Chitlang Kulekhane Tour - 4 Days

“Let agro tourism in Nepal blossom through the organic fields of Chitlang.”
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    • Begin a scenic 3- to 4-hour climb from Chandragiri to Chitlang, which offers breathtaking views of the Kathmandu Valley.
    • Hands-on experiences such as traditional farming practices, cheese-making, and interactions with local farmers will immerse you in Nepal's rich agricultural traditions.
    • Discover Chitlang's cultural riches, such as Shikhar Dham, the Goat Cheese Factory, and the beautiful Pears (Naspati) Garden, which provide insights into the local way of life.
    • A thrilling quad bike ride through the gorgeous hills surrounding Chitlang will provide an intriguing twist to your journey.
    • Take in Nepal's gorgeous landscapes and mountain views as you drive from Chitlang to the lakeside beauty of Kulekhani.
    • Relax in the quiet lakeside setting at Kulekhani's lakeside accommodations, which offer serene views of Indrasarowar Lake.

    Trip introduction: Agro tourism in Nepal/ Chitlang Kulekhane Tour-4 days.

    Agriculture in Nepal comprises crop production, aquaculture, livestock production, and forestry. It comprises the cultivation of soil for producing crops and raising livestock in a scientific way.
    Agro-tourism is a growing trend in the tourism business, offering travelers a unique opportunity to experience rural life and agriculture practices status in many regions of the world. Nepal, recognized for its beautiful landscapes and rich agricultural tradition, is no exception. Trekking Planner Nepal, a prominent travel operator in Nepal, has realized the potential of agro-tourism and offers an interesting agro-tourism package for travelers interested in exploring Nepal's rural heartland.

    Agro tourism package offered by Trekking Planner Nepal is a type of commercial venture that combines agricultural production and/or processing with tourism to attract tourists to a farm, ranch, or other agricultural business for the aim of entertaining or educating the visitors while also earning cash for the farm, ranch, or business owner.

    Trekking Planner Nepal has curated this package with the genuine intention of offering visitors extracurricular activities that provide a firsthand experience of agriculture production and processing in Nepal. This agro-tourism package is ideally suited for groups of adults and families with children who are eager to engage with and experience the agricultural way of life in Nepal.

    Agro Tourism tour in Nepal: What to Expect? / How does Chitlang Tour Start and End?

    Agro tourism perfectly combines with calm lakeside views on a wonderful 4-day excursion through the heart of Kathmandu Valley. The tour begins in the colorful city of Kathmandu and leads to the scenic town of Chitlang via Chandragiri. The trip to Chitlang begins with a scenic transition from the urban to the semi-urban region of Thankot. Upon reaching the foothills of Chandragiri start a 3-4 hours long hike to Chitlang. When you arrive, you'll find lodging options ranging from charming guesthouses to authentic homestays. Traditional Nepali meals are served to guests as a first sample of the native flavors. Agro-tourism is at the center of the experience, with guests exploring local farms, engaging in traditional agricultural practices, and even participating in cheese-making activities. A quad bike trip over the picturesque terrain around Chitlang adds a thrilling twist to the day.

    The cultural experience continues with stops at Shikhar Dham, the Goat Cheese Factory, and the lovely Pears (Naspati) Garden, where guests may immerse themselves in the traditional way of life. A village tour reveals the Newari tribe's encampment, as does a visit to Satdhara, a Hindu sacred spot with ancient stone taps.

    They will continue their agro-tourism in Nepal trip by learning more about the local farming culture. Cheese-making activities, for example, provide insights into centuries-old practices. The exploration continues with visits to other attractions such as the Bicharithok communal woodlands and the Bhairab temple, where tourists obtain a better knowledge of the region's religious and cultural aspects.

    Additionally, the tour continues with a breathtaking hike from Chitlang to Kulekhani, a lakeside paradise. The route allows you to take in Nepal's rich landscapes and mountain views. When tourists arrive in Kulekhani, they check into their chosen lakeside accommodations. Lunch is a peaceful event, served with a view of Indrasarowar Lake. In the afternoon, guests take to the lake's waters to enjoy a peaceful boating experience. The lakeside setting provides for relaxation and introspection in the evening while camping or staying in a lodge around the Kulekhani premises.

    The tour concludes, signaling the beginning of the return journey to Kathmandu. The return trip allows guests to reflect on their favorite memories and experiences from the four-day adventure. The journey culminates in Kathmandu, where guests gain a new respect for Nepal's rural culture, agro-tourism, natural beauty, and the thrill of a quad bike ride, all flawlessly integrated into an outstanding Kathmandu Valley experience. This journey has something for everyone, whether you're looking for cultural immersion, adventure, or peaceful moments in nature.

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      Your experience begins in Kathmandu on the first day of your Agro Tourism Tour in Nepal. After leaving the bustling capital, you drive towards Thankot, indicating the transition from urban to semi-urban surroundings. The trek provides vistas of the lovely countryside that surrounds Kathmandu Valley. After arriving in Thankot; you'll go on a 3 to 4 hour hike to the lovely village of Chitlang. Chitlang greets you with a variety of housing options, including quiet guesthouses and authentic homestays where you may eat traditional Nepali meals, your first taste of the region's wonderful flavors. In the spirit of agro-tourism, you'll visit local farms and participate in traditional agricultural activities like planting and cheese-making. Stay overnight at Chitlang.

        As the sun rises on your second day in Chitlang, you'll begin with a delicious breakfast to gear up for another day of agro-tourism adventures. A quad bike trip over the scenic countryside surrounding Chitlang adds an exciting dimension to your day. Visits to additional attractions in Chitlang, such as the Bicharithok communal woodlands and the Bhairab temple, continue the cultural journey. These excursions will give you a better understanding of the region's religious and cultural characteristics. Return to your lodging, where a delightful meal prepared with local ingredients waits, capping off your day of discovery. Stay overnight at Chitlang.

          Leave Chitlang behind and take a beautiful trip to the gorgeous lakeside town of Kulekhani. Check into your lakeside accommodation, which offers tranquil views of Indrasarowar Lake, upon arrival. Lunch is served against a scenic backdrop, setting the tone for a relaxing day. During a nice boating trip, you will glide across the calm waters of the lake. As the sun goes down, unwind with a lakeside meal, relishing the tastes of local food and soaking in the tranquility of the surroundings. Stay overnight at Kulekhani.

            In Kulekhani, wake up to the calming sounds of nature and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Take a minute to reflect on your agro-tourism adventure, savoring the memories and cultural insights garnered. Bid farewell to the lakeside serenity and begin your return trek to Kathmandu. Carry with you the treasured memories of rural life, agro-tourism adventures, and the grandeur of Nepal's countryside as you return, completing your 4-day journey with a renewed understanding of the country's agricultural traditions and natural splendor.


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