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Best Treks for Photography in Nepal

Without any hesitations one can easily say that Nepal is truly a gift full of natural and cultural variations. Thus it makes Nepal one of the best destinations to come for a trek and to capture some amazing pictures along the way. Trekking is a major part of Nepal and so it brings people from around the world with many expectations for their. Some might want a trek just full of picturesque trails so to bring back amazing memories of their journey by capturing them on their camera. Keeping that in mind, I have thought of some of the best treks suitable for exactly that purpose. And so down below I have mentioned some of the best treks for photography in Nepal for you to have a look at:

Upper Mustang Trek.

Upper Mustang is currently one of the best places with an abundance of cultural and natural significance, thus making it a prime destination for those who desire to get some amazing photos. Concealed behind the grand Himalayan ranges, Mustang is a hidden ecstasy in Nepal. This is a must trek for the one craving to discover the mesmerizing landscape and the rich Tibetan culture. On this trek you get the opportunity to indulge yourself with the regions centuries’ old culture and landscape. On this trek you can take pictures of the 16th century Buddhist monasteries and the caves carved into sheer cliff walls in mustang. Mustang has a striking terrain of a semi-arid desert with deep ravines and rock shelves, fringed with snowy peaks thus you also can have an amazing landscape full of picturesque moment.

Gokyo Lake Trek.

Similarly Gokyo Lake Trek is next on the list as in a trekker’s point of view this is an amazing trek that has alluring turquoise lakes with the country’s biggest glacier and an arc of Snow Mountains making Gokyo valley the most eye-catching region in the Khumbu region. Anyone who wants to click unforgettable pictures should come to this region. This is an ultimate trek for seeking exclusive adventure and scenic grandeur. This trek takes on a journey through forests with numerous suspension bridges, scenic ridges with shrines on top, charming little hamlets, the alpine valleys and glacial moraines. And the most picturesque part of this trek is the views of the five ostentatious Lakes together in the shadow of the majestic mountain peaks in the Gokyo Valley.

Langtang Valley Trek.

Being famous for its diverse vegetation and cultured villages, Langtang Valley Trek merges stunning landscapes with a cultural journey through Nepal. On this trek you get curled up the Langtang Valley to a basin at the foot of Langtang Ri (7205m), close to the border of Tibet. The trek offers a great vantage point of Langtang Ri and views of the Annapurna’s and Makalu so you have the chance to capture some very intriguing pictures of this region. You get an exposure to the unique culture of Tamang community and an opportunity to see the beautiful glaciers at a relatively low altitude. Hence you can click pictures of the people and their livelihood along with the beautiful glaciers.

Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek.

Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek is a short trek that takes you high enough to be able to see the alluring Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt.Annapurna’s. This trek offers a unique Nepal experience with a mixture of nature and culture. Get your camera ready as the amazing views from Khopra, the highest point of the trek (3,650 m), gives you the best panoramic views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The best plus point of this can be that it is far less crowded than the Poonhill trail and it gives far nicer vistas of the mountains. It’s truly a trek made simply to capture your eyes with astounding scenery throughout the trek. Thus a trekker with a niche for photography must come here in order to capture some of the most beautiful scenes of the Himalayas.

Rara Lake Trek.

As we come to the end of the list, you can see that Rara Lake is one of the grandest lakes in Nepal. So coming here to capture its natural beauty is necessary for any trekker wanting to capture amazing pictures. As you get to the Rara Lake, you can easily spot that the whole lake is mesmerizingly beautiful full of natural wonders throughout its vast area. You can see wildlife blooming everywhere, so it’s makes an amazing place for trekkers to capture the beauty of nature and the wildlife living there. Take close up pictures with the lake behind you. Go around the lakes to find birds and animals then capture the beauty of wildlife with your camera. This whole trek is full of these kinds of picturesque moment so keep your camera ready throughout the trek


Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner