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Why was the flight delayed? How can I prevent delays? How do you deal with delays?

Flights are occasionally delayed due to bad weather. Flight visibility is reduced when there is thick fog, severe rain, or high gusts. The Instrumental Landing System technology is not available at TIA. As a result, it is not safe for planes to take off or land in bad weather. Flights will be asked to "wait" in the skies or be canceled until the weather permits safe flight. So, before embarking on a hike, consider the optimum time to visit Nepal.

  • Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Nepal's international airport, has only one runway.
  • The single runway and one approach path are the primary causes of aircraft delays at TIA.
  • The increased number of flights entering Kathmandu, particularly during high seasons, causes runway congestion and aircraft delays.

Nepal has a diversified geographical landscape. Some domestic airports, such as the Lukla Airport, which serves as the entry to the Everest region, are located in difficult terrain. Flights at Lukla are frequently delayed or canceled to preserve the safety of passengers when the weather is unsuitable for flying.

Always have a day or two more before traveling to the mountains in case flights are delayed due to terrible weather and climate, or if any doubt arises, a day extra will come in handy. At the moment, we are looking for alternatives, which include either waiting for the next scheduled flight or taking a helicopter ride. Helicopter rides are usually pricey, which makes us wonder occasionally, but if we have a day extra, it's the thing that helps. When you have a refundable and changeable ticket, it's easy to try regular flights; but, if the ticket is standard, things start to become horrible.

These are the possible causes of flight delays in Nepal. We recommend that you allow one or two extra days as a "buffer" in case your flight (s) is delayed or canceled to avoid major disruptions to your travel plans. This is especially important for those traveling to the Everest Region for treks such as the EBC Trek, as road travel is exhausting compared to flying to Lukla Airport.


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