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  • Last Updated on Apr 21, 2024

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nepal as Your Next Trekking Destination.

Choosing a destination for your next holiday is quite a challenge in itself. And to make your task simpler, I would like to suggest you to visit Nepal. From highest Himalayas to fertile lowlands, from huge diversity in topography to rich cultural variety and much more flora fauna to explore; among many reasons to visit Nepal, here I have listed the top 5 ones:

Opportunity to Capture Best Landscape, Himalayan Sceneries.

Joining treks in Nepal offers wonderful opportunity for every traveler enthusiasts to spectacle magical views of landscape, go close to Himalayas, trek through refreshing forests, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, local settlements and also capture stunning panoramic views of snow capped Himalayas. If you love the landscape sceneries or cultural exploration opportunities, then Nepal should be your first choice. Likewise, for photographers and photo enthusiasts, it’s like heaven.

Chance to make new Friends From all over the World.

Meet modest Nepalese, exchange Namaste’ and also visiting Nepal gives you the chance to meet travelers from all around the world. Majorly at Thamel area in country’s capital Kathmandu, Lakeside at Pokhara and at major trekking sites like Everest trekking trails, Annapurna, Langtang and others you will meet many likeminded people. Make new friends and have fun trekking in Nepal. It’s like crowded during high season of spring and autumn and if you want to avoid crowd, visit Nepal during winter or monsoon. Get different perspective while trekking in Nepal during different seasons.

Any fit traveler can join Nepal Treks.

There is something to offer for everyone. Nepal offers short and easy treks to challenging off the beaten adventures around Himalayas and remote area treks. Also local trekking companies are best in tailor making your itinerary to lengthen or shorten as per your fitness level and requirement. They will offer you the trek that best suits you. Therefore from kids, adults and elderly, treks in Nepal are for everybody.

Amazing diversity in treks too: From teahouse to camping and home-stay.

Along with topography and cultural diversity, while visiting Nepal, you can find diversity in treks too. From simply short one day hikes to multi day or even week treks, from Everest to Annapurna to Upper Mustang, there are plenty more. Nepal can’t be done in single visit, you have to return and immerse in true natural and cultural magnificence.

Opportunity to show humanitarian and help country’s economy.

April 2015’s earthquake and series of economic blockade by India made huge loss in Nepalese economy including Tourism sector. Now after the unfortunate times are over, the whole world should be aware of the fact that Nepal is safe to visit. And people should visit Nepal now to help local economy stand back into its own feet, that will also plays major role in nation’s overall development. Your single decision to visit Nepal can make positive impact. So, visit Nepal now.

Well, I thought above mentioned points are the top 5 reasons to join trekking in Nepal during your next holiday. Do you have any other reason to visit Nepal? We love to hear from you. So, plan you Nepal trekking holidays now. Happy Trekking!

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner