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Eight Things All First-Time Travelers Forget.

Despite the amount of time you’ve put into selecting a suitcase and finally fitting everything inside it, it might still happen. You’ve left your home, you’re inside a taxi, or the plane and suddenly  whoops. Forgetting stuffs that you really need isn’t uncommon and at times it can be a real headache. While your tickets, travel documents, money and medication are essentials, here we have listed ten other items we always often forget to pack – and always regret not having in our suitcases.

Accessories Charger.

We always make a point to charge our phones, tablets, and cameras to the brim before heading out on a trip. Wise, right? But so often we forget to pull out the charger and put it inside the bag after we’re done charging our devices. Also, don’t forget to pack an adapter as the charging port might be different than what you need.

Tooth Brush.

This one is a classic. Sometimes people purportedly don’t pack toothbrushes as they’re readily available, and some hotels even provide them. But often times, it gets harder than you imagine to get your hands on a fresh, new toothbrush in the morning. Same goes for other bathroom essentials like razor, shampoo, and hair brush.


I don’t think I need to justify the dire importance of headphones, specially during long travels. They can readily be your perfect escape when you need to make a trip more tolerable or simply ignore people for a while. Imagine spending hours customizing your perfect travel playlist and forgetting to bring your headphones. Sigh!

Sleep mask or ear plugs.

It becomes hard to enjoy a trip if you’ve haven’t had a good rest at night, even more if you are a light sleeper. If light and noise tend to disrupt your slumber, make a point to bring sleep masks or earplugs to spare you some sleep. They will come incredibly handy during long drives and flights.

Emergency snacks.

It is tempting to not pack any food when there are eateries in every nook and cranny, but, there are several probable instances when emergency snacks will come handy. Imagine arriving late at a hotel sans room service or getting stuck in a country station with only live pigeons for protein source.

Sun Protection.

It is always nice to bask in the sun and fulfill your intake of vitamin D. However, the sun trickier than you might think. Underrated as it is, sun protection is indispensable. Do not forget to pack sun-protection clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses, unless you want to flaunt sunburns as testimonial of your vacation.

Insect Repellent.

At the time of writing of this blog, there is no treatment of malaria developed yet. Crazy, right? Anyway, prevention is always better than cure. Make sure to pack in and slather some insect repellent when outdoors to ward-off various insect-born allergies and diseases.

First aid supplies.

You will get blisters. Also, scratches and scrapes. Unless you want to overpay for a pack of bandages, don’t forgot to throw a few in bag while packing. Also, it is not exactly convenient to hobble you way into a medical store post-injury, right? The wise thing to do is make yourself a first aid kit with essentials and pack it with toiletries.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner