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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our entire team of Nepal Trekking Planner!

Nepal Tourism Update 2022: a snapshot of the Tourism industry

The year 2022 has been great for Nepal in terms of Trekking. Nepal received a folk of tourists this trekking season. Popular trekking destinations like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit Trek, etc were overcrowded with the tourist this year both internally as well as externally.

Nepal, The Best Place For Mountain Climbers

The country has the most number of mountain peaks that are above 8,000m including Everest(8848m), Manaslu (8167m), and Annapurna(8,091m). To take a glance at these peaks, most of the tourists reach the base camp of these Himalayan Ranges. Nepal has been welcoming tourists throughout the year for different adventure activities as well like Mountain Climbing, Rafting, and Birdwatching.

Tourism: The Big Bear Of the Nepali Economy

Tourism is a significant economic driver and one of the primary means of subsistence for the people of Nepal. To meet the needs of tourists, a sizable section of the national labor population is employed. Hotels, travel and trekking companies, tour operators, travel and trekking guides, tourist police, porters, and other businesses are among those directly associated with tourism. In addition, a large number of people work in industries, microbusinesses, transportation, and other tourism-related industries to provide goods and services to tourists.

Our most popular trekking destinations for the year 2022:

The Dard Days for Tourism in Nepal

Looking at those stats who would have thought those majestic mountains will go unseen and the popular trekking trails will be empty even in the peak trekking season. Yes, Nepal had its bad days for tourism, and would pray that we don’t have to face those times again. 

Visit Nepal Year: A Campaign That Never Happened

Aiming to draw at least 2 million tourists in 2020, Nepal had just begun the ambitious Visit Nepal Year campaign with much excitement. However, after the pandemic broke out in other parts of the world, the program had to be abandoned. The Covid-19 pandemic, among other factors, had a severe impact on the global tourism industry, and it still does. Most analysts no longer anticipate a complete recovery until 2024 or later

How Did The Tourism Industry Fare In The Fierce Pandemic Of 2019?

Covid-19 Precautions

The epidemic has also had a negative impact on Nepal, with preliminary results showing a 14.37% loss to the country's economy as a result of travel restrictions and aircraft cancellations. In 2018, Nepal's tourist sector generated NRs 240.7 billion, or 7.9 percent of the country's GDP. The epidemic has a significant impact on all 200,000 individuals who work directly in Nepal's hotels, restaurants, trekking, climbing, airlines, and other tourism-related industries.

Travel and Tourism To Experience Growth After Covid.

The prediction for growth is encouraging for all parties involved because the travel and tourism sector's GDP is expected to expand by an average of 5.8 percent a year between 2022 and 2032, exceeding the expansion of the entire economy and adding close to 126 million new jobs throughout that time. By the end of 2023, the GDP for travel and tourism may reach 2019 levels once more. 

Earthquake! (in Nepal)

A powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake measuring 11:56 local time on Saturday, April 25, 2015, struck Barpak in the Gorkha district, some 76 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu. According to NPC, homes have been entirely demolished in 507,017 cases, and partially damaged in 269,190 cases. The number of fatalities has risen to 8,790, while 22,300 people have been injured and another 300 are believed to be missing 

Nepal's Tourism Industry Rebounds From Devastating Earthquake

Rural roads, bridges, water supply systems, agricultural land, trekking routes, government and residential structures, historic sites, schools, health care facilities, and sports facilities were all damaged by the earthquake. A total of 2,900 buildings with significance for tourism and cultural 

Nepal Earthquake 2015
Nepal Earthquake 2015

and religious heritage was impacted. Numerous traditional-style private homes, old public structures, as well as old and recently constructed temples and monasteries, were completely or partially destroyed. A total of NRs. 16.9 billion in damages to tangible heritage were calculated.

As reported in The Kathmandu Post, a daily newspaper of Nepal, as a string of disasters hit Nepal's tourism industry, visitor arrivals fell by 46% in the first 10 months. Travel enthusiasts eagerly awaited the opportunity to visit the nation once more with the same level of anticipation they had before the earthquake while the nation worked to recover from the major disaster as tourist arrivals to Nepal jumped 12.77 percent in the first six months of 2016. 


The tourism industry has seen some ups and downs over the years, but the fact that tourism is rising again after the pandemic and devastating earthquake shows that Nepal continues to be a popular destination for travelers. Hopefully, for this new year, the country will continue to be able to attract this many people and continue to offer such an enriching experience for everyone who visits. Happy New Year 2023. Nepal Trekking Planner welcomes you all with welcoming hearts and ensures a guaranteed enjoyable trip.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner