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The Art of Time Management with Trekking Planner Nepal.

When you have a short time but you still want to have so much more. The only thing that you could do is manage the valuable limited amount of time in a productive manner but how??

Time is something that no one is able to master it cannot be contained but, only managed in a productive manner by which you can at least use the limited. The art of utilizing the limited time by making it efficient and productive is known as time management. Managing time is something that requires dedication, patience, passion, conscious mental state and most of all discipline these things are the major principles required for time management.

The hardest time management event in which Trekking Planner Nepal was included was,  “Once we received some clients who had a limited amount of time they wanted an morning breakfast at kala patthar, an afternoon stay at the Chitwan National Park where the wanted to see some tigers and have dinner at Pokhara lake side chilling and feeling the vibe in the lakes side. Was it possible? Yes, but how?? Kathmadu to kala patthar is 152 km kala patthar to Chitwan national park is 169.5 km and the distance from Chitwan National Park to Pokhara is 149.2 km. So how did we succeed well we applied a simple formula names as effective time management for better productivity. We divided the time in 3 layers arranged a helicopter for the whole day. We made a phone call to one of our friends who had a hotel below kala patthar he arranged the whole breakfast everything was cooked the tables and chairs were all ready to get served soon as the helicopter landed. After breakfast the next trip back in the helicopter way towards Chitwan. After reaching the national park having a jungle safari the lunch was served in the table in a buffet system where everything was cooked. There were all sort of drinks and foods in the table we just had to choose what to eat. Then after relaxing for some period of time we went to Pokhara on the same helicopter landed up there met the driver and went to lake side where we chilled for the rest of the day”. This trip would had not been possible without time management and the knowledge regarding every second matters.

Trekking Planner Nepal plays a major role for managing time according to the nature of trip, number of days the client would be staying and traveling or according to what our clients demand. Our agency saves the valuable time of the clients by reducing the time required to make permits, submitting the official paper works to the authorized government authorities, booking time, transportation time, arranging checking and managing the hotels these are the technical parts. The major role starts from the day of trekking where the clients are required to get up early in the morning and they would find their guides and assistants waiting outside for them where the breakfast would be ready for them. While trekking on the trail our experienced and knowledgeable guides would set up a pace for walking. Setting up the pace means you are adjusting the speed in which you travel to accomplish the trail of a distance you should be covering in the given day. The pace management is related to time and speed imagines us going to a trek walking slowly without time management its completely impossible to reach the destination in time and when night falls it’s a trekking trail in a middle of jungle and hills you are all alone with your guides and assistant you maybe strong from the inner side to walk at the night but, what about the facilities and accommodation you require after the walk, you cannot have the desired facilities if everything is closed. But if you manage time you would reach your destinations in time which means you would have the chance to rejoice the beautiful place exploring everything inside it.

Trekking Planner Nepal arranges the schedule and creates an itinerary on the basis of time our clients have according to the demand and visiting purpose of the clients and even the standards are raised according to the luxury our clients wish for. When you are trailing in Nepal you have a certain time which is very valuable since you will have a limited time. Imagine yourself going to Everest Base Camp which is a minimum of 12-14 days trek and you are asking for rest in every 10-15 minutes well then you can have your rest but what about the path your consuming time “the work of today gets piled up for tomorrow”. That’s the reason we are here we respect your valuable time and would be happy to carry you towards the base camp at any cost we want our clients to finish the trek and have a valuable experience. Trekking Planner Nepal takes care of the clients in such a way that in the given certain amount of time the clients would be able to know about the major culture, tradition, ethnicity, diversity, mountains and other things our clients would probably ask for.

After booking a trip and traveling to Nepal our clients would be checking out from the airport a senior representative would be outside waiting for the clients. Transportations facilities are arranged before checking out from the airport, the hotel the clients would be staying at would be booked and waiting for the signature of the clients, a short briefing would be done regarding the dinner, before dinner there would be an explanation of major cultures and traditions and things you are allowed to do and things that are prohibited in Nepal. After the first day representative from the agency would be there to assist you regarding the whole trip. The agency representatives are trained and experienced and chosen according to the trip the clients have chosen. Trekking planner Nepal arranges everything from the very top which includes transportation fares, reservation of hotels, arrangement of vastly experienced guide, assistants, porters and translators according to the demand of the clients. Our agency arranges everything required for trekking before its re quired due to the vast experience the agency has obtained through out the decade. Trekking Planner Nepal take cares of the time which is very valuable to their clients by dividing the time segments in a major way by which efficiency and productivity is obtained.

We consider managing the time as an art just imagine yourself coming out of the airport in Nepal going towards the taxi asking the driver that you want to get dropped in a certain location then, searching for a best hotel according to your needs doing a check-in at the hotel and planning where shall you visit now guessing the best places in town thinking of the things you could do in the town and the things that are prohibited inside on your own. Then just imagine yourself getting out of the airport someone is waiting for you with a board and your name is on it. The person receiving says you about the town while you are on the way towards the hotel which has been booked according to your needs and desires. You just go make your signature take your key get freshen up get back down and soon after that the best employee of the company comes and explains you about the trips and traveling in Nepal in a detailed matter that’s what the art of time management is being productive in a limited amount of time.

Trekking Planner Nepal is considered one of the best agencies due to the impact they have regarding the time, customer service, safety, better security, dedication and the strong working passion the agency keeps towards their clients. Trekking Planner Nepal plays a vital role for the management of time after the clients have booked their desired packages. We always prepare first so that, our clients could travel after booking the package. Our clients have a limited amount of time in which we need to provide them the best possible service for an impactful life time worth of experience. In order to manage the time and make it productive we require full dedication of our clients as well because there is no use of a one-sided coin. Time management depends upon the understanding, flexibility and discipline of both the clients and the agency.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner