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The Essential Backpacker’s Guide.

There are backpackers who love to go tramping in the jungles, sleeping on beaches and in tents, and hitchhike halfway around the world. And then there are those whose backpacking definition consists of rolling on with roller-bag suitcases, nights in hotels and car rentals to get around. Anyway, each to their own. Isn’t it? Irrespective of their travel style, backpackers generally are on a road for a longer period than other tourists, and they travel to different countries during their time away from home.

While there, of course, is a certain charm, an appeal to travel naively to the lands unknown, its always better to know what you’re getting into, in order to not land in hot waters. Here, we have listed down top 4 backpacking essentials to take care of before you begin your travel:


I mean, obviously. But, also one of the hardest thing to get right. This hollow sack will serve as your wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, and bedside drawer for the rest of the travel. Not exaggerating, but you need to make sure ahead that it can be your make concocted best friend and consort. The timeless mistake is to choose a bag that is too big, then pack it to the brim, and spend the next few months wondering if your insurance will cover the spine injury you have brought upon yourself. So, make sure you do enough research and select a comfortable backpack that will not strain you during the journey.


I know, it is tempting to assume that you will probably remember everything from your backpacking trip in vivid details. But, do you remember the lie you told yourself in middle school about how you didn’t need to copy what the teacher wrote on the board? Your memory simply cannot cope with the continuous bombardment of new environments, people and experience. So, you’ll need a reliable device to capture as much as you possibly can. I know mobile cameras do the job pretty nicely too. It could even lead to your new hobby: Photography. After all, we all know travel and photography complement each other quite well.


Unless your preferred method of transport is your two feet, you won’t get to go very far without your passport. No brainer, the most important document is your passport. But what you have to check is if it is still in date and will remain so for the time being of your travel? A good number of backpackers forget to check the expiry date and often have to return back home red-faced. Other travel essentials are a photocopy of your passport, insurance details, and driving license. Also, make sure you have all the acquired all the travel-related documents, as the regulations differ depending on nations.

First aid box and medications.

Having some basic medical supplies on hand is always wise, but especially if you will be traveling in the tropical climate, where infections from wounds set in more easily. No need to get overboard but make sure that you have packed essentials like plasters and bandages, painkillers, antiseptic wipes, and rehydration salt. Also, don’t forget to take the antimalarials, to tackle mosquito-borne disease prevalent in tropics all over the world. Malaria kills about two people per minute – and at the time of penning it, no vaccination yet exists!

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner