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Few Handy Tips on Trekking in Nepal.

Are you planning for your holidays? Then trekking in Nepal might be in your to do list. If you love traveling around the foothills of Himalayas, then there few things that you might want to know. Nepal is a safe trekking destination offering numerous adventures but if you follow the following points then it can be a handy tip.

Always prefer to join with registered local trekking company.

Trekking in Nepal with government authorized local trekking company is the way to go for trekking in Nepal. Local companies hire local guides, porters and team who possess the best in-depth knowledge about sites, trails, highlights, Himalayas with an ability to take right decision at right time, specially during the time of contingencies which can be a life saving. Also before planning for trekking in Nepal, do proper research on reviews and testimonials of previous travelers, do not only prefer the cheap priced ones. Go for excellence in quality at best competitive price.

You must get a travel insurance yourself.

Before joining in any trekking trips in Nepal, you must have got the travel insurance for yourself from your home country. While getting a travel insurance for yourself, both parties, you(insurer) and your insurance company should have detail knowledge about the trip that you are applying for including the risks associated. Like, you are recommended to get a insurance coverage that can cover helicopter rescue during high altitude treks like Everest Base Camp. But, it might not be required if you are planning for short and easy treks like Ghorepani Poonhill and other ones. Having a travel insurance makes you feel free and travel freely without any financial stress.

Having information about Acute Mountain Sickness: Symptoms and its preventive measures.

Nepal is topographically diversified country from only 60 meters above the sea level to top of the world at 8848 meters. Therefore you must understand about acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness while trekking in Nepal. For that, you have to do research on the itinerary, highest altitude gained and your physical fitness. During your trek after crossing 4000 meters mark, the air becomes lighter and difficult to breathe. If you get symptoms like mild headache, nausea, vomiting, dullness and difficulty in breathing; then you should descend at lower altitude and take proper medications. Trekking too fast or gaining altitude too soon might be the cause of this sickness. To prevent these sickness during your trek, you are recommended to drink plenty of water, fluids like onion soup and ascend gradually stopping at acclimatization points.

These are the few tips that might come handy while trekking in Nepal. Do you have any other tips regarding our blog? We would love to hear from you. Have a safe and happy trekking!

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner