Chitwan National Park – 4N/5D Package

"Safari in Pristine Wilderness"

  • Destination:Nepal
  • Total Duration:5 days
  • Start Point:Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • End Point:Kathmandu/Pokhara
  • Trip Grade:Easy
  • Accommodation:Double/Twin shearing in hotel/lodge
  • Meals:on full board
  • Transportation:Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/Flight
  • Best Time:Sept to May


Chitwan National Park,  situated within south central Nepal a sub tropical lowlands of the inner terai of Chitwan, Makawanpur, Parsa and Nawalparasi districts. It lies between 27°16.56’- 27°42.14’ Latitudes and 83°50.23’- 84° 46.25’ Longitudes. The altitude ranges from 110m to 850m above sea level. The park is bounded by the Rapti and Narayani River in the north, Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the east and Madi settlements and India border in the south. Three major rivers Narayani, Rapti and Reu, and their floodplains; and several lakes and pools are the major water sources of the park.

Being the first protected area of Nepal, it has a long history of over three decades in park management and rich experiences in nature conservation. Chitwan was a big game area for the royal families, Rana rulers and their guests. The area comprising the Tikauli forest from Rapti River to the foothills of the Mahabharat extending over an area of 175 km2 was declared as Mahendra Deer Park in 1959. The area south of the Rapti River was demarcated as a Rhino Sanctuary in 1963. It was proclaimed as Royal Chitwan National Park with an area of 932 km2 in 1973. After the peoples’ revolution in 2006, the park’s name was changed to Chitwan National Park. 

In recognition of its unique biological resources of outstanding universal value, UNESCO designated CNP as a World Heritage Site in 1984. In 1996, an area of 750 km2 surrounding the park was declared a buffer zone, which consists of forests and private lands including cultivated lands. The buffer zone contains a Ramsar Site – Beeshazari Lakes.

The park and the local people jointly initiate community development activities and manage natural resources in the buffer zone. The government of Nepal has made a provision of plowing back 30-50 percent of the park revenue for community development in the buffer zone.

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  • Asia’s best national park
  • Listed in world heritage site
  • Deep green jungle enriched with various flora and fauna
  • World most endangered wildlife (royal Bengal tiger , One horned Rhinoceros and other wild animals with exotic bird life )
  • Discover the unique culture and tradition of tharu peoples .
  • Day 1- Drive to chitwan National park from Kathmandu (5 hrs drive)/ Pokhara(4 hrs drive)/Lumbini(4hrs drive) –Hotel(L/D)
  • Day 2- Full day in Chitwan National Park  ( Hotel-B/L/D)
  • Day 3- Full day in Chitwan National Park (Hotel B/L/D)
  • Day 4:  Full day in Chitwan National Park (Hotel B/L/D)
  • Day 5: Drive to Kathmandu (5 Hrs) Pokhara (4 hrs) Lumbini(4 hrs)
  • All pick drop by private vehicle
  • 04 night twin/double shearing accommodation on full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tea/coffee, park entrance fee with safari activities with natural local guide
  • Kathmandu to Bharatpur(by air)/Sauraha (by land) to Kathmandu transportation
  • International flight ticket with departure tax (if you need we can provide with extra cost)
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu (If you need we can provide with extra cost)
  • Travel insurance.

Detail Itinerary


-Scenic drive to chitwan National Park

-Lunch at hotel/Lodge

-Short explanation of activities in chitwan

-Today activities; village tour/Elephant breeding center

-Dinner – O/N stay in hotel

-Wakeup and refreshment with ship of coffee/tea

-Breakfast after 30 min jungle walk

-Elephant breeding center visit/machan visit/Elephant bathing

-Lunch at hotel

-Jeep safari

-Dinner-O/n stay in hotel

-Wakeup and refreshment with ship of coffee/tea

-Breakfast after 30 min jungle walk

-Observe the nature and wildlife of the surrounding area

-Lunch at hotel

-Elephant safari

-Marvelous view of sunset from beach of Rapti river

-Dinner with Tharu cultural activities

-o/N stay at hotel/lodge

-Wakeup and refreshment with ship of coffee/tea

-Breakfast after 30 min jungle walk

-Free time to explore the nature

-Lunch at hotel

-Museum visit /Canoe ride

-Dinner –O/N stay at hotel

-Wakeup and refreshment with ship of coffee/tea


-Scenic countryside drive to Kathmandu/Pokhara/Lumbini

Cost and Dates

To provide you a reasonable price, we need some number of persons into a group to minimize your cost on hotel, transportation and any other alternation in your itinerary. Departure dates available for online booking are as below where price given is per person and international flight is not included. If given date is not appropriate for you, Please CONTACT US (Call/email now for private trip, [email protected], Mobile +977 98510 71767 (24 hrs) - WhatsApp and Viber)so that Trekking Planner will happily manage your trip on dates favorable for you.

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Time of my life.

What an experience. I booked this solo, and had many concerns when I started (about the cold, about being vegan and a solo female traveller) and Dipak(organiser), Anil (yogi) and Ram (guide) where unbelieveably kind and provided for my every need. They are some of the kindest people I have met and really genuinely care for you. When I arrived, 6 days early for the trek, Dipak helped me to organise a mini trip to Pokhara to go paraglising and a sunrise tour of Sarangkot which was breathtaking (althought very cold!) and the taxi-driver we liked so much we hired him for the day to take us to various locations. (I met another girl who i travelled with). Chitwan was the enxt stop and that was fabulous too, although probabaly not the best time of hte year to go, we did not see that much, but it was still a real nice break from Kathmandu and amazing drive through valleys.As for the yoga trek itself I thought that it was excellent. It is 70 to 80 percent about trekking, and the yoga we did every morning and night. The issue was it was like minus 20 degrees so actually doing the yoga was unpleasantly cold. So if you are doing this trek to get better at yoga, i think that it is more about trekking. However i knew it would be cold booking and I don't regret anything. From tengboche onwards, we did breathing excercises instead of yoga and at altititude I found this benefical. I would recommend travellers to book early dec, late nov not late dec just because of the cold and also make the most of off-season prices. The group was just the 4 of us, originally 5 but one turned back due to the cold and personal reasons. Our sherpa guide Ram was AMAZING and not only walked one girl namche to lukla, but then returned tot he group walking over 50k in one day and he cared for us so much on the trip and was really good fun. The tea houses on the whole were good, the best was tengboche Trekking lodge as it was cosy, but you don't sleep well in the alitude and cold. Food is all vegetarian (trust me once you see the steaks hacked and carried you don't want to eat meat) so my vegan needs were well covered. dal bhat 24 hour power! I would recommend that if you go at the same time of year as me (21 dec to 4th jan) you start the day hiking WHEN THE SUN COMES UP. before it is honestly miserable. But this trek was one of the best things I have ever done and i thank all our sherpas, guides, yogi-Anil and Dipak for such a wonderful well put together trip. I met great friends and had a wonderful time. Oh and the complimentary massage at the end- AMAZING THANK YOU! Would 100% book again, next time ANNAPURNA!


Goes the extra mile!

I did two treks with trekking planner and they were great! I ended up getting sick on my second trek and they called my insurance and took care of my changes in accommodation, my updated flight back, and everything! I would highly recommend them for additional peace of mind!

Jrd K,

Wonderful EBC experience

Four of us booked a 10 days EBC trekking tour with Trekking Planner. We booked very late and had quite specific requests. Dipak, the owner of the company, did everything he could to accommodate us. the entire arrangement was smooth and well planned. Even when the flight was cancelled due to the local weather and we had to switch to Heli, Dipak was able to find a local guide and porters for us at the last minute request. and we loved our guide and porters. We remain friends via facebook!

When you travel aboard for activities like this, reliability of your tour company is the key! and Trekking Planner is nothing short of that. Thank you Trekking Planner and Dipak for our wonderful experience.


Walking among the clouds. Trekking Manaslu, Tsum Valley.

From the very first moment walking into the Trekking Planner office, we felt very comfortable and knew that we’d made a good choice. Dipak sat with us and we discussed what we had intended to arrange. He was very knowledgeable due to his extensive experience guiding all over Nepal. We were doing this as part of a world trip, so due to our long term travelling, and not wanting to take unneeded items, Dipak kindly allowed us to leave our excess baggage in the office for safekeeping.

We planned to do the Manaslu circuit and link up to the Annapurna circuit directly after. The plan was recommended to do the Tsum valley on the Manaslu trek to assist in acclimatisation prior to attempting the high passes. It was a fantastic recommendation as was far less busy than other sections and the scenery was magnificent from the top of the valley. We arranged to have our guide with us for the Manaslu trek (18 days) and then when we finished and prepared to leave from Dharapani for the Annapurna, we planned to continue on our own. 

Our guide, Ramesh, met us at the office on the morning we left for the beginning of the trek. Ramesh was such an awesome young guide. Always cheerful, smiling and singing along the way, he was very knowledgeable on the mountain ranges and always happy to answer any questions we had. Having spent some time trekking the Tsum valley before attempting the the Larke Pass (5106m) definitely helped with our acclimatisation. The company takes this all very seriously as we were one of the few groups that had their guide monitoring the oxygen absorption and pulse of an evening to ensure we were in good physical condition to continue higher the next day. 

We arranged to have the accomodation and food as a package and it worked very well for us. There wasn’t any issues with limiting food options from the menu, as we’d heard some other guides had imposed. Our food and drink orders were made well within reason, though we had some allowances made for us on occasion. Everything was very well organised and explained what the trekking plan would be for the following day.

Even though we had planned for Ramesh to return to Kathmandu as we continued on our own, he was ever helpful in giving us some fantastic information and assisting us before we parted. He has a lot of experience in his years of guiding and it was such a pleasure having him along with us, that we intend on having him guide us again when we return to Nepal to do some more trekking in the future. 

Based on our personal experience, and the reviews of many other satisfied clients, we would highly recommend Dipak at Trekking Planner, and also Ramesh to guide you, to assist you in tailoring your trekking requirements in Nepal. 

TripAdvisor Brisbane, Australia

Great experience

We had a great time on our trek. Everything was well planned. Our guide Gyeljan and porter Ngawang was really sweet and did an excellent job. They were super funny so even the hardest part of the trek felt alright. 

I warmly recommend everyone this company and especially these guys. 

Thank you so much.

TripAdvisor Malmo, Sweden

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