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Traveling In Nepal during October.

We want to see the mountains it’s a once in a lifetime experience hence, we don’t want views or scenarios to get disturbed due to the weather, what’s the best month or season for traveling and are there any tips regarding the weather, popular destinations, travelling tips and events held on October ?

October is one of the best seasons for trekking or traveling, observing birds and butterflies, having mountains flights, peak climbing, and honey hunting and even for shooting, documenting, researching and exploring in Nepal. October is considered as one of the most important month due to the flow and impacts it causes on tourism industry and the role it plays for increasing revenues and income in the country. Not only the visitors but even the locals wait months for this period of time the reason is the positive and uplifting impact it causes on the life of people who are employed depended and have been participating in tourism industry.

During the period of October we could feel the mild temperatures, stable weather, the clear air mesmerizing and jaw dropping views and scenarios, happy and smiles on the faces of the locals, celebration and happiness with positive vibes flowing all the way through the country. It’s autumn due to which the trails become dry, there is less chance of rain fall and bad weathers. The views from the mountain flights are breath taking while trekking or mountaineering is easy due to weather conditions compared to other months. Due to the good weather conditions the flights for most of the destinations don’t get canceled or delayed and we do get a chance to really enjoy for the thing we were traveling and hoping for.

Weather is the primary thing which impacts the vision between “the beauty and the be holder”. Choosing the best weather is an important aspect everyone should remember while traveling and the reasons is we don’t want to face rain or get delayed on flights, get our body soaked by hot temperatures, be a part of natural disasters that may occur through the rainy seasons or get frozen up at the winter, where the snowfall is more than 60 centimeters. After analyzing everything the answer to all those questions is you must be choosing an ideal season for travelling and the best month within that season which is October and November in the context of Nepal. Just imagine you are on a trail weather is foggy you are walking along the trails and the fog is covering the whole visibility up, you are only able to have a limited amount of view. But when you are trailing along the way the weather is clear the views seem mesmerizing, birds are making their sounds though the way while you trail, the mountains look so clear and is smiling upon you. It feels like walking along through a picture we used to draw back when we were kids. The sun shining the mild temperature, not getting energy soaked by sun, the dry and clear trail, the jaw dropping views of mountains, river flowing down the way, the cultural and old towns with one of the best services, local peoples and tribe doing their daily tasks all along the way, the flowers blooming and the whole trek seems so beautiful that it can’t be expressed but rather just felt.

Due to the flow of visitors and nature of the weather the most popular destinations to travel during the period of October are Everest base camp, Three pass in Everest, Manasulu circuit trek, Mardi himal trek, Gokyo valley trek, Ghorepani poon hill trek,  Rara lake to khaptad national park trek and many more treks according to the needs and demands of clients could also be conducted. Mountaineering and climbing peaks are also very popular during this season due to good weather conditions and mild temperatures. Trekking towards restricted valley could also be conducted if the required conditions are met which includes at least two trekkers who are with experienced guides and assistants and have permits, safety gears, daily remuneration, appropriate clothes, insurance paper of the clients, guides and assistants.

October is the biggest festive season in Nepal this is the time when the biggest festivals occur in the whole country there are two major festival during the month which are known as Dashain and Tihar. All the schools, offices, governmental and private organizations remain closed for certain days but, the tourism industry remains open day in and day out during the whole period. Dashain is a festival celebrated for fifteen days. According to Hindu mythology goddess Durga defeated demon mahisasur who was causing a chaos at that period of time. Dashain is celebrated to embark and rejoice the win over the demon. Soon after Dashain is over Tihar takes place which is celebrated for 5 days. It is also know as festival of lights. In thus festivals the locals could be seen worshipping and feeding dogs, crows, ravens and cow know as goddess Laxmi is worshipped. According to our Hindu mythology tihar is worshipped in order to achieve a long and healthy life of her brother from a sister.

Being the most festive season and month of the country it’s the best time to explore about Nepali culture, traditions and the way of living. People choose to celebrate with their family relatives and closed ones. We could even observe and feel the whole place turning up and vibing with joy so different rather then other seasons the locals are chilling and celebrating, everyone seems so happy, the children have a smile on their faces, the whole joint family no matter of how far they live travel and stay together having a toast celebrating the moment. No matter what of the situation how the life is going everyone is happy and has a smile in their face and rejoicing every single moment. So is there a good season except this to travel when the whole country is celebrating coming to life and you are being a part of it. That feeling those moments, vibes positiveness and happiness flowing all the way through the country.

The ideal recommended traveling tips would be to make the booking on time due to drastic flow of visitors and limited amount of man power and infrastructures things get pretty hard to handle clients might have to compromise in terms of quality. Due to good weather conditions flow of tourists and clients in this month the limited hospitalities, flights, transportations and services sometimes get packed or booked before several days or even months. Trekking trails have a limited amount of hotels, tea shops and other sort of accommodation. Clients may sometimes face problems in terms of good hospitality due to the ratio in which people travel and the service they are provided. But making an early booking solves the problem like the old man said “It’s better to reserve the seats rather than being late and searching for one”. Pick a right season before traveling check out the weathers, make your plans before traveling, know the visa and permit requirements, research and google some facts about the place your traveling towards and be open minded before traveling and don’t forget to double check your belongings and being flexible to the plans you have made.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner