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Nepal as a Wedding Destination.

A wedding day is definitely one of the most important, life-changing events in a person’s life. Most girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day quintessentially since their childhood. From designer suits to choreographed dances to party themes – irrespective of the culture and background – every individual hope to make their wedding day an unforgettable one for themselves and their guests.

A trend that is really catching on these days is that of planning a destination wedding. While countries like Italy and Greece have served as timeless options, many couples are also venturing out to the savannas of Africa and royal forts of India, setting an example for a truly exotic destination wedding. Nepal, on the other hand is relatively unfamiliar with this phenomenon. Traditionally known to be a perfect destination for trekking and mountaineering, this locked up small nation has more than just mountains to offer travelers.

Here in this blog, we will explore four potential wedding destinations in Nepal to consider for your beautiful wedding.

The mountains.

What exactly is a Nepalese travel blog without the mention of the mountains? Okay, here we aren’t talking about getting married on the top of mountains, but the trend of getting married at base camps and villages set at the foothills of the mountains is definitely on a rise.

If you are planning to wed at the base camps of mountains like Everest Region and Annapurna Region, you have to bear in mind that the wedding needs to be a simple one without any typical extravaganza. Also, several other factors like limited number of guests and their physical health come into play. On the other hand, several gorgeous mountainous villages that are easily accessible by road or air can serve as your wedding destination. Since these villages are dotted with hotels and inns, you wont have to worry about accommodation and food for your guests.

The Durbars and Temples.

This Hindu dominant country is dotted with centuries old ancient religious centers. Especially the Kathmandu Valley, which has the highest density of UNSESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites. From medieval palaces to courtyards to temples, all of these sites boast of exemplary and exquisite Newari architecture that will transport you to the old world.

Interestingly enough, traditional Nepali marriages do take places in temples and monasteries. So, you can also get married in one of these temples or a palace courtyard that serves as a unique and excellent venue that your guests can’t stop marveling at.

Luxury Nepalese Hotels.

Traditionally only afforded by the rich ones in Nepal, the Nepalese five stars and other luxurious hotels have increasingly played hosts to beautiful wedding ceremonies these days. From a colossal fancy hotel situated in the heart of the city to dainty, serene hotels located amidst jungles, the options are endless.

Whether you are looking for a big fat Indian style wedding, a theme wedding, or anelegant and minimalistic wedding, these hotels can easily fill in the shoes, coming up with everything from seat arrangement to cuisine.

National parks.

Nepal is very rich in terms of topography and biodiversity. Thus, it is home to numerous national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas. These protected regions aren’t only astonishingly beautiful, but also is home to a staggering variety of floras and faunas. Moreover, since these are tourist hotspots, there are several luxurious hotels.

That’s why, these national parks are yet another optimum choice for a destination wedding, if you are a nature lover or want to wed at an unspoiled, beautiful natural place, national parks offer you the best of both worlds.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner