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How to Plan a Trip with Group of Friends.

Planning a holiday travel with friends has only two possible endings: Go big or go home. Simply put, group holidays can be the worst or the best type of the holiday to go on. A great test of the friendship is to go on holidays with said friends and if you return back as stronger friends, well, we can say that it was meant to be. But, you certainly don’t need to leave everything to chance on you group holidays. Here we have listed 7 surefire ways to make sure you not only come back from your holiday with bolstered friendship but also have a great time during your holidays.

Divide the duties so that just one person is responsible for one thing.

For example, while you’re researching on booking flights, make sure someone else is taking care of booking hotel and apartments, and someone else is in charge of crafting the itinerary. Definitely, don’t leave each person to deal with plans on their own, it will only end up creating confusions and making it harder than it really should be.

Stay in houses/apartments instead of booking hotel rooms.

It is easier than one may think to find places that can cater up to 20 people, so you have no excuses for not booking one. Booking houses and apartments is much economic. Also, you have the flexibility of stacking your own food and drinks and do stuffs at your own convenience. You also have to be thoughtful when it comes to rooming. It can be tempting to throw 6 people in a 2-bedroom to save some cash, but it never works that way.

Discuss money ahead of time.

It is often said that friends and money don’t always mix. But, when you are traveling with a group of friends, the topic of money is bound to come. It is always a good idea to be upfront about the expenses even before booking the flight tickets. Also, it is wise to run a kitty rather than awkwardly wait to see who will reach the wallet first when you have to pay for something.

Make a group itinerary.

When moving in group, a lot of time is wasted trying to figure out what to do once you reach your destination, if it hasn’t been discussed ahead. One smart thing to do is make everyone write what they would like to do or accomplish on the trip. Armed with all that information, then you can create an itinerary that merges and balances plans from everyone’s wish list.

Nominate a group leader.

It sometimes becomes hard to find or draw motivation when travelling in a pack. That is why, it is wise to nominate one person to be the main decision leader of the group for the trip. The leader can the set the departure and arrival times for everyone and make the group acquainted with basic day to day plans. He can then also divide the roles amongst the group, like someone in charge of taking photographs, while someone pools all the necessary travel documents at one place.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner