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Best View Point of Everest

Look if you are a person who dreams of going on an Everest Base Camp Trek just to view the majestic Himalayas, to be precise Mt. Everest. Standing at an elevation of 8,848 meters above sea level, the glorious potent force of Mt. Everest is known throughout the world as being the tallest mountain in the world which seemingly increases one’s desire to view Mt. Everest even more wildly. Now let us jump into the part where I tell you about the best view points on your Everest Base Camp Trek which can help you get a more closer and better view of Mt. Everest.

Below listed down the top four view points from where you can view Mt. Everest like nowhere else;

Hotel Everest View.

Everest View Hotel is apparently the one of the most popular viewpoints on your way to Everest Base Camp. Opened on 1971 AD, Hotel Everest View has been a captivating tourist attraction with luxurious facilities at a high elevation of 3,880 meter above sea level. The Hotel Everest View has 12 rooms with each giving you a 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayas including Mt. Everest. It allows visitors to view Mt. Everest easily from their comfy hotel rooms balcony and has a great dining area where people can eat their freshly cooked delicacies. So, for that reason Hotel Everest View is on number 1 of my list for the best place to view Mt. Everest.


Kalapatthar is the most anticipated view point in all of Khumbhu Region. Sometimes even referred to as “Black Rock”, Kalapatthar can be reached with a 8 days hike from Lukla airport. Upon reaching here you can get the direct views of the Himalayan mountains including Mt. Everest and so for that particular this place is the most likeable place to find the great panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains. As you reach the top of the Kalapathar, you shall witness a profound sight of incredible Himalayan scenery so don’t forget to click a pic while you are up there at the view point of Kalapatthar.


Situated at an elevation of 3,867 meters above sea level, Tengboche is a famous site near Namche Bazaar which can be easily reached by trekkers who are staying in Namche Bazaar. Tengboche offers incredible views of the majestic snowcapped Himalayas and of course the Mt. Everest. This place is also famous for a huge Buddhist monastery so many people come here for spiritual activities also. But if you have time then visiting this place can sure be one of the best highlight of our entire trek to the Everest Base Camp.

Gokyo Ri.

Gokyo Ri can easily be called as the best view point in the entire Everest Region as it is situated very close to Mt. Everest. When you trek to the Gokyo Lake you will easily be stunned by the pure magnificence of the serene blue Gokyo Lakes mirroring the Himalayan mountains. So, if you plan on visiting Gokyo Lakes then you sure would want to hike up to the Gokyo Ri. Not just Mt. Everest but upon climbing up the Gokyo Ri you are rewarded with one of the best views of the entire Everest Region. If I have to precise then you surely have to keep an eye out for Gokyo Ri if you ever wish to visit Mt. Everest.

As written above, I have fully given you my point of view for which these are the best viewpoints to observe the majestic Mt. Everest. Now try going to at least one of these places, if you ever plan on visiting Nepal in the future.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner