Women festival in Nepal

  • Destination:Nepal
  • Total Duration:09 days
  • Start Point:Kathmandu
  • End Point:Kathmandu
  • Trip Grade:Easy
  • Accommodation:Double/Twin Sharing In Hotel/Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast basis
  • Transportation:Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus
  • Max Group Size:2-12
  • Best Time:August/September


Women Festival in Nepal, where interested travelers (all females and young girls) can take part in it or just observe the colorful festival in the villages and towns of Nepal.

Women Festival in Nepal with various events taking place in city-towns as far mid hills of Nepal around rural villages, most of the women festival in Nepal linked to Hindu religion where all ladies, mostly married women take part in the festival.

As time changed at present even younger ladies and girls also participate in various women festival of Nepal, women festival in Nepal of varied types as per season and religious occasion especially for Hindu people.

Nepal a popular destination for many colorful and exciting festivals besides mountain views, dramatic landscapes enriched with green vegetation and enchanting woodland including impressive villages with age-old culture and traditions, where festival is an important part in Nepalese life and heritage.

Women Festival the main theme is a practice of loyalness to their spouse or husband to be for unmarried girls, the religious women festival in Nepal mainly linked worshiping Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati.

Several Women Festivals like Maha-Shiva Ratri (birth anniversary of Lord Shiva), where women fast and worship Lord Shiva, and then enjoy merry-making like dancing and singing tribute to Lord Shiva.

Another festival linked to Women is- Shree Krishnna Janmastami (birth anniversary of Lord Krishna) where Hindu women observe performing religious dances and singing in the praise of Lord Krishna.

The most important Festival for Women in Nepal is Teej:

Teej is the fasting festival of women in Nepal. Married women observe Teej fasting to honor Lord Shiva and for long and healthy life of their husband.

Unmarried girls also observe fast on this day for a good husband. Teej celebration lasts for three days. Traditional dances and songs form an important feature of Teej celebrations. Red color is considered auspicious for women observing Teej fast and so most of them dress up in red or there bridal clothes.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
  • Day 02: Full day in Kathmandu for sightseeing tour at places of interest.
  • Day 03: Participate in women festival.
  • Day 04: Day hike around Kathmandu to Changunarayan and at Nagarkot.
  • Day 05: Participate in women festival.
  • Day 06: Drive to Pokhara 860 m on Nepal mid west highway - 06 hrs.
  • Day 07: Full day in Pokhara with activities.
  • Day 08: Drive / Fly to Kathmandu - 06 hrs journey (30 mins via air)
  • Day 09: Final International departure from Nepal.

Detail Itinerary

On arrival at Kathmandu airport via respective international airline greeted by our staff and then transfer you to your hotel in the hub of Kathmandu city, with time for refreshment and checking into your room.

After rest, then join in with other members of the group for briefing where our staff and guides will provide you with full information regarding your holiday and time in Nepal with us.

In Kathmandu after breakfast join in our interesting tour that leads you witness Nepalese culture, religion, historical background, culture with age-old custom and heritage way of traditional daily life.

Kathmandu and its other two cities Patan and Bhaktapur steeped with World Heritage Sites where you can enjoy impressive tour and learn Nepalese way of life.

Depending upon the season and time of women festival like Teej or other importance events where our guide (female) will take you around happening places of women festival, Nepalese Hindu women dressed in colorful native tunic of Sari of bright red colors.

Where enjoyment and merriment take place with dance and songs praising the Hindu God and Goddess and as well worshipping and praying for longevity of their husband and for good pleasant life.

Early morning a short drive of an hour takes you at valley rim and towards scenic hills at Nagarkot, where you can catch sweeping panorama of Himalayan peaks with stunning sunrise views, while having breakfast and warm cup of coffee.

Nagarkot, located at 2,100 meters, famous for sunrise and sunset views reflecting its light on the range of snow capped mountains from Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang-Jugal Himal Mt. Gaurishankar and all the way to the eastern horizon towards Everest range of peaks

From Nagarkot with sunrise views over mountains, walk downhill to reach at Telkot a small farm village, then a climb into farm and villages, on the least walked area.

Walk lead through forest on pleasant trail, as it continues with few short ups and downhill all the way to reach at Changunarayan Temple and its village, another famous and oldest temple of Nepal offering panorama of mountains and views of Kathmandu valley.

Changunarayan temple and the village, located in a peaceful environment with old traditional Newar houses, here a short walk up the steps to Changunarayan Temple premises.

Once inside the temple compound enjoy the serene surrounding with marvelous artwork of Changunarayan Temple, one of Nepal’s oldest monument This temple listed in the World Heritage Site, a fifth century old standing over a hillock 15 km. east of Bhaktapur the temple adorned with full of artistic works on metal and wood.

Inscription dating back to 464 AD found here are the first epigraphic evidences of Nepalese history.

After an interesting temple visit, head back to Kathmandu with optional tour of Bhaktapur Durbar Square with full of arts and culture.

Another opportunity to take part or participate in women festival depending upon your interest and delights as per various events of Women Festival in Nepal, besides Teej, one can join bridal wedding ceremony, witness bridal make-up and bright colorful wedding gowns.

Where all bride family including friends enjoy the nights dancing and singing before the bride main ceremony takes place with her husband to be.

Morning depart from your hotel for interesting drive towards Nepal Mid West with exciting views past farm villages and towns on Nepal's main highway to reach at Pokhara city.

On reaching at Pokhara after six hours of interesting ride, transfer to hotels by the Phewa lake side with time to stroll around where most of the hotels-restaurant-stores and shops located.

Pokhara a touristic and scenic spot blessed with natural scenery of mountains-green hills-valley with serene and calm lakes of Phewa and Begnas.
(Flying options to Pokhara of 30 minutes scenic flights)

Early morning visit Sarankot for sunrise with a short drive to the Sarankot, a hill top located just
on the north west of Pokhara city, Sarankot at an altitude 1,592 offers breathe taking scenery of the whole Pokhara city and the valley including the serene lake Phewa in the magnificent backdrop of the snow capped mountains from world 7th highest Mt. Dhaulagiri, worlds 10th highest Annapurna to world’s 8th highest Mt. Manaslu range including the majestic Mt. Machhapuchare (fish tail), the sunrise from here which is one of the best reflecting on the snow capped peaks.

After a wonderful time head back to the hotel, after refreshment a short walk leads you for the boat ride across the Lake Phewa in the shade of the Annapurna mountain range, with a visit to the small beautiful island which houses the Varahi Temple, head back to hotel for lunch, afternoon at leisure for individual activities with another interesting walks and tour.

In Pokhara visit Peace Stupa, walk to the Pardi area, or one can take a boat to the other side of the lake. Whatever option the hill is located on the southern side of the Lake Phewa, a nice hike on the gradual uphill with little small steep section in the shade of forest. After an hour walk reaching to the top of the ridge where the beautiful Stupa stands, it is a park with marble stupa accommodating the huge statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, a wonderful spot overlooking great views of the Lake Phewa, Pokhara city and the mountains. Retrace the journey back to hotel for lunch, afternoon free at leisure or for individual activities and shopping or tour of Brindabhasini Temple premises and the Seti Gorge, visit Devi’s fall (David) or Pathele chhago, Maheswor Cave and Tibetan Refugee Camp.

Other exciting activities includes various Adventure Sports while in Pokhara:
Para Gliding another popular sport, started in Pokhara at present can be done in Kathmandu valley, near Phulchowki hills, however Pokhara is the foremost for Para Gliding as it is the closest to the great Annapurna Himalaya backdrop with awesome scenery, starting the Para glide with a short drive to the hill of Sarankot at 1, 460 meters, while Pokhara valley is a low warm area of just 8,60 to 900 meters. Running and Jumping and gliding above the scenic Pokhara valley with awesome scenery, the flight takes from 45 minutes to an hour landing by the lake Phewa.

Ultra Light Aircraft an amazing scenic ride on Ultra light aircraft, taking off from popular picturesque Pokhara city airport, with spectacular scenery of all beautiful pristine lakes in Pokhara, snow capped mountains from Dhaulagiri, Annapurna to Manaslu range of mountains including the majestic peak Machhapuchare “ Fish Tail” in close distance and pretty villages.

This is truly an ideal and best way to see life from a new perspective angle; the Ultra Light aircraft flights take place from sunrise to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to sunset every day during seasonal months except mid June to August
and truly depending upon whether conditions. 

Zip Flyer Nepal: It's official, the world's most extreme zip line:
1,800 meters long 2,000 ft Vertical drop and 120 k.m. per hour speed with 02 mins ride time.

If you are looking for true adrenalin rush then Sky Zip is for you. Unlike anything you've seen before the Sky Zip zip line by High Ground adventures is truly an experience not to be missed.

Participants must be between 35 and 125 kgs (75 and 275 pounds) and be comfortable with heights. This ride is not recommended for individuals with back or neck problems, or those who are pregnant.

From Pokhara overland drive leads on the same route back to Kathmandu with amazing and wonderful time at scenic Pokhara, on reaching Kathmandu transfer to your respective hotels with free afternoon for individual activities.

(Flying options of half hour on air to Kathmandu with sweeping panorama of mountains)

Your last day in Nepal, country of Himalayan wonders and as per your international flight time depart for homeward bound or to next respective connecting destinations.

Our staff and guide transfer you to Kathmandu airport after a mesmerizing memory and great time joining Women Festival in Nepal.

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Amazing trek with this company!! I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. Our guide Nirmal was the best!

This company goes above and beyond! They think of every detail and take care of all the trekking needs including accommodations, food, water tablets, medical emergencies, etc. Our guide Nirmal was extremely familiar with the trail, he was attentive - making sure everyone was taken care of, made us laugh the entire way, gave great advice/tips/recommendations for a successful trek, generous (carried some of the day packs up when they were feeling tired), encouraged us and more! I was so impressed with how well thought out everything was and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about the details and all I had to do was show up. The other guides and porters were all just as fun, thoughtful, and accommodating. I would highly recommended these guys for the EBC trek!


Best trek in the world

In March i completed the Everest High Pass trek with Trekking Planner and had all the support i needed from Trekking planner from planning the trip, to arriving in Nepal and then completing the trek. I had an amazing guide in Gyeljen, whose knowledge of the area was the best! This meant I was able to make it over the passes when many other groups didn't due to the weather. He helped with all the accommodation and provided great advice to help me deal with the altitude and very cold weather as these were a new challenge to me. The whole team and Dipak were very welcoming and funny and this meant the trek and then the visit to Chitwan afterwards was one of the best experiences of my life! Would highly recommend and planning to return sometime soon.

Sam B,

Best Guide for trekking in the Himalyas

Everest Base Camp is such an amazing trek, but to have the best, kindest and funniest guide, who encouraged our team all the way and back, made my trek extra special. Nirmal Lamichhane your knowledge of all the mountains are incredible and you knew everyone on the trek. Watching you interact with the rest of the guides, they clearly have great respect for you. You are a natural leader. You are ambitious and know where you want to be in the future and I applaud you for studying while doing treks and taking people up into the mountains.

I enjoyed your stories and games along the way especially the last 2 hours before reaching Namche when it was up, up and up (your way of saying it is very steep). When I fell ill and gotten worse you were there all the way alongside me to help and encourage. The morning after reaching Base Camp when I was faced with being evacuated from Gorakshep, you told me that you believe that I could finish the trek and you would be there all the way if I choose to do so. Seeing the helicopter leave was hard but you believed in me and it made all the difference. Thank you so much.

Nirmal carried my bag on our decent in order for me to be able to breath better (I had bad flue, borderline bronchitis). Out of his own pocket, he bought us Fanta, lollypops, gum .... anything to lift moral on the last day down to Lukla. Our group had such fun with Nirmal.

If ever you need a guide, Nirmal is the perfect man for your trek. He does varies treks into the mountains, not only to Base Camp. Mountain expert, clued-up with flights to/ from Lukla, knows everyone and teahouses, can help with last minute gear, great knowledge about altitude sickness and knows how to take great photos (and how to pose, lol).

TrakkingPlanner and Travel Her Way are very lucky to have Nirmal as a guide.

The organising of my trip was great. Before leaving the UK, all my emails were answered promptly. Collecting from the airport, great accommodation in Kathmandu and the tea houses we stayed at on our trek was great. We were taken to a welcoming dinner at a local Nepali restaurant. What an experience. They also arrange for a farewell dinner back in Kathmandu - all included in the price. The care and detail was appreciated. Fruit and biscuits at dinner while on the trek- and the guides carried all of it all the way. Taking our oxygen levels after every meal to make sure we were in great shape.

All in all I had the best experience! Thank you Trekking Planner.

Janettie W,

I have just had the best travel experience of my life.

What a trip!

What a great buch of guys at Nepal Trekking Planner!

Dipak and his team made my trip so easy, simple and enjoyable - I can't still hardly believe it.

I felt totally safe and fully supported - which was a big thing for me as I was unsure how the high altitude would affect me. I needn't have worried as my guide Ananta and porter Ganesh were brilliant - really helpful, patient and firendly. Every night my blood/oxygen saturation was checked which gave me real confidence. Not many of the guides from different agencies were doing this which suprised me a little.

I had 16 days in the mountains and enjoyed every minute. As things became harder or easier, my intinery was flexible with Ananta very willing recommmend alternatives and to make changes to suit. This made a real difference and I really felt that I got the most from my trek.

I'm not one for recommending and over-praising but Dipak, Ananta and Ganesh all went the extra mile to make it all very special indeed.

Well done guys and (funds permitting) see you next year!


Brilliant service

Just finished the EBC trip with Trekking Planner. Brilliant service from Prajol in Kathmandu who covered my every need with cheerfulness. My guide on the trek, Sudip, was excellent throughout ensuring I made it to Kala Pattar despite a severe headache. He was great fun and was ably supported by Damact (?) as my porter. All in all I really aprecated the service from Dipak and his team and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Graham H,
TripAdvisor Cockermouth, United Kingdom

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