Trekking Planner Nepal considers its principle very important guideline for its operational path. As this makes it strong and competent enough and has helped to weave through a set path through the years. We admit that the principles are challenging, especially since we are working in a competitive market. But we are determined to meet our aims and objectives as we have a vision in mind, a mission statement to guide us there, and a value system that blends western management values with traditional business values.

These are our guiding principles. Everything we do is based on these vision, values and mission statements.

Our Vision.

“To be the best travelling and trekking companion winning the trust of guest with our unstinted approach and professionalism adapted since long years.”

Our Values

“Holding good moral policy focusing in honesty and integrity, maintaining equality within team members, fulfilling its corporate social responsibility while performing its activities “

Our Mission

Trekking Planner Nepal is a family owned and operated business with years of experience. Our mission is to provide trekkers and other adventure seekers with service superior to that of our competition, coupled with an unparalleled personal touch.

Our philosophy has been to listen carefully what our customers want and to work with them closely in satisfying their needs and fulfilling their dreams. Our guides are all experienced and licensed by the Nepal Ministry of Tourism.

We pride ourselves of what former customers have said in the testimonials, some of which have returned to Nepal for more adventures with us. Making customers happy makes us happy.