Makalu Base Camp Trek

  • Destination:Nepal
  • Total Duration:22 Days
  • Start Point:Kathmandu
  • Trip Grade:Moderate To Fairly Challenging
  • Accommodation:Double/Twin shearing in hotel/lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast basis in city and full board during the trek
  • Transportation:Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus/Flight
  • Best Time:March to May and Sept to Dec


One of the most popular trekking destinations among solitary trekkers, Makalu Base Camp offers an exceptional opportunity to explore high-altitude terrains, snow-clad landscapes and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle. This trek takes you to Makalu Base Camp (5250 m), now designated as Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area. The Makalu Base camp trek is a true adventure with scenery so beautiful that it will never tire you. . The very pristine area trial to Makalu Base Camp takes you deep into the high Himalaya and the giant Makalu, the Great Black looms above: Everest, Lhotse, and Baruntse. The reward for the hardship Makalu adventure trek is the chance to trek through unspoiled Himalayan landscapes, far from trapping of the modern age. This is a region where you hardly find any modern facilities and amenities but blessed with an incredible diversity of natural beauty.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m/4430ft) -Hotel (D)
  • Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing –Hotel (B/B)
  • Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar then drive to Chichira (1,980m/6497ft): 50 mins flight, 3-4 hours drive -Lodge (B/B) -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 04: Chichira to Num (1,560m/5119ft): 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 05: Num to Seduwa (1,500m/4922 ft): 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 06: Seduwa to Tashigaon (2,100m/6890ft): 4-5 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 07: Tashigaon to Khongma Danda (3,500m/11,483 ft): 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 08: Acclimatization/Rest -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 09: Khongma Danda to Dobate: 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 10: Dobate to Yangri Kharka (3,557m/11,670 ft): 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 11: Yangri Kharka to Langmale Kharka: (4,410m/14,468ft): 5-6 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 12: Langmale Kharka to Makalu Base Camp: (4,870m/15,978ft): 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 13: Explore Makalu Base Camp -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 14: Makalu Base Camp to Yangri Kharka: 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 15: Yangri Kharka to Dobate: 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 16: Dobate to Khongma Danda: 5-6 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 17: Khongma Danda to Tashigaon: 4-5 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 18: Tashigaon to Seduwa: 4-5 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 19: Seduwa to Num: 5-6 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 20: Num to Tumlingtar: 6-7 hours -Lodges (B/L/D)
  • Day 21: Tumlingtar to Kathmandu: 50 mins flight -Hotel (B/B)
  • Day 22: Final departure -(B)
  • All airport Pick up drop by private vehicle
  • Welcome dinner in Authentic Restaurant
  • 03 night twin/double shearing accommodation on BB in Kathmandu
  • Guided sightseeing tours in Kathmandu with and private vehicle.
  • Kathmandu to Tumlingtar to Kathmandu flight with airport departure tax
  • National Park entrance fee and Trekkers’ Information Management System( TIMS card)
  • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly , English speaking well trained, Government license holder guide with all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, Transport and insurance.
  • 02 guest=01 porter with their Insurance, Salary, Food, accommodation and equipment.
  • Accommodation in the mountain during the trekking
  • Three meals a day; breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking.
  • Safe drinking water and first add kid box
  • Trekking Planner’s sleeping bag, down jackets,Ti-shirt, Cap, duffle bags, city and trekking route maps – if necessary.
  • Your Nepal Visa fees (should bring small accurate fees in USD and 02 passport size photos)
  • All the International air fare from and to Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight)
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu
  • Meals during the traveling time
  • Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation
  • In case of extra more nights accommodation, lunch and dinner in city due to early arrival and late departure as well as early back/return from mountain/trekking (due to any reason) than the given time period of itinerary
  • Your Personal expenses such as ( laundry, baggage charge, phone calls, battery recharge, bar and beverage bill, boiled or bottle water, hot and cold shower, extra porter.. etc)
  • The Tips to the trekking crews and drive
  • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control
  • Anything not included in service includes column

Detail Itinerary

"Trekking Planner will try to keep day-to-day schedule as per the detailed itinerary but there might be some flexibility due to other factors beyond our control. A variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, difficulty with transportation and politics can lead to enforced changes. So, it is not possible to guarantee as per the itinerary. In the case, trip leader will manage it to minimize your inconvenience."                                                We wish you have a wonderful time with us!  

Cost and Dates

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12th December, 20182nd January, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
15th December, 20185th January, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
18th December, 20188th January, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
21st December, 201811th January, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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3rd March, 201924th March, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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9th March, 201930th March, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
12th March, 20192nd April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
15th March, 20195th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
18th March, 20198th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
21st March, 201911th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
24th March, 201914th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
27th March, 201917th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
30th March, 201920th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd April, 201923rd April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th April, 201926th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th April, 201929th April, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th April, 20192nd May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th April, 20195th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th April, 20198th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th April, 201911th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd April, 201914th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th April, 201917th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th April, 201920th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd May, 201923rd May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th May, 201926th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th May, 201929th May, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th May, 20191st June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th May, 20194th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th May, 20197th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th May, 201910th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd May, 201913th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th May, 201916th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th May, 201919th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st June, 201922nd June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th June, 201925th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th June, 201928th June, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
10th June, 20191st July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
13th June, 20194th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
16th June, 20197th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th June, 201910th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd June, 201913th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
25th June, 201916th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th June, 201919th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st July, 201922nd July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th July, 201925th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th July, 201928th July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
10th July, 201931st July, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
13th July, 20193rd August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
16th July, 20196th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th July, 20199th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd July, 201912th August, 2019US$Guaranteed Book Now
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17th February, 20209th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th February, 202012th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd February, 202015th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th February, 202018th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th February, 202021st March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
3rd March, 202024th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
6th March, 202027th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
9th March, 202030th March, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
12th March, 20202nd April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
15th March, 20205th April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
18th March, 20208th April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
21st March, 202011th April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
24th March, 202014th April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
27th March, 202017th April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
30th March, 202020th April, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
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19th June, 202010th July, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd June, 202013th July, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
25th June, 202016th July, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th June, 202019th July, 2020US$Guaranteed Book Now
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16th December, 20206th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th December, 20209th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd December, 202012th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
25th December, 202015th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th December, 202018th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
31st December, 202021st January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
3rd January, 202124th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
6th January, 202127th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
9th January, 202130th January, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
12th January, 20212nd February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
15th January, 20215th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
18th January, 20218th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
21st January, 202111th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
24th January, 202114th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
27th January, 202117th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
30th January, 202120th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
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5th February, 202126th February, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th February, 20211st March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th February, 20214th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th February, 20217th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th February, 202110th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th February, 202113th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd February, 202116th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th February, 202119th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st March, 202122nd March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th March, 202125th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th March, 202128th March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
10th March, 202131st March, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
13th March, 20213rd April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
16th March, 20216th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th March, 20219th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd March, 202112th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
25th March, 202115th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th March, 202118th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
31st March, 202121st April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
3rd April, 202124th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
6th April, 202127th April, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
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5th June, 202126th June, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th June, 202129th June, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th June, 20212nd July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th June, 20215th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th June, 20218th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th June, 202111th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd June, 202114th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th June, 202117th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th June, 202120th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
2nd July, 202123rd July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
5th July, 202126th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
8th July, 202129th July, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
11th July, 20211st August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
14th July, 20214th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
17th July, 20217th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
20th July, 202110th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
23rd July, 202113th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
26th July, 202116th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
29th July, 202119th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
1st August, 202122nd August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
4th August, 202125th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
7th August, 202128th August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
10th August, 202131st August, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
13th August, 20213rd September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
16th August, 20216th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
19th August, 20219th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
22nd August, 202112th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
25th August, 202115th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
28th August, 202118th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
31st August, 202121st September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
3rd September, 202124th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
6th September, 202127th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
9th September, 202130th September, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
12th September, 20213rd October, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
15th September, 20216th October, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
18th September, 20219th October, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
21st September, 202112th October, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
24th September, 202115th October, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
27th September, 202118th October, 2021US$Guaranteed Book Now
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Everest Base Camp Trek

Great - 3 of us left the UK arriving in Kathmandu with great expectations. With hundreds of Trekking companies to choose from we were fortunate to find Trekking Planner Nepal. Great team they all performed way beyond our expectations, fantastic service, nothing was a problem and always happy. If you are heading into Nepal give them a call 5* doesn't seem enough, thank you for great times and memory's

Andy Ewels,

Everest View Trek

There are no words that can adequately describe the experience we had on the Everest View Trek (Lukla, Namche, Tengboche, the Dudh Kosi River and all the places in between). The word "Awesome" falls considerably short in describing our experience. My wife and I were recently married and from our first date we both had always wanted to trek in the Himalayas. Deepak was the catalyst that made our Trek one of the most tremendous experiences of our lives. He was knowledgeable about the the mountains and the cultures. He is also a very enjoyable person to be with. And that in and of itself is extremely important if you plan any type of extended Trek. My wife and I were lucky we had the chance to have Deeps as our guide. We still keep in contact with Deeps and have recommended him to friends. Our hope is to someday get back to Nepal, and when we do, there is only one person I would want for our guide.

Mike and Molly,

Jomsom Trek

We had a good trip in Nepal last year on part of the Annapurna circuit, the Jomsom trek, with Dipak as our guide. His experience and knowledge of the area is second to none and when we return to Nepal we will certainly be contacting him again. We received a first-class, personal service and, remarks from other visitors we met in various tea houses who had booked with other trekking companies, were that our package was superior to theirs. For a reliable service and interesting trek we strongly recommend this guide and his team.

Lynne & Patrick Ward-Booth,
Essex, England

Everest Base Camp Trek

Two tailor-made treks in the Nepal regions "Everest Base Camp Trek & Jungle Safari in Chitwan" We researched many companies to book our EBC trek and after exchanged e-mails with Dipak he helped plan our EBC trek, tour in Kathmandu and Jungle Safari in Chitwan in a professional, helpful and organized manner.

On arrival in Kathmandu, we were greeted at the airport with a friendly, warm welcome from Dipak and he helped settle us in at our hotel and took us out for a traditional Nepalese meal as well as organizing a day tour with guide of Kathmandu.

Dipak's organization of our EBC trek was wonderful and the guide he supplied on the trek was informative, friendly and very organized in looking after us, making sure we had enough food, tea, and a decent bed for the night after a long day walking. The trek was beautiful and we had an amazing experience. We went back to Kathmandu after the trek was finished and Dipak greeted us and hear about our adventure and keep us informed about our next part of the trip - Jungle Safari in Chitwan.

We stayed in Chitwan National Park for 4 nights 3 days and stayed at a lovely lodge by the river just outside the town. We went on Elephant safari, Jungle walks, bird watching, canoeing, traditional evening performance and much needed relaxing after our EBC trek. We had lovely accommodation and by the river and very helpful staff who looked after our every need. It was our first visit to Nepal and Dipak made our trip hassle free, organized and all with a warm welcome which meant we could enjoy our trek to the fullest.

I would recommend Dipak and Trekking Planner services and I myself would love to return to complete some Annapurna trekking in the future and will be using Trekking Planner Nepal to do so. Many thanks for such a brilliant holiday of a lifetime! Lauren Connors Visited November 2014
Everest Base Camp Trek

Lauren Connors,

Two tailor-made treks in the Nepal regions

" We have been trekking once with Dipak, when he was our guide on two tailor-made treks in the Nepal regions of Annapurna and Everest. We had booked these treks through an agency, and we were so impressed with Dipak's work that we stayed in contact with him. Two years later we went on a third trek..."

Norma Sherratt & Chris Sherratt,
Bristol, UK

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