Mountain Flight in Nepal Package

"Flight of a Lifetime Experience Facing Himalayan Mountains with Views of Everest"
Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Hours
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max. Altitude flying over 2500 ft
  • Group Size 2+
  • Trip Starts Kathmandu
  • Trip Ends Kathmandu
  • Group Style Group
  • Activities Mount Everest Sightseeing Flight
  • Best Season All year round but September to June is the best time


  • Take a 1-hour mountain flight over Nepal to get a bird's-eye view of the country.
  •  Fly high and see Nepal in a way you never thought possible-in one hour, with our mountain flights.
  •  Discover the wonders of Nepal from the sky.
  •  Experience the stunning beauty of Nepal from the sky with our one-hour mountain flights.
  •  See some of the most incredible landscapes that Nepal has to offer as you soar above the clouds.
  •  With expert pilots and amazing views, you'll never forget this unique experience.

   Advantages of Booking Mountain flights with Trekking Planner Nepal

  • All airports pick up drop by private vehicle.
  • First aid kit box.
  • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (should have insurance for emergency evacuation and will be paid by your travel insurance company).
  • Oxygen cylinders on request.

Introduction: Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain flight in Nepal is one of the great ways to capture a panorama of the Himalayan Peaks at their closest, with views of Mt. Everest and other of the world's highest mountains, in the comfort of a spacious window-seated airplane. Mountain Flight offers a scenic and panoramic view of Mt. Everest and other 8000-meter peaks, providing a view of the Himalayas for non-trekkers.

We have created a mountain flight package that operates generally from early morning when mountain views will be at their best, where Himalayan weather can be unpredictable, but most of the months mentioned above will be a good time for this great Mountain flight.

Early in the morning, our staff will receive you at the hotel before your breakfast, have an early breakfast, or carry a packed breakfast to consume at the airport or on the flight. You can also have a late breakfast after the mountain flight.

On reaching Kathmandu Domestic Airport and getting the boarding pass, enter past the security check where lighter-matching-pen knives and sharp items are not allowed in hand or day packs.

After the security procedure, greeted by airline staff, we boarded our respective airplanes for a wonderful flight for an hour. Soon, the engine took off from the ground views of Kathmandu city with rolling green hills, and soon the mountains came into view.

The pilot or captain will announce the names of important and high peaks with enough time to view and click photos of the mountain range that extends from Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Jugal Himal with Dorji Lakpa, Gaurishankar, Melung-Tse, Numbur, Cho-Oyu to Everest and as far Makalu and Kanchenjunga in an east direction.

No matter which side the plane is seated on, people on both sides can view the Panorama View of the Mountain, where Mt. Everest will be your highlight of the mountain flight.

Sita air ready to fly for mountain flight

Explore the breathtaking Himalayan Mountain Range.

Nepal's majestic Himalayan Mountain range is renowned for its incredible beauty and grandeur. From the sky, you can truly appreciate the magnitude of these dramatic peaks as you see them from a unique perspective. On our mountain flights, you'll be able to look down on eight of the world's highest mountains, including Mt. Everest at 8,848 meters! With spectacular views like this, you won't want to miss out on this breathtaking experience.

View of the Himalayas from a Different Angle.

On a mountain flight, you'll be able to experience Nepal in a new and exciting way! Not only will you be able to appreciate the beauty of the land from a different perspective, but our experienced pilots will ensure that you get the most out of your flight. From our panoramic windows, you'll get breathtaking aerial shots of some of the world's highest peaks, including Mt. Everest. So join us for an unforgettable adventure and experience Nepal from the sky.

What happens when you don’t have a window seat? How can someone be sure if they have a window seat?

Whether you are provided with a window seat on a mountain flight in Nepal depends on the airline or tour operator you choose. Some airlines and tour operators assign seats in advance, while others assign seats on a first-come, first-served basis. That’s why Trekking Planner Nepal is here: to make sure that your seats are secured.

If having a window seat is important to you, it's best to check with the airline or tour operator before booking your flight to find out about their seating policy. Some tour operators may charge an additional fee for a guaranteed window seat, while others may offer the option to purchase a window seat upgrade. The trek planner in Nepal makes sure that you have a window seat.

During the flight, it's also possible that some passengers may have obstructed views due to the plane's seating configuration or other factors. However, the flight crew usually makes an effort to ensure that all passengers have the opportunity to see the mountains and will often rotate the plane to allow for better viewing from different angles.
Trekking planner Nepal makes sure that your flight goes well without disruption; hence, we always provide window seats so that the views, the memories, and even the photographs that we click and bring along after the trek remain unobstructed.

How to prepare and what to pack for a mountain flight?

Preparing for a Everest mountain flight in Nepal involves several steps, including choosing the right clothing, packing the appropriate gear, and taking the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a mountain flight in Nepal.

  • Clothing: Dress in layers, as temperatures can vary during the flight. Wear warm, comfortable clothes, and bring a windproof jacket to protect against the cold, high-altitude winds.
  • Footwear: Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes or boots with good traction. You may be walking on uneven terrain or stepping on snow or ice during the flight, so good grip is important.
  • Sun protection: Bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen to protect against the strong UV rays at high altitudes.
  • Camera: Don't forget your camera or phone to capture the stunning views of the mountains.
  • Medications: If you are prone to motion sickness or have other medical conditions, bring any necessary medications with you.
  • Water and Snacks: It's a good idea to bring some water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized during the flight.
  • Confirm flight details: Before the flight, confirm the flight schedule, pickup location, and any other details with the Trekking Planner Nepal and Nepal tour operator.
  • Altitude sickness: If you are prone to altitude sickness, request oxygen masks to avoid potentially serious medical problems. Consult with a doctor before the flight if you have any concerns.

In general, it's important to listen to the guidance of the flight crew and follow their instructions during the flight. Enjoy the experience and the stunning views of the mountains.

Where and how does the mountain flight start and end?

Well, after completing the booking of a mountain flight with Trekking Planner Nepal, on the day for which you have booked the flight, you would be picked up by Trekking Planner Nepal's senior staff at your hotel, handed over a packing breakfast, and dropped off at the airport by our senior staff. From there, you check in inside the plane and take off on a beautiful mountain flight, with the aircrew providing you with information about the mountain landscapes and terrains. After the flight, our senior office representative will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel.

Sita air boarding passenger

What is the best time for doing mountain flights in Nepal?

The best seasons for doing mountain flights in Nepal are during the autumn (September through November) and spring (March through May) seasons. During these months, the skies are generally clear, with less chance of cloudy or hazy weather that can obstruct views of the mountains. The weather is usually dry and mild during these seasons, making for a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

It is important to note that during flights in Nepal are subject to weather conditions, and even during the best seasons, flights may be canceled or delayed due to poor visibility or other weather-related issues. It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast and confirm your flight status with the airline or tour operator before heading to the airport.

What Mountains can be seen during a mountain flight in Nepal?

A typical one-hour mountain flight in Nepal takes you over the majestic Himalayan mountain range and offers breathtaking views of some of the world's highest peaks. Here are some of the mountains and Himalayan regions that you can see during a mountain flight in Nepal:

  •  Mount Everest (8,848 meters/29,029 feet) is the highest mountain in the world.
  •  Lhotse (8,516 meters / 27,940 feet) is the world's fourth-highest mountain.
  •  Makalu (8,463 meters/27,766 feet) is the fifth-highest mountain in the world.
  •  Cho Oyu (8,188 meters / 26,864 feet) is the world's sixth-highest mountain.
  •  Dhaulagiri (8,167 meters / 26,795 feet) is the world's seventh-highest mountain.
  •  Annapurna (8,091 meters/26,545 feet) is the tenth-highest mountain in the world.
  •  Langtang Range is a region located north of Kathmandu, consisting of several peaks over 7,000 meters (22,965 feet).

In addition to the above, you will also get to see a number of other peaks and glaciers, as well as stunning views of the Nepalese landscape and rural communities. The actual mountains and regions visible during a mountain flight in Nepal may vary depending on the weather, time of day, and other factors.

Why to book mountain flight from trekking planner nepal?

Trekking planner Nepal contributes to a comfortable and safe flight experience.

Trekking Planner Nepal guarantees that your experience with us will be safe, comfortable, and convenient. Our pilots are highly experienced and certified to ensure a smooth flight at all times. Moreover, our state-of-the-art aircraft provide an array of amenities, including air conditioning and adjustable reclining seats, making sure you are relaxed in the sky for the entire duration of your mountain flight.

NOTE: We provide aircrews who can tell you fascinating facts about the country's geography.

On the one-hour mountain flight, you will be accompanied by an experienced aircrew who are knowledgeable about Nepal's geography. Our air staff and company crews are happy to answer your questions and provide interesting trivia about the sites you can spot from the sky. They will also point out places of interest such as lakes, rivers, glaciers, and rocky hills that are only visible during a flight. This incredible experience offers unparalleled views of Nepal's diverse landscape an unforgettable adventure!

Why to take a mountain Flight in Nepal?

Not everyone can hike up to the mountains.

When we look at people who love to travel and explore new things, it's common that everyone has a different physical perspective compared to others. That means that some people can hike while others cannot, but what if we could get a bird's-eye view of the entire range? Imagine being up there; this is why Trekking Planner Nepal exists, and one of the main reasons why you should go on a mountain flight trip.

NOTE: Take beautiful photographs of the mountains and the views.

After the beginning of your flight, you'll have the opportunity to capture life-long memories with a personal photo session. You can bring a professional camera on board to capture stunning images of you and your group as well as the scenery seen through the windows of the beautiful landscapes and mountains as you fly. Trekking Planner Nepal can have these photos printed for you, and they are yours to keep, ensuring that the experience lives on after you return home.

NOTE: For printing the photos, you must let us know so that we can print the photos in time.

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      Morning: Drive to the airport for mountain flight

      Once you are ready to head to the mountain flight, a representative from Trekking Planner Nepal will come to pick you up from the hotel lobby early in the morning. The representative is responsible for taking you to the domestic airport section in a private vehicle. Once you reach the airport, you will board the plane for a mountain flight after all the logistics are handled.

      During the flight

      Your mountain flight journey commences as the plane takes off from the airstrip. All the passengers will get a window seat, and the number of passengers is limited. Similarly, as the plane takes off, you will move towards the Himalayan region of Nepal. The path of the flight can be varied, but usually, passengers will notice the views of Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world), Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, and many more.

      During the flight, you can savor the stunning view of the mountain peaks while taking images and recording videos. You can document the stunning imagery of the mountain and surrounding area. You will also listen to the in-flight commentary or narration, where the airplane attendants will explain the name and significance of the mountain peaks. The flight will last about an hour, so savor every moment and enjoy the trip above the clouds.


      Once you finish the mountain flight, you will return to Kathmandu. The plane you were on will land back at the Kathmandu airstrip. Upon landing, you can proceed to the terminal,l where a representative from Trekking Planner Nepal will be in the arrival section waiting for your arrival. Once we meet, you will be transported back to the hotel or your desired destination. Once we leave you at your location of interest, your mountain flight tour with Nepal Trekking Planner will end.

      Best Wishes!!

      Not satisfied with this regular itinerary? Make your own.

      Trip Map
      Mountain Flight in Nepal Package Map
      What's Included
      • All airport pick up drop off by private vehicle.
      • 1 hrs flight with one of the reputed air.
      • Experience certificate.
      • Get a certificate from airlines.
      What's Excluded
      •  Your Nepal Visa fees (should bring small accurate fees in USD and 02 passport size photos).
      •  All the International airfare from and to Kathmandu (no need to pay a departure tax for international flights).
      •  All meals and accommodation in Kathmandu.
      •  Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation (An Helicopter rescue insurance is highly recommended. If you have any problem and you have to be evacuated, without your insurance you have to pay the helicopter in cash.).
      Departure Dates
      • This trip departs every day of the year.
      • Mountain flight departures every day of the year.
      • This trip is fully customizable. We can customize the trip as per your need, please contact us.
      • This trip is available on both a Fixed Departure and a Private Group Basis.
      • We also provide only guide and porter service 
      • This trip can be booked privately if you’re traveling solo or privately or with family.
      • Have a big group? We can help as per your needs.
      • We can help you make it fit your budget.
      • We accept instant booking and online payment.
      • This trip is fully customizable. We can customize the trip as per your need, please contact us.
      • This trip is available on both a Fixed Departure and a Private Group Basis.
      • If the given date is not appropriate for you, Please CONTACT US
      • Trekking Planner also organizes various trips in small groups that can suit you.
      • We recommend you reserve a seat for yourself by booking with us right away for a wonderful experience with us.
      • (Call/email now for a private trip, [email protected], Mobile +977 98510 71767 (24 hrs) - WhatsApp, Wechat and Viber)
      Essential Info

      Suggested Equipment List.

      • Sports shoes or sandals.
      • Warm woolen cap.
      • Warm fleece jacket or puffy jacket.
      • Pullover or warm sweeter.
      • Sun glasses.
      • Camera and batteries.
      • Mountain flights fly above 18000 feet, and the whole Himalayan range of Nepal can be seen during the flight. The mountain flight lasts for an hour.

      • The significant mountains that can be seen during the mountain flights are Mount Everest, which is the major highlight, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Gauri Sankar, and at least more than 30 mountains, and if we count the peaks more than 50 peaks and mountains can be seen during the trek.

      • The mountain flights last one hour, and going to the airport and returning from the airport to the hotel or destination is two hours.

      • It is entirely safe to fly in the mountains as the plane flies above 18,000 feet from sea level and is entirely safe.

      • Aircraft like the Dornier Do 228 and Beechcraft 1900 or smaller planes like the De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter operate mountain flights in Nepal, and everyone has a private window to view the mountains.

      • Mountain flights can be done anytime throughout the year in Nepal, and Trekking Planner Nepal will inform you in case of bad weather for mountain flights and reschedule the flight.

      • There are no age or health restrictions for passengers during the mountain flight. The mountain flights in Nepal are mainly for old-age children and travelers with health issues to allow them to experience the view of the mountains.

      • There are no specific clothing guidelines during the mountain flight, so travelers can dress according to the favorable temperature.

      • A mountain flight in Nepal costs 260$ with transportation to the airport and back to the hotel and pick up and drop from the hotel to the airport and from the airport to the hotel.

      • Mountain flights should be booked 24 hours before as the seats are limited. Fewer aircraft are operating these flights, so when 24 hours prior notice is provided, trekking planner Nepal can arrange everything in time.

      • If the weather is bad and the flight doesn’t happen, the flight is rescheduled for the next day, and trekking planner Nepal representatives will take care of it.

      • Yes, travelers can take photos and videos during the mountain flight, and each has a private window from which they can have pictures or videos.

      • People usually don’t get altitude sickness, which is rare in case of shortness of breath. There are oxygen masks placed in the plane for the passengers to use.

      • No, there are no meals and refreshments during the mountain flight to Nepal.

      • The main target of the mountain flight is to see Mount Everest, and there is a 99 percent probability of seeing Mount Everest during the mountain flight.

      Client Reviews
      • rating star

        Amazing trip!!!

        The trip was well organised keeping in mind the comfort of kids. Changes in the plan were nicely accommodated. Guides drivers all are excellent. Decent hotels were also provided. Overall must recommended planners to go with

        Gayatri IIndia,Apr 16, 2024
      • rating star

        Awesome Experience ever

        This was best time of my life. Trekking Planner arranged a great package. 2 days Chitwan national Park, 6 days Annapurna and as closing Everest flight. I can only recommend this Tour planner. Ll guides have been really good prepared, could handle each hurdle and had quite good competencies. All planned occassions as well as Transfers right in time. The price for all compared to others unbatable. I will come second time to Nepal and go for TREKKING PLANNER.

        Christian WMexico,Jan 08, 2024
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