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  • Last Updated on Dec 9, 2016

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Nepal Trekking Tips

We all have heard about the exquisiteness and flares’s of Nepal and just like you many people dream about coming to this land of mesmerizing beauty and go for a trek into its vast wilderness. But you should know that if you want to fully enjoy your trek you need to be prepared for some major things ahead of time. So before actually packing your bag for a trek of your lifetime in Nepal you need to be fully prepared for everything that might happen while your stay there.

Here are few trekking tips you should have a look at before embarking yourself for a trek to Nepal:

Choose a good Trekking Company.

One of the foremost thing before planning ahead your trek to Nepal, you must consider on choosing a good trekking which can provide you with all the necessities and services that you may require during your trip. From my perspective I recommend everyone in general to hire a trekking company rather than a guide as a first choice. Solely because good trekking companies will provide and arrange your permits, flights, book your teahouses, and guides ahead of time for your convenience. And if needed to be rescued due to some injuries or sickness, the trekking office shall send a helicopter for you. So have simple thought and just go to a good trekking company before starting to plan major things for your trek in Nepal.

Don’t rush it, instead take it slow and easy.

It may sound exotic to do a trek in the high Himalayas but to be honest its actually better for you to have an easy start and take it slow during the whole trek. It’s frequently suggested that every trekker should move as easily as possible without rushing into taking vital steps along the trekking route. As you might not walked or hiked along these kinds of terrains you might hurry and do some mistake while taking steps, which is very dangerous for you. So why not just keep your calm and trek with a slow pace and have a look around. You might find very interesting things to see if you just decide to take it slow for a while at least. So remember unless your body is physically prepared and you know how to trek along the barren and rocky terrains of a Nepal, don’t rush it and simply have a slow hike up to the Himalayas.

Know your trekking costs and permit.

You should never plan your trek without actually knowing your trekking costs and permits. Without these you might get into some troubles along your trekking routes as you need to have a proper trekking permit to trek in Nepal. And if you know about the trekking cost then you can plan your trek more efficiently. Just for thought, trekking in Everest Region is way cheaper than trekking in some other less trekked region like Mustang. This is mainly because of the variation of the costs of trekking permits in these regions. So you better find out about these things before planning a trek here in Nepal.

Don’t buy just rent it.

If you are adventure seeker and you have a planned a trek/tour in Nepal, then do not buy anything permanently unless it is actually needed to. Here in Nepal you can mostly rent everything that you might need while on your trip or stay in Nepal. We all know that if you are planning to stay for a few days there’s no need to actually buy a thing like sleeping bag or tents, you can just rent them because if you do that then you are just increasing your own luggage for your return flight to your home destination. Take a moment and just think about it!

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner