

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    A nice peaceful walk within southern rim of Kathmandu Valley, where a short drive leads you towards outskirt of Kathmandu city at Thankot, the gateway to Kathmandu Valley and to other parts of Country.

    Thankot located at the height at above 1,530 m where walk leads you on back trails away from main motorable road entering into old farm villages a good way to observe Nepalese Rural life tending fields of rice and other crops.

    Walk proceeds with short ups and on gradual path to reach at Chitlang a moderate size farm village mostly populated by Tamang and with some Newar, Brahmin and Chettries people, with view of Kathmandu valley looking towards eastern directions.

    From this quaint farm village heading more southward to reach another small farm village of Indrasarover, a small town of Newar inhabitants the indigenous tribe of Kathmandu valley enriched with colorful culture and age-old traditions life.

    After a great scenic and cultural walk of the day where a short drive takes you back to your hotel after enjoying a lovely and worth-while day and hike.


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