Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking-5 Days

"Embark on a Breathtaking Adventure: 5 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking"
Good to Know
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max. Altitude 3210.00m
  • Group Size 1+
  • Trip Starts Pokhara
  • Trip Ends Pokhara
  • Group Style Group and Private
  • Activities Trekking and Cultural Excursion
  • Best Season March-June and Sept-Dec


  • Stunning mountain views: The entire trip provides you with amazing panorama views of Himalayan peaks such as Machhapuchre (Fishtail) 6,993 meters (22,943 feet), Nilgiri 7,061 meters (23,166 feet), Annapurna South 7,219 meters (23,684 feet), Annapurna I 8,091 meters (26,545 feet), Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters (26,795 feet), Tukuche Peak 6,920meters (22,703 feet), Hiunchuli 6,441 meters (21,132 feet), Gangapurna 7,455 meters (24,457 feet) and so on.
  • Sunrise from Poon Hill: The trek to Ghorepani Poon trek is renowned for sunrise when the first rays of sunlight illuminate the snow-capped peaks.
  • Cultural encounters: Along the journey, you'll have the chance to learn about the distinct cultures and customs of the Gurung and Magar community.
  • Beautiful forests: The route takes you through lovely rhododendron and oak forests, which are especially lovely in the spring when the blossoms are in abundance.
  • Friendly Locals: The trek takes you through the locals of the region. The locals of the region is friendly and helpful. You will be also able to interact with their cultures and tradition and also their day-to-day lifestyle.


An advantage  of booking a trip with Nepal Trekking Planner

  • Private vehicles pick up and drop off passengers at all airports.

  • First-aid kit box.

  • Trekking Planner’s down jackets, t-shirt, and cap, if necessary.

  • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (you should have insurance for emergency evacuation, which will be paid for by your travel insurance company).

  • We use an oximeter to check your pulse, oxygen saturation, and heart rate, and we provide oxygen.

  • Sim cards are provided by our company for travelers, so there won’t be any networking issues.

Trip Introduction: Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking-5 Days

The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking is a famous trekking path in the Annapurna Region of Nepal. It is a comparatively easy and simple trek that can be finished in 4-5 days. The trip takes you through gorgeous woods, traditional communities, and terraced fields, and provides stunning panoramic views of some of the highest Himalayan peaks, including Machhapuchre (Fishtail) 6,993 meters(22,943 feet), Nilgiri 7,061 meters (23,166 feet), Annapurna South 7,219 meters (23,684 feet), Annapurna I 8,091 meters (26,545 feet), Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters (26,795 feet), Tukuche Peak 6,920meters (22,703 feet), Hiunchuli 6,441 meters (21,132 feet),Gangapurna 7,455 meters (24,457 feet) and so on.

The trek normally begins from the small town of Nayapul which is around 40.7 km. west from Pokhara, and can be accessed by a short drive from Pokhara. The route passes through several traditional Gurung and Magar villages, including Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, Tadapani, and Ghandruk, offering plenty of chances to learn about their distinct culture and customs. The trek is also renowned for its biodiversity, displaying a wide range of vegetation and animals along the route.

The main highlight to trek to Poon Hill, a famous viewpoint that offers you stunning panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. The vistas are especially beautiful at dawn when the first beams of sunlight highlight the snow-capped summits and cast a beautiful golden hue on them.

Normally, the trek is appropriate for all fitness levels and can be completed at any time of year, however, the best months to visit are September to November and March to May. Accommodation is offered in well-established tea houses along the route, which offer pleasant accommodation and delectable local cuisine.

Why 5 Days Ghorepani Poohill Trekking?

The trek to Ghorepani Poonhill is comparatively easier and a short trail trek that is suitable for all fitness levels. Trekking Planner Nepal mentions some of the reasons for Trekking to Ghorepani Poonhill.

  • Stunning Scenic View: The trek offers you the most stunning view of several snowcapped mountains such as Machhapuchre (Fishtail) 6,993 meters (22,943 feet), Nilgiri 7,061 meters (23,166 feet), Annapurna South 7,219 meters (23,684 feet), Annapurna I 8,091 meters (26,545 feet), Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters (26,795 feet), Tukuche Peak 6,920meters (22,703 feet), Hiunchuli 6,441 meters (21,132 feet), Gangapurna 7,455 meters (24,457 feet) and so on. The trek also offers the popular sunrise that illuminates the snowcapped peaks and creates a beautiful golden view.
  • Cultural Experience: The route takes you through several traditional Gurung and Magar communities, where you can learn about their distinct culture and customs. The villages provide an insight into the local lifestyle and customs, and you can engage with the residents to learn more about their way of life.
  • Accommodation: There are several well-established tea houses along the route that offers comfortable lodging and delectable local cuisine. The tea houses provide a warm and cozy environment, enabling you to rest and enjoy the journey without worrying about lodging.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels: The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is appropriate for all endurance levels because the path is not too steep or challenging. The journey is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, making it a popular option for families, groups, and solitary tourists.
  • Time: The length of 4-5 Days is perfect for those who want to experience the grandeur of the Annapurna Region but have limited time. The trek can be finished in a week, including travel time, making it an ideal choice for those who want to take a vacation from their busy lives and appreciate the natural beauty of Nepal.

Is 5 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking suitable for you?

Comparatively this trek is suitable for all individuals, regardless of age or physical ability, who can complete the Ghorepani Poon Hill trip. The trek is not too tough or steep, and the distance traveled each day is feasible. It is a common option for families, groups, and solo tourists looking to explore the Annapurna Area.

However, it is essential to remember that the trek requires several hours of walking each day, and some parts of the path may be difficult for people who are not used to trekking. Before going on the trek, you should prepare yourself by doing some light workouts and building up your stamina.

Furthermore, the journey includes altitude increases, and some of you may experience altitude sickness symptoms. To avoid complications, it is important to remain hydrated, rest when required, and heed the counsel of your guide. You also can consult with your doctor about your medical conditions before undertaking the trek.

Overall, the trek offers you the best time and the best cultural and scenic experience.

How should you prepare for 5 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking?

For the preparation for the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, it is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the trek:

  • Physical Fitness: However the trek is comparatively short and easy, still you need to be physically well-prepared. The trek involves walking for several hours each day, and some sections of the trail may be challenging for people who are not used to hiking. It is recommended that trekkers prepare themselves by doing some light exercises and building up their endurance before embarking on the trek. Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, and swimming are particularly beneficial.
  • Packing Essentials: Having the proper equipment and apparel is essential for a good journey. Warm apparel, rain gear, durable hiking footwear, a daypack, sunscreen, and a first aid box are all recommended for trekkers. It's also a good idea to pack a water container, a headlamp or flashlight, and a camera to record the incredible surroundings.
  • Learn properly: Before traveling to a place it is important to know about a certain place. So, you are always advised to check about that place, and learn about its rules and regulations, and limitations before embarking on the trek.
  • Acclimatization: The trek is comparatively easy trek still you need to embark on high altitude. So, proper acclimatization is necessary as you will embark on the high altitude. To prevent altitude sickness you need to take proper rest and head up slowly. Trekking Planner Nepal also facilitates you with the proper itinerary as per your requirement and budget.

What is the best season for 5 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking?

The best time of year for 5 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking is accessible in September to November as well as from March to May. The weather is usually clear and stable during these months, with moderate temperatures and little possibility of rain. During this season the views of the Himalayan Mountains is clear and stunning. However it is very essential to note, that weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, and it is always advised to check the perspective and be prepared for any weather conditions.

Climate and Weather.

The Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking climate and weather can differ based on the season as well as elevation.

During the autumn season, the weather is usually dry and sunny from September to November, with clear skies and mild temperatures. The average daily weather is 15-20°C (59-68°F), with cool evenings and early mornings. However, temperatures can fall below freezing at higher altitudes, so it is always better to pack warm layers.

The weather is also usually dry and sunny during the spring months of March to May, with clear clouds and moderate temperatures. The average daytime weather is 15-25°C (59-77°F), with cooler temps at higher altitudes.

The weather can be chilly and snowy from December to February, with daily temps varying from 0-10°C (32-50°F) at lower altitudes and below zero at higher elevations. Snow can also make it challenging to traverse the trail, and some guesthouses may be closed due to bad weather.

Summer months from June to August can be hot and humid, with frequent showers and overcast clouds. The path may become slick and wet as a result, and there is a danger of landslides and inundation.

Overall, the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is best done in the fall or spring months, when the weather is calm and bright and the mountain vistas are at their finest. However, it is critical to be equipped for any weather conditions and to verify the weather prediction before embarking on the trek.

Local Culture and Tradition

The Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is an excellent chance to learn about the local culture and traditions of the people who live in Nepal's Annapurna Area. The area is home to a number of ethnic groups, including the Gurung, Magar, and Thakali, each with their own distinct culture and customs.

You will have the chance to explore small communities and engage with the locals while on the trek. You can learn about their everyday routines, tour their homes, and take advantage of their hospitality. You can also find out about their customary clothing, music, and performance.

The Gurung are famous for their traditional clothing, which includes a multicolored shirt and a long, thick garment made of sheep fleece. They also have a rich musical and performance heritage, with the renowned Gurung dance done at festivals and celebrations.

The Magars are well-known for their traditional flat-roofed homes and their skill in traditional weaving. They can also cultivate and care for animals, and their food consists of a range of native vegetables and grains.

Thakali food is well-known for recipes such as Thakali dal bhat, a lentil broth served with rice and veggies, and Thakali achar, a spicy pickle prepared with local ingredients.

Overall, the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is an excellent chance to learn about the rich culture and traditions of the people who live in the Annapurna Region of Nepal, as well as to obtain a better understanding of their way of life.

Washing and toilets and Accommodation

Accommodations and facilities on the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek can differ based on location and elevation. Trekking Planner Nepal also facilities you with the services you seeking for:

  • Washing:  Most of the guest houses along the path have shared restrooms with hot baths, though hot water is not always accessible or is restricted. It is better to bring detergent and shampoo, as these may not be always supplied. There may be a lack of flowing water in some places, requiring you to bathe with a pail of hot water.
  • Toilets:  Most guesthouses have western-style bathrooms, though squat toilets may be found in some locations. It is always a good idea to carry your own toilet tissue because it might not be available. There may be a lack of toilet amenities in some places, forcing you to use the outdoors.
  • Accommodation: Guesthouses along the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek provide basic lodging, including plain mattresses and blankets. Some guesthouses may provide shared rooms, while others may provide individual rooms for a charge. Some of the lodges charge you extra fee for hot water as well as charging.

Important Note.

  • This trip departs every day of the year.
  • This trip is fully customizable. We can customize the trip as per your need, please contact us.
  • This trip is available on both a Fixed Departure and a Private Group Basis.
  • This trip can be booked privately if you’re traveling solo or privately or with family.
  • Have a big group? We can help as per your needs.
  • We can help you make it fit your budget.
  • We accept online payment.
  • we accept an instant booking and online payments.

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Ghorepani Poon hill Trekking-2022, December
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The 5 Days Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking provides with standard Itinerary days where some days walks can be shorter or longer as per your physical fitness, some designated overnight stops can change, due to available rooms and other facilities and etc…….

We will follow the itinerary if its need to be changes in case of weather, landslides and difficulties on walks requiring more days where our leader and lead head guides decides holding full authority for Trekking Planner providing you with enjoyable holidays.

  • AccommodationStandard Lodge
  • MealsLunch and Diner
  • Max. Altitude/Time1570m/5150ft

Today around 08:00 AM we will receive you from your hotel after Breakfast so be ready to go. You will be driving together with guide and porter. The 45 km drive goes through several villages such as Naudanda, Kanre, and Lumle, from your drive you will be able to excellent view of Pokhara valley including Phewa lake and high Himalayan range including Mt Annapurna, Mt Fishtail, Mt Dhaulagiri and Mt Manaslu. The short and scenic adventure start from Nayapul. The walk follows the Modi River upstream to Birethanti and the trek follows the east bank of Bhurungdi Khola with scenery of waterfall, high green forest. Lunch will be served somewhere on the way at the tea houses and finally reaches to Tikhedhunga. Stay overnight at the tea houses.

Included standard accommodation and  meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner), Tea/Coffee

  • AccommodationStandard Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Max. Altitude/Time2780m/9121ft

The breakfast will serve between 07:00 to 08:00 in the morning at the same tea house you stay. The adventure start with slowly down to the suspension bridge from where the trail start steeply up with stones peeped step to Ulleri offers you excellent view of Mt Annapurna and beautiful greenery terraces, about 2 hrs walk. After few hours of long hard climb with several breaks in between reaching at Ulleri village, the trail start with gradual up and down through the cool shade of pine and rhododendron forest, the walk continues with few short ups and downs to the Ghorepani, from where you will be able to see magnificent view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain range. The lunch break will be in Nagethanti. Overnight Stay at Tea houses.

Included standard accommodation and  meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner), Tea/Coffee

  • AccommodationStandard Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Max. Altitude/Time3210m/ 10531ft

According to given time by your guide you will be picked up from hotel and walk about 45 min uphill to Poon Hill, the famous view point place for sunrise from where you will be able to see an excellent view of High mountain range including Mt Dhaulagriri, Mt Annapurna including Mt Fish Tail and Mt Manaslu. Poon hill is derived as a hill from the ethnical group called as Poon, residents of Ghorepani and around area. As you have a great time here return to Ghorepani for breakfast. After breakfast you will continues walk to Tadapani. The walk pass through the rhododendron, Pine and bamboo frost with short up and down. Lunch will serve on the way at the teahouses. Stay overnight at the tea houses.

Included standard accommodation and  meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner), Tea/Coffee

  • AccommodationStandard Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Max. Altitude/Time1990m/6529ft

Today’s walk leads through deep forest an hours on the gradual path to Bhasi Kharka, from this spot the trail descends with occasional view of the Mt.Annapurna ranges and Fishtail, through the forest, creeks and small streams to the Ghandruk village, Ghandruk is a popular place for treks in the Annapurna range of Nepal, with easy trails and various accommodation possibilities. From Ghandruk there are views to the mountains of Annapurna including Machapuchare, Himchuli. On reaching Ghandruk at lunch time and as well for the night stop with enough time to explore the village and Gurung culture. This is one of the biggest towns of this trek. Stay overnight in Ghandruk.

Included standard accommodation and  meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner), Tea/Coffee

  • MealsBreakfast + Lunch
  • Max. Altitude/Time820m/2690ft

After great time in the Ghandruck Village today you descending Pokhara via Birethanti one can see mules loaded with goods en-route. Walking distance is 04 hrs to Nayapool from where you are going to finish your trek and drive back to Pokhara.

Included standard meals (Breakfast + Lunch), Tea/Coffee

Not satisfied with this regular itinerary? Make your own.

Trip Map
Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking-5 Days Map
What's Included
  • National Park entrance fee and Trekkers’ Information Management System( TIMS card).
  • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking, well-trained, Government license holding guide. Price includes his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance.
  • 02 guest to 01 porter with their insurance, salary, food, accommodation and equipment.
  • We provide an assistant guide his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance walking with group to support where necessary as per the group size
  • Accommodation in the mountain during the trekking.
  • Three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking.
  • Pokhara to Nayapul to Pokhara by private vehicle.
  • First aid kit box.
  • Trekking Planner’s sleeping bag, down jackets, T-shirt, cap, duffle bags for porter, city and trekking route maps – if necessary.
  • Arrangement of emergency evacuation service (should have insurance for emergency evacuation and will be paid by your travel insurance company).
  • All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary.
What's Excluded
  • Your Nepal Visa fees.
  • All the International air fare to and from Kathmandu .
  • All meals and accommodation in Kathmandu and in Pokhara.
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara to Kathmandu/Chitwan transportation (if you want we can organize for you with additional cost).
  • Personal travel and health insurance as well as insurance for helicopter evacuation.
  • In case of extra nights’ accommodation, lunch and dinner in city due to early arrival and late departure as well as early back/return from mountain/trekking (due to any reason) than the given time period of itinerary. We can help you arrange extra nights’ accommodation.
  • Your personal expenses such as (laundry, baggage charge, phone calls, battery recharge, bar and beverage bill, boiled or bottle water, hot and cold shower, extra porter.. etc).
  • The tips to the trekking crews and drive.
  • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control.
Departure Dates
  • Every day of the year, trip departures are available.
  • This trip can be completely customized. Please contact us if you want to customize the trip.
  • This trip is available on a fixed departure basis as well as a private group basis.
  • If the given date is not appropriate for you, Please CONTACT US (Call/email now for a private trip,, Mobile +977 98510 71767 (24 hrs) - WhatsApp and Viber)so that Trekking Planner can happily manage your trip on dates favorable for you.
  • Trekking Planner also organizes various trips in small groups that can suit you. We recommend you reserve a seat for yourself by booking with us right away for a wonderful experience with us. Hurry up! Adventure is waiting for you.
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Essential Info

Suggested Equipment List For Trekking.

  • Duffel/Rucksack bag/Suitcase (We provide one complimentary Trekking Planner duffel bag that is to be returned after the trip).
  • Day pack.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Sports shoes or sandals.
  • Sun Hat/cap.
  • Warm woolen cap.
  • Warm fleece jacket or puffy jacket.
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex layer.
  • Pullover or warm sweeter.
  • Raincoat.
  • 4/5 pairs of good quality socks.
  • Hand gloves.
  • 2/3 pairs of trekking trousers.
  • 3/4 pairs of trekking shirts.
  • 3/4 pairs of underwear (non cotton preferred).
  • Sun glasses.
  • Water bottle.
  • 4 season sleeping bag (Optional/we can provide one if you need it. It is to be returned after the trip).
  •  Flash or Torch light.
  • Camera and batteries.
  • The best times to see a magnificent dawn from Poon Hill are during the clear seasons of spring and autumn. While it is possible to observe the sunrise in other seasons, weather conditions such as fog or clouds may obscure the view.

  • During the trek, proper waste disposal is essential. Most teahouses and towns have designated trash cans. Avoid leaving litter on the trail, and if feasible, bring a small reusable trash bag with you to gather your waste until you reach a proper disposal location.

  • Yes, the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is possible in the winter (December to February). Be prepared for colder conditions, particularly at higher elevations. Some sections of the trail may be covered in snow, making the journey more difficult. Still, the choice might be good for those seeking more adventure.

  • Trekking is possible during the monsoon season (June to August); however, there are concerns such as severe rain, landslides, and leeches on the trail. Views may sometimes be obscured by clouds and mist. It is essential to be well prepared with suitable gear and to have a flexible schedule in case of inclement weather.

  • The trek to Ghorepani Poonhill normally starts from Nayapul, a few hours' drive from Pokhara. The walk to Ghorepani begins in Nayapul, passing through charming villages and stunning vistas.

  • Yes, the majority of teahouses and guesthouses along the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek provide restrooms. However, keep in mind that the facilities may be basic and might need to be shared, so bring your own toilet paper and maintain good hygiene.

  • On average, trekkers spend 5 to 6 hours per day trekking on the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. The duration varies based on the group's pace and the distances between villages along the route.

  • Yes, families with children can participate in the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, especially for children. However, before embarking on the journey, it is essential to take the required measures and determine the children's physical capacities.

  • The Ghorepani Poonhill Trek does require travel insurance. Medical emergencies, evacuations, and trip cancellations or interruptions should all be covered. Make certain that your insurance policy covers high-altitude trekking. Make sure to bring a copy of your travel insurance, as you might need it in case of an emergency.

  • Yes, there are shops in Ghorepani where you can buy or rent basic trekking equipment. It is, however, recommended that you have your gear ready before beginning the walk to ensure its durability and compatibility with your needs. Also, the price might get higher on the trials.

  • The Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is a renowned trekking route in the western Annapurna area of Nepal. It takes you through stunning scenery, mediaeval villages, and deep rhododendron forests. The trek to Poonhill, which is the main highlight of the trek, offers you stunning vistas of mountains such as Machhapuchre (Fishtail) 6,993 m, Nilgiri 7,061 m, Annapurna South 7,219 m, Annapurna I 8,091 m, Dhaulagiri 8,167 m, and so on.

  • The Ghorepani Poonhill Trek usually takes 4 to 5 days to complete. The duration, however, will vary based on your itinerary and walking rate. Some trekkers might choose to extend their journey by taking side trips or visiting additional towns.

  • The trek from Ghorepani to Poon Hill usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. The distance between Ghorepani village and Poon Hill viewpoint is around 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles). The time it takes to reach the summit is determined by the trekker's walking speed and fitness level.

  • During the walk, it is not suggested to drink untreated tap water or stream water. To stay hydrated and avoid waterborne infections, drink bottled water or use water purification tablets. Bottled water is available in the teahouses throughout the journey.

  • Hiring a guide or porter for the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is now compulsory as per new government rules. A trekking guide is strongly advised, as they have intense knowledge of navigation and carry large gear. A guide can provide you with great insights into the local culture, and a porter can lighten your load and make the walk more enjoyable.

  • The majority of teahouses along the hike route include charging stations for electronic devices such as cameras, phones, and power banks. However, keep in mind that charging fees may apply and charging ports may be limited during peak seasons. It is a good idea to have extra batteries or a portable solar charger.

  • Some settlements along the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek provide basic medical services and pharmacies; however, supplies may be limited. It is best to bring a well-stocked first aid bag with necessary medication and to speak with a travel doctor before embarking on the trek.

  • The best seasons to visit Ghorepani Poonhill Hike are spring (March–May) and fall (September–November). During this time of year, the weather is clear and the scenery is more evident.

  • The Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is a moderate trek appropriate for both novice and expert trekkers.he trails are well-marked, and the daily walking lengths are manageable. However, there are some uphill and downhill stretches, so a modest level of endurance and stamina is required.

Client Reviews
  • rating star

    Extraordinary Trek in Nepal

    Wow! What a beautiful experience I had on the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, organized by Dipak, and guided by the incredible human, Nirmal. I arrived in Kathmandu without a plan and wrote to Dipak in the middle of the night, asking if he might be able to help me organize a trek in the next couple of days. He responded almost immediately and put together a trek that I will never forget: his precision, warmth, and attention to detail are impeccable.

    As a guide, I do not think you could really ever ask for a kinder, more patient, and gentle guide than Nirmal. He taught me a lot about the kind of person I strive to be. Watching the way Nirmal interacted with everyone we encountered on the trek inspired me on so many levels, not only because he seemed to have friends in every corner, but even those individuals he hadn't met, he treated with reverence and respect, from the myriad porters, to the juice vendors, to the elderly villagers attending to their daily work.

    Nepal's landscape is breathtaking and Nirmal knows every inch of the trails: the forests we walked through were beyond pristine, painted pink above and below as the flower petals of the rhododendrons create an otherworldly atmosphere with endless waterfalls, buffalo, sheep, and mossy neon trees. We wandered through villages high in the mountains where I often felt as though I was the only foreigner, and witness to a completely different way of life. Because I was with Nirmal, I was welcomed in a way I'm sure I wouldn't have been on my own.

    The Nepalese people's spirituality seems to be encapsulated in their kindness, which emanates from almost all the individuals I encountered. Nirmal embodied this as he carried my horribly shaped bag without a single complaint, and gave me permission to go "slowly slowly," and Dipak, each time he checked in with me, or offered to help me with each and every detail.

    I know I will return to Nepal and I cannot recommend enough that if you are thinking of coming to Nepal, DO IT. You will never regret it, and if/when you do, Dipak and Nirmal will do everything in their power to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. I give them my highest recommendation.

    Megan MUnited States,Mar 01, 2022
  • rating star

    Excellent trip!

    This trekking was well organized, Amazing mountains. And Dibass was a great guide, always caring about my condition and satisfaction!
    Wonderful experience !!!

    ericpeglionUnited Arab Emirates,Sep 10, 2018
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