Where to trek during this Dashain?

trekking for dashain

Dashain is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when the skies are brighter and the weather is cooler. It’s the nation’s merry-making time and everyone’s high on the spirits of Dashain. It is also the peak time for trekking in Nepal because of excellent climate and visibility. Previously, trekking was an

Tips to take professional-looking photos while trekking in Nepal

trekking photographs tips

Most of you have first known about Nepal for the first time through someone else’s spectacular mountain photography.  Be it in the postcards you received during the holiday season, a banner on the backside of a double-decker bus, or in surreal-looking billboards. The masterminds behind these pictures must have wandered the great Himalaya trails for

Why now is the best time to book trekking holidays in Nepal

best time to book trekking in nepal

Nepal is a haven destination to trek for every trekker around the globe. Though a year round travelling destination, some challenging trek routes are only convenient during the season. Now that the monsoon season has come to its end, Nepal’s perfect season to trek is to kick off. Usually, the episode of rainfall in Nepal

Scope of Sports Tourism in Nepal

sports tourism in nepal

Nepal is known for its beautiful mountains, culture, bio-diversity and countless alluring elements of bucket lists for every tourist. Despite all these enticing and sublime assets, Nepal has yet to reach the one million tourists annually landmark which was envisioned decades ago. In order to reach this landmark, the widening of tourism sector is a

Nepal as a wedding destination

wedding destinations in Nepal

A wedding day is definitely one of the most important, life-changing events in a person’s life. Most girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day quintessentially since their childhood. From designer suits to choreographed dances to party themes – irrespective of the culture and background – every individual hope to make their wedding day an

Top five trekking destinations to explore in Visit Nepal 2020

visti nepal 2020 trekking

Once is never enough. Nepal has so much to offer from its dreamlike mountains to ancient temples to serene national parks, just one visit to this small South Asian country will never suffice. For the 2020 edition of Visit Nepal, we urge you to travel, trek, and experience this country like never before. Nepal is

How to manage your anxiety while traveling?

anxiety while traveling

If you have panic disorder or any other mental illness, panic attacks and anxiety-related symptoms might keep you from travelling. Travelling to new and strange places, away from the safety of your home, can make you nervous and insecure. Moreover, you may be even conscious and afraid of others witnessing your nervousness and fear. Luckily,

How can you be a responsible traveler?

being responsible travel

Through the ways we travel, the regions we decide to cover, and the choices we make on how to spend our money and where can have a tremendous positive impact on communities and families that are not as fortunate as we are. There’s a name for it – Responsible Travel. Being responsible is not just

Why Everest Base Camp short trekking is getting so popular?

everest base camp short trekking

To put it simply, because it is a trek to the base camp of the highest peak in the world. While only a very small fraction of people makes it to the peak itself, reaching the base camp is on the bucket list of great number of mountaineers and trekkers alike. With trekking culture gaining

Tea House Trekking in Nepal

gear for tea house trekking

A tea house trek is a fun way of getting accustomed to the culture of Nepal. Also: It is extremely cheap!! It not only helps you to save time, it also helps you to get to know people along your trek as well. So, what exactly is a tea house trek? A tea house trek