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Best reasons to be on top of the world the Everest Base Camp - Legendary, Celestial, Classic trek.

Everest Base Camp Trek is a legendary trekking trail to the base camp of Everest. Undoubtedly it is one of the most sought after trek in the world. It is one of the 10 best treks in the world. It is ranked 4th most popular treks after GR20, France (1st), Inca Trail, Peru (2nd), Pays Dogon, of Mali (3rd).

But the debate is why? Why is Everest Base Camp so popular and one of the best for trek? The obvious answer that comes to everybody's mind is it only confined to the sight of the mighty Everest and the Base Camp on the roof of the world or there is something more to it. This obvious pull factor has preoccupied the senses of adventure seekers for decades.  Driven by their adrenaline bound instincts they throng here in huge numbers in the quest to trek in the Everest Region. For them it has become a life changing synonym. They invaluable opportunity to conquer this snow clad domain.

This amazing journey takes you to a height of 5,545m (18,193ft) at Kala Pattar, an extraordinary vantage point from where glimpses become eternal. The following two-three-week trek is extremely popular. It is not only about gracing and basking under the spectacular sceneries but falling in love with the embellished mountain world. Most of the successful trekkers are able to proudly say they've stood at the base of the world's highest mountain and achieved the unimaginable.

This exceptional trekking trail takes you closer to the rich cultured ethnic villages and the way they lead their entire lives. Also the splendid views one receives after long days of trekking are beyond imagination. This feeling itself fills the heart with great pleasure and excitement. There are various reasons that make Everest Base Camp Trek on of the best. We have carefully compiled the best 10 out of those reasons that are deemed below:-

Grace a booming potpourri of culture and heritage monuments in and around the Kathmandu City.

To begin with the Everest Base Camp Trek starts always starts with a Kathmandu City Tour. This exciting cultural city tour around Kathmandu valley takes you famous culturally and historically rich World Heritage sites. These include Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa or The Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu or Patan Durbar Square.

The wonderful sightseeing tour around the ancient city of Bhaktapur, Bhaktapur Durbar Square along with Changu Narayan Temple is mesmerizing. Amongst the entire visit to Changu Narayan Temple which is the oldest temple in Nepal takes back you into history and is an architectural masterpiece. The temple takes us back to the 5th century which is phenomenal.

A thrilling pretty as a picture flight From Kathmandu to Lukla.

Considered to be one of the most difficult flights in the world flipside of it is that its eye catching and spectacular as well. It is a wonderful array of forested hills, valleys, pristine rivers remarkable villages, and more. The bird eye views that you can behold of of greenery terrace farmlands, clouds, beautiful waterfalls falling amidst the deep forest is beyond your imagination. Upon landing at the famous Tenzing Hillary Airport at Lukla you will be thrilled by the first glimpse of the Mt. Everest. Lukla also happens to be the starting point or the gateway to the Everest. The trails pass through the landscapes, rivers, valleys, villages, religious and cultural sites before culminating at the legendary Everest Base Camp convincingly.

Fabulous sightseeing adventure around the UNESCO Listed the Sagarmatha National Park.

The Sagarmatha National Park is another attraction and an irresistible site of the Khumbu Region. This is a conservation area that requires permission to enter which you can get it at the entrance gate. It's a nature's best kept Himalayan rich ecosystem that houses pines, oaks, junipers, bamboo, and rhododendrons. This forest provides shelter to numerous endangered flora and fauna of this region.  It is an ideal place to walk at a gradual pace and if lucky might get to see the elusive snow leopard, blue sheep, eagles and many more.

Set Foot on the highest suspension bridge of Nepal (Hillary Suspension Bridge).

It is a pulsating moment of thrill and excitement to step on the highest suspension bridge of the Khumbu over the milky Dudh Kosi River flowing below. This happens to be the last bridge that you will come across during the 2nd or 3rd day of your Everest Base Camp Trek. Passing this bridge in itself is an adventurous and a holy experience. It is well complimented by the sightings of the fluttering prayer flags on one hand and the thrills of swinging bridge on the other. This is a walk of a life time to remember admire and cherish.

Explore the rare mountain world of the hustling Namche Bazaar.

Namche Bazaar is not only the capital of the highlanders but it’s a mountain world that one can find up into the Himalayan highs. This extraordinary town in the Khumbu Region is all about legacy, culture, people and their way of life. This place is known to be the rest and acclimatization destination for most of the Everest Region Trekking circuits. This vibrant town allows you to catch everlasting glimpses of peaks such as Kongde Ri(6,180m), Thamserku (6,620m) and the legendary Everest (8,848.86m). This town never sleeps as there is always a buzz around the cafes, restaurants, lodges, bakery, Tibetan handicraft shops, museums, etc. Whenever you are at Namche, you can take a stroll around these places and enjoy the day with multi-diverse appetizers and drinks or take a look at the mountainous backdrops.

The age old remarkable Tengboche Monastery.

The Tengboche Monastery at the Tengboche is the largest monastery of the Khumbu Region. It was then built somewhere in the 1916’s by Lama Gulu. This monastery has strong influences from Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet. This holy site is frequented by trekkers and alpinists to know historical accounts and to offer prayers for their successful Everest journey. Also from the Tengboche Monastery, remarkable views of peaks like Everest, Tawache, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku is exceptional. This monastery is home to thousands of monks who perform daily Buddhists rituals every morning. Besides that, the Tengboche Monastery is famous for Sherpa festivals held once a year, which is called the Mani Rimdu Festival.

Be at the best star rated hotel by the Guinness World of Records. The Everest View Hotel.

Visiting Nepal for Everest Base Camp Trek is termed incomplete if you miss out on being to the Highest Altitude Hotel. Everest View Hotel is the highest altitude hotel in Nepal and one of the highest hotels in the world. It is quite reachable that involves only a few hours of well-paced hike from the Namche Bazaar. Over the years this luxury hotel has always opened its terrace for getting splendid views for trekkers whenever they are here. This place guarantees amazing views of snow-capped summits along with the mighty Everest. You can enjoy these views from the outer section of the hotel or straight from the rooftop with a cup of coffee or savouring local delights. The advantage you get here or the best part is that you get access to the internet at ease.

Admire the Best Sunrise Views from Kala Patthar (A vantage point of excellence).

Probably this is one of the highest points to be in during the Everest Base Camp Trek. Kala Patthar is a large black rock mountain that sits at an elevation of 5,500m which is tremendous. Kala Patthar is one the best vantage points a true fulfiller of magnificent views of early morning sunrise. Besides that the glimpses of the setting sun along with a 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and landscapes is rewarding. Trekkers take an early morning hike before dawn to reach the summit before sunrise.

Meeting the Everest Base Camp (Our Path to making history upfront).

Standing tall admiring the snow-capped abode right in front of us is an indication of mission accomplished of making it to the Everest Base Camp .It is the main attraction of the entire journey. Making to an elevation of 5300m to the Mount Everest without any climbing gears makes it an exceptional journey of a kind. All the efforts, walks and determination pays off once we reach the Everest Base Camp. It weaves magic and gives and eternal source of inner peace and a satisfaction of an incredible pedigree. The entire Everest Base Camp region is adorned with colourful prayer flags, large valley, towering snow peaks and beautiful Khumbu Glacier Icefall. It also happens to be the most preferred landing spots the Helicopter tours that hover to and fro to the Everest Base Camp.

Ecstatically colorful Sherpa culture and its festivals.

The Khumbu region is undoubtedly a Sherpa landmark and a hamlet that is inhibited by these highlanders for centuries together. This classic trek to the Everest Base Camp allows you to experience and explore the old culture, traditions, rituals, and lifestyle of Sherpa people. The Sherpa’s are famous for their grand festivals. They are Lhosar, Harvest Festival, and the Mani Rimdu Festival.

The Lhosar festival.

Lhosar is celebrated for 15 Days and it also happens to be the New Year's Eve for sherpa people along with other Buddhist religion followers.

The harvest festival.

Another important Sherpa festival that takes place in the month of July is the harvest festival. They celebrate this at home and also visit the local monastery to offer prayers and other take part in other religious celebrations as well.

The Mani Rimdu Festival.

This is the grandest and one of the prime festivals of the Khumbu Region. Sherpa people from distant villages visit the Tengboche Monastery to participate in this grand event. Trekking in the months of late October until November is a boon simply because you can be a part of this festive bonanza. During this festival various masked dancers dancingly reveal stories on religious occurrence and its cult.

A Final take on why Everest Base Camp is a Mecca for trekkers.

Everest Base Camp Trek is a plethora of pulsating adventure activities that is enough to take your breath away with joy and happiness. Incredible trekking options are there on the offer by foot or by air. For trekkers who want to be on Everest Base Camp with comfort and ease Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is best for them. Also the best time to make it to the Everest Base Camp is during the months of spring and autumn. At this time the visibility is perfect with clear skies and the surrounding environment is a joy to watch. Everest is eternal a must see place for everyone at least once in a lifetime 

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner