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Nepal Travel Updates: Nepal is now open for fully vaccinated Travelers.

Latest travel protocols to enter Nepal.

Amidst corona turmoil’s, and its intimidating affect welcoming news comes across for travelers. The Travelers can now enjoy a vacation in Nepal and experience its tropical and high Himalayan diverse landscapes with ease. This marks the end of a long ban on foreigners visiting Nepal through land and air routes imposed after the second wave of the coronavirus. The decision was one of the awaited ones. Now that it is official, travelers can visit Nepal without staying in quarantine, and we are glad and excited to inform you that traveling to Nepal is easier now than ever.

On arrival visa is available for fully vaccinated foreigners (No quarantine is required). They should provide the following documents upon arrival in the immigration office at the airport or land border of Nepal:

a. Evidence of full vaccination.

b. Negative COVID-19 test report (72 hours from the first port of embarking destination)

c. Copy of trekking/ mountaineering permits

d. Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal.

e. Copy of International traveler Online Arrival Form acquired after registering online at website: (www.ccmc.gov.np).

To be on a safer side the citizens should be aware of the possible limitations to any consular assistance that could be provided.  Hence it is mandatory to check with your travel insurance provider on coverage before you set out to travel.

All the foreign nationals arriving in Nepal are permitted to enter if tested covid negative at the immigration point and are eligible to start the tour as per the scheduled plan. However for those with positive report are subjected to isolation or hospitalization for 10 days at their own respective costs.

Upon arrival procedures and Information.

Once you touch down at the Kathmandu airport, the stand by medical staff will check to see if you have a fever. If your temperature is high then you will have to self-isolate or be admitted to the hospital.

Once you have cleared this medical check, use hand sanitizer regularly after picking up your baggage. Only allow Trekking Planner staff to help you after you exit the airport. Use hand sanitizer before entering our vehicle. On arrival at our hotel your temperature will be checked. When entering any building, before starting an activity and as often as possible throughout the activity Social distance as much as possible and wear a mask. It is your responsibility to comply with Covid-19 precautions at all times.

Hygienic measures.

Trekking Planner guides, leaders and Sherpa’s will ensure that all group equipment is sanitized regularly. Our guides will be washing their hands and/or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer before meeting groups, and at any other time they feel it is appropriate during and after the trip. Our staff will carry extra hand sanitizer, but we strongly recommend carrying your own.

Face Coverings and Social Distancing.

We always encourage our guides to maintain social distance between themselves and team members whenever possible. However at certain times due to the nature of the activities, the guide will need to be within the recommended distancing. On such occasions, we require our members and guides to have a face covering and to use the mask to cover your nose and mouth.

Public Spaces and Services.

Good news is that the shops are fully functional, though many will only serve customers wearing some form of face masks. Shop openings may vary by location. People are required to maintain social distancing and wear masks in public, and there is a ban on large gatherings.

Kathmandu Restaurants and Bars.

The travelers can visit any restaurants or bars of their choice; however the number of tables in restaurants and bars will be reduced. You are subjected to wear a mask except when eating and drinking. Remember to socially distance Bus/car/taxi/aircraft in Nepal. Always wear a mask, Social distance as much as possible and wash hand sanitizer often. Please, always stay with Trekking planner Trekking members and staff.

For departure to home country from Nepal.

There is no on arrival visa provision for non-vaccinated or semi-vaccinated travelers. They need to have prior visa from Nepalese Diplomatic missions in their respective countries.

Non-vaccinated or semi-vaccinated travelers need to stay 10 days in quarantine at their own cost in the hotels designated by Nepal Government. https://ccmc.gov.np/arms/attachments/Quarantine_HotelsList_Recent.pdf. On the 11th day, they need to have PCR negative report to continue their travel.

Upon arrival, non-vaccinated or semi-vaccinated travelers need to present all the documents specified in no. 2 (except vaccination certificate), plus proof of quarantine hotel booking and recommendation letter from travel/trekking/tour agency in Nepal.

Vaccination is not mandatory for children below 5 years and age group of 5 – 18 years old but PCR negative report is compulsory for the age group of 5 – 18 years old.

Travelers leaving Nepal should present PCR negative report issued within 48 hours or less before the flight and also fill CCMC Departure Form available at https://ccmc.gov.np/atms/person_add_atms_en.php

b. Indian nationals arriving in Nepal through entry/exit points at the land border should submit the concerned documents ensure arrival approval.

Need to know.

Considering the up surging spread of the new variant of COVID-19 (Omicron), Nepal Government has prohibited travelers arriving from Hong Kong, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique, as the first port of embarkation or transit or with travel history of such countries within the past 3 weeks.

At present Nepal is issuing trekking and mountaineering permits. Trekking planner will help you get it for your smooth transition to your desired destination  

The local currency is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). Exchange foreign currency for NPR at banks and exchange bureaus in major centers. Major hotels and commercial centers accept credit cards. ATMs are uncommon in remote areas. Carry enough cash to cover your needs when you are out into the mountain side and highlands.

The government has eased the lockdown. People are now allowed to travel and do things that they have been restricted for the past 3 months. But the majority of the population fails to realize that things are not completely back to normal yet. The first natural reaction after lifting the lockdown was to go back to life as it was before the pandemic. However, medical personnel advise people to be on their guard. Here are few common questions that arise and needs to be understood while traveling to Nepal

Is it safe to travel to Nepal during the coronavirus?

Yes it is but with certain precautions and set protocols. Take care of your personal hygiene and sanitation should be your top priority. This cannot be stressed enough. At all times follow the WHO protocols and carry your cutlery, seriously. Carry essentials such as water bottles, cutlery, and stationery. You would want to avoid anything that has been frequently touched by others.

Who should avoid traveling during the coronavirus?
Pregnant women, elderlies, and young children
If you belong to the high-risk category
If you are sick, have a fever, or present any similar symptoms
If you have respiratory problems

Can I take flights during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In general the virus spreads through droplets from one sick person to another, which is why it is advised to avoid gatherings. You likely get in contact with a stranger during a flight. You will need to be highly self-conscious of things to touch and people you get in contact with. Traveling through flights can be risky in the times of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, if you must travel, make sure to follow the safety guidelines with the highest discipline.

What Trekking planner believes and expects to and for travelers.

Despite months of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, the world is slowly getting back to its course gradually. Once again, travel and touring is catching up showing signs of hope and positivity. Agencies are running few groups and dealing with few inquiries. With the travel business’s opening up, Nepal’s Government has introduced new rules and protocols for travel and tours. It focuses on travelers, and ensures that the staff members feel safe, secure, and protected. Travelling isn’t the same as before. But this is the new normal with which one has to cope up and move on. Similarly the people are gradually adapting and traveling with informed precautionary processes and guidelines.

This enforced change has made the travel and tour operators in Nepal to modify their travel package and itinerary. It has to foresee that the product is in line with the said health guidelines. It has been a new challenge and new thing for travel companies to run their product. They have to follow-up with new rules made by the Government of Nepal. Quarantine days for their clients if tested positive, document fulfillment, insurance, and a lot more before making one of the trips successful. They also have to study the touring distance, timing, and other outdoor alternatives, emphasizing less populated areas with fewer groups maintaining the social distancing standards.

On the other hand the travelers might be very eager to travel after a long time of home isolation. People are desperate to travel and spend time in nature and get a feel of fresh air. With the new standard, upcoming tours will be more inclined towards wilderness and wellness. A couple of years back avid nature lovers had to spend a lot of their time indoors. People are anticipated in 2022 to engage more in physical activities, traveling, etc. Hence we, Trekking Planner in Nepal, welcome all the travelers to visit Nepal for the expedition, peak climbing, trekking, nature and cultural heritage visit, and a lot more.

With the spring season 2022 started, Trekking planner intends to begin its much awaited program following the government protocols and other necessary guidelines. Our various expeditions are under the pipeline and are on the verge of commencing with our respected clients. We have a knowledgeable team of experienced guide, porter, and meeting all the essential criteria’s of documentation and permits so that we can set out fully prepared. We always ensure that our valued clients reach their desired destination without any unwanted trouble or fuss. We have all the necessary arrangements made for quarantine, so as the permits, insurance, and all other procedure. As each time when we set our foot it is a guarantee of smooth operation of our expedition and trekking that is underway. So till the date, our clients have smoothly made it towards their destination without any hurdle and difficulty.

Trekking Planner has been in this travel industry for more than a decade and has carried out trekking, expeditions, peak climbing successfully. In the recent past all the programs regarding trekking, travel have all gone as expected. This was due to our experienced and well-qualified team. In this forthcoming spring season 2022 we will be running our all activities such as Trekking, Peak Climbing, and Nepal tour package, Family holiday, small group travel and adventure holiday in Nepal.  All this destinations will be undertaken by strictly following the health guidelines and government protocols.

Nepal hopes to see visitors return to the highland country so does Trekking Planner. We expect that this spring and autumn there will be enthusiastic visitors flowing into our country. At Trekking Planner also, almost all the office and field staffs are fully vaccinated. As there is some glimmer of hope at last, we are now trying to go with V2V (vaccinated to vaccinated) service protocol approach, which is a sensible and of the best option to do as of now. We ensure our travelers that we will follow all the health and safety measures strictly during all our operations. This autumn, we are preparing more than ever to make our visitors feel welcomed and safe.

Do visit Trekking Planner for making memories of a lifetime with rest assured safety and security. Rest assured you will not regret your visit to Nepal and enjoy your stay with knowledgeable and caring people. We look forward to seeing you soon for a smiling encounter with nature in its own backyard like never before.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner