Bardia National Park(2N/3D Package)

"Safari in Pristine Wilderness"

  • Destination:Nepal
  • Total Duration:3 Days
  • Start Point:Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • End Point:Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • Trip Grade:Easy
  • Accommodation:Double/Twin shearing in hotel/lodge
  • Meals:On full board
  • Transportation:Private Vehicle/Tourist bus
  • Best Time:Sept to May



Bardiya National Park located Far South West within Terai zone the only flatland of the country that runs east to west of Nepal where deep green jungle situated with sub-tropical climate and home to various wild animals and bird life.

A park within serene surrounding which is least visited by mass flow of visitors where you enjoy the jungle safari in peaceful and tranquil environment with various wild-life activities.

To reach Bardiya National Park taking a shortest way with scenic flight from Kathmandu of 50 minutes to reach at Nepal Far South West in Nepalgunj airport, during air-borne great super views of snowcapped mountain range.

On reaching at Nepalgunj airport, a city close to the border of UP state of India with semi-tropical climate where the villages and towns strong Indian influence including the local people.

From here an hour drive further west to reach the entrance and buffer zone of Bardiya National Park, on arrival welcomed by hotel / lodge manager and naturalist or jungle guides then transfer to your rooms, after lunch an introductory walks short visit of Tharu village the ingenious tribe of Nepal Terai areas.

Enjoy the thrill from of jungle life and activities from early morning till sunset where exciting program begins with elephant safari, jungle walks and drive on the lookout for wild animals and exotic bird life.

The Bardiya National Park Area covers 968 sq. kms, located Far South- West of Nepal in Terai area, the park is famous for viewing of Black Buck, home and habitat for Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhinoceros and hundreds of different species of mammals and reptiles and exotic birds life.

This Park is on the  east side of great Karnali River, and it is one of the largest undisturbed wilderness with 70 % covered with Sal tree (Sorea Robusta) forest with remaining, a balanced mixture of grassland, savannah and riverine forest.

The park provides excellent home for endangered animals like the rhinoceros, wild elephant, Royal Bengal tiger, swamp deer, black buck, Gharial and marsh mugger crocodiles the park is also famous for Gangetic fresh water dolphin which is near to extinct.

Endangered birds includes Bengal florican, lesser florican, silver-eared mesia and Sarus crane, more than 30 different mammals, over 200 different species of birds, with many snakes, reptiles and fish have been recorded within the park forest, grassland and rivers.





  • Day 01
  • Day 02
  • Day 03
  • All airport Pick up drop by private vehicle
  • Kathmandu to Nepaljung to Kathmandu by flight ( you can travel by local bus or private vehicle, cost will be different)
  • Nepaljung to National park to Nepaljung transfer by private vehicle
  • National Park entrance fee
  • Twin/double shearing accommodation  during the safari in Bardia National
  • Three meals a day; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and tea/coffee during the Safari
  • Safari activities as per given Itinerary with natural guide
  • Safe drinking water and first add kid box
  • Nepal Visa fee (Bring accurate fee in USD and two Passport size Photo)
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight)
  • All meals and Accommodation in Kathmandu (We do provide on your request with extra charge)
  • Personal travel and health insurance and insurance for helicopter evacuation
  • Extra night accommodation and meals, extra activities (due to any reason) then the scheduled itinerary
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, baggage charge, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower etc)
  • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control.
  • Anything not included in service includes column

Detail Itinerary

“Ready-Made itinerary presented in website can be operated for individuals, couples and small groups on a private tailor-made basis, starting on a date of your choice. Please contact Trekking Planner to discuss about your tour plan.”

On your arrival at Nepalgunj Airport or Amebas Stand hotel representative will receive you. You will then be transferred to our Lodge where you will be offered refreshment and be given a briefing on our lodge and its facilities. After being given your programs details you will check in, than lunch. After lunch you have Tharu village tour near by the hotel where you will be able to learn about Tharu ethnic. Dinner- cultural program
Wake up call followed by tea/coffee. Breakfast Elephant ride, an excellent opportunity to get the lifetime experience on the elephant back and to see the wildlife of the Park. Visit to visitor Center, Crocodile Breeding Center and Tharu Cultural Museum. Lunch Jungle Walk. An excellent opportunity to see the wild animals, small mammals, birds and waits in the tower to have the wild sightseeing, accompanied by our experienced naturalists and wild life tracker. Excellent photographic opportunities are plentiful. Dinner
Wake up call followed by tea/coffee. Breakfast Bird Watching. An excellent opportunity to see a great many species of birds found in Bardia. Visit to Karnali River for Dolphin sightseeing. Lunch Departure for onward journey

“Trekking Planner will try to keep day-to-day schedule as per the detailed itinerary but there might be some flexibility due to other factors beyond our control. A variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, difficulty with transportation and politics can lead to enforced changes. So, it is not possible to guarantee as per the itinerary. In the case, trip leader will manage it to minimize your inconvenience.”

Cost and Dates

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Trip Start DateTrip End DatePriceAvailabilityBook
24th March, 201926th March, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
27th March, 201929th March, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
30th March, 20191st April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd April, 20194th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th April, 20197th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th April, 201910th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th April, 201913th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th April, 201916th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th April, 201919th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th April, 201922nd April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd April, 201925th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th April, 201928th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th April, 20191st May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd May, 20194th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th May, 20197th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th May, 201910th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th May, 201913th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th May, 201916th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th May, 201919th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th May, 201922nd May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd May, 201925th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th May, 201928th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th May, 201931st May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st June, 20193rd June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th June, 20196th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th June, 20199th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
10th June, 201912th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
13th June, 201915th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
16th June, 201918th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th June, 201921st June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd June, 201924th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
25th June, 201927th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th June, 201930th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st July, 20193rd July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th July, 20196th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th July, 20199th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
10th July, 201912th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
13th July, 201915th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
16th July, 201918th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th July, 201921st July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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25th July, 201927th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th July, 201930th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
31st July, 20192nd August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
3rd August, 20195th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
6th August, 20198th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
9th August, 201911th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
12th August, 201914th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
15th August, 201917th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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30th August, 20191st September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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8th September, 201910th September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th September, 201913th September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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17th September, 201919th September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th September, 201922nd September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd September, 201925th September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th September, 201928th September, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th September, 20191st October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd October, 20194th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th October, 20197th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th October, 201910th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th October, 201913th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th October, 201916th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th October, 201919th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th October, 201922nd October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd October, 201925th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th October, 201928th October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th October, 201931st October, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st November, 20193rd November, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th November, 20196th November, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th November, 20199th November, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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17th November, 202119th November, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th November, 202122nd November, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd November, 202125th November, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th November, 202128th November, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th November, 20211st December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd December, 20214th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th December, 20217th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th December, 202110th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th December, 202113th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th December, 202116th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th December, 202119th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th December, 202122nd December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd December, 202125th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th December, 202128th December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th December, 202131st December, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
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7th January, 20229th January, 2022US$Guaranteed Book Now
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Fantastischer Aufstieg und Abstieg in 10 Tagen.

Dipak war sehr aufmerksam und von Anfang an kundenorientiert. Er hat uns bei Trainingsplänen, Zeitplananpassungen und Ausrüstung/Ausstattung in sehr kurzen E-Mail-Nachrichten beraten. Suneel, der Reiseleiter beim Klettern mit EBC, bot Unterstützung und suchte immer nach Ruhephasen. Er war das perfekte Zusammenspiel zwischen Vorsicht, Wettbewerb und Herausforderung. Das Klettern und Abseilen hat mit ihm (zusammen mit den einhundert Yaks) so viel Spaß gemacht.

AJay G,

Manaslu Circuit Trek und Tsum Valley

Wir haben die Empfehlung für die Trekkingagentur von Freunden bekommen und den Trip von Pokhara aus gebucht. Alles hat super geklappt, es war bereits alles vorbereitet als wir in Kathmandu angekommen sind.
Unser Guide war erfahren und freundlich und konnte sehr gut Englisch sprechen. Insgesamt hatten wir drei unvergessliche Wochen!
Ich würde 'Nepal Trekking Planer' auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

TripAdvisor Ulm, Germany

Zuverlässig und Top organisiert! Dankeschön

Gute Vorbereitung, sinnvolle Ratschläge und zuverlässig bis zum letzten Tag!Dem Eigentümer Dipak möchten wir nochmals danken für dieses große Erlebnis!

TripAdvisor Waldfeucht, Germany

Trekking Jiri-Mount Everest-Gokyo

Wir haben vor Ort in Kathmandu bei Dipak gebucht und fühlten uns sofort gut beraten und betreut. Der komplette Trip hat super geklappt, das Team war superflexibel und ging auf unsere Wünsche ein. Dipak half uns auch nach dem Trip mit guten Tipps für eine Tour allein, organisierte Bustickets und brachte uns sogar noch umsonst zum Flughafen. Jederzeit wieder!

Elisabeth S,

Top Mann

Empfehlenswert! Sehr freundlicher Mann - man ist in guten Händen, um Nepal zu erkunden. Ich hoffe, wieder einmal dort zu sein.

Winterthur, Switzerland

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