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  • Last Updated on Sep 12, 2021

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Trekking Planner Awarded a Merit 2021 Certificated of Best in Class.

Trekking Planner (P.) Ltd has been awarded the BEST-IN-CLASS Certificate, only awarded to the top 5% highest performers within the travel industry!

Trekking Planner (P) Ltd. is a native adventure company running trips around Nepal Himalayan exotic destinations, as well Bhutan and Tibet.

The company is based in the heart of Kathmandu at Thamel, an ideal location for all types of visitors. Trekking Planner (P) Ltd. was established two decades ago, where every trek and tour has been highly successful. From the beginning till present and still going strong despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, which halted most of the tourism activity.

In Nepal as well as in the rest of the world, from this year in autumn onwards where worldwide travelers can now enjoy any trip of their choices joining with Trekking Planner.

Trekking Planner runs and operates a wide range of adventures from trekking to cultural tours backed by its expert team of staff and guides.

Trekking Planner has always been a leading adventure company among hundreds of local travel and adventure agencies. Where all trips designed by Trekking Planner, makes all trekking, tours, and all types of adventure enjoyable with mesmerizing moments. That is why the company has managed to stay on top since it started past 20 years back. Although there are many hundreds of trekking and travel agents in Nepal, running the same type of trips. But in comparison to all other companies, Trekking Planner has retained the same quality of services.

That is why Trekking Planner stands as a favorite and most reliable company for all types of holiday adventures in Nepal. As well as other neighboring Himalayan destinations Bhutan and Tibet, where all trips are accompanied by a qualified and professional guide and staff.

Trekking Planner (P) Ltd. A Government Regisrated as well lifetime members of TAAN (Trekking Agent Association of Nepal). NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) in connection with other organizations related to Nepal Tourism.   

Trekking Planner is well received and appreciated by a leading ranking team like Trip Advisor and other similar grading organizations.

Mr. Dipak Lamichhane, CEO and Team Leader as well the founder of Trekking Planner, with decades of experience in the tourism world.

He has traveled, trekked extensively all around the Himalayas of Nepal and neighboring countries Bhutan, Tibet, and India as well.

Born and bred in the close shadow of Mt. Manaslu, around the hill villages of Gorkha district around Central Nepal. Located in between massif Ganesh and Manaslu Himal, one of the most beautiful areas of Himalayas.

From a young age, Mr. Lamichhane began his trekking career, started as an apprentice guide, and soon became an expert guide. Due to his keen interest in taking care of client’s safety and as well showing the wonders of amazing Nepal.

After years of involvement in tourism started his own company, with a group of expertise, offering quality services at a competitive price. So that all types of interested visitors could afford delightful adventure holidays in Nepal with one and only Trekking Planner.

Trekking Planner since the company was established with a team of professional staff and guides, every trip has been successful. Making every customer booked with Trekking Planner fully satisfied with excellent services and money worth of holidays. That is why the company gets repeated clients, as well fresh new visitors for an exciting adventure with Trekking Planner.

The company besides running and managing a wide range of boundless trips takes care and the welfare of staff, guides, and porters. Providing extra perks and incentives in making every trip a winner with the expert guidance of its loyal guides.

That is why Trekking Planner stands as a leading and renowned adventure company of Nepal with its delightful services.

Due to its excellent team of staff, the company has managed to gain much success and great admiration. From our past and present clients, enjoying memorable adventure holidays, where our quality of excellent services has remained the same. Over the years till present with very competitive and affordable prices, makes Trekking Planner is one of the leading companies in Nepal.      

Besides providing standard services of great quality not only on treks and tours as well with safe and comfortable transportation. Where other companies lack, for a short and long overland journey, the company always provides the best vehicles with expert drivers. Who can take care of the client’s safety, reaching the destination on time, adding more quality along with the good services?

Apart from adventure trekking, cultural tour and a wide range of best holidays Trekking Planner run social activities and volunteer programs in support of rural villages. Providing welfare funds to poor needy villagers-children and schools with educational materials as well repairing the local walking trails.

As well as taking care of the surrounding green environment and protecting its pristine forest from deforestation, planting trees sapling programs.  

Trekking Planner staff and guides are committed to preserving local culture and customs as it was in the past centuries.

The main goal and aim of the company is pioneering and exploring new raw areas for future trekking destinations. As most of the adventure around Nepal Himalaya falls on popular mainstream routes, and Trekking Planner trying its best.

Introducing pure fresh adventure destination for interested trekkers in search of absolute wilderness, away from the maddening world of modern civilization.

What makes Trekking Planner a successful adventure companies in Nepal?

Where all staff and guides including the CEO are all treated as family members of one big umbrella. Behind the big success, due to its loyal and happy staff, guides and porters as the company takes good care. Providing many benefits and allowances as well as medical insurance, which is the most important in making every trip successful.

From the moment of the clients' arrival in Kathmandu, received by the guide and staff with warm hospitality. One of the first steps that make the guest feel secure and delighted, that he/she is in the safe hand.

On treks, tour guides and staff are attentive at beck and call to take care of the guest's requirements.

All guides are knowledgeable and well versed regarding the history, culture, flora, and fauna of the country of travel.

On treks, all guides are well trained with First-Aid and basic medical knowledge when required, as well in coping with AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). In case of emergency staff and guides are quick to handle the situation under their or company control.

Trekking Planner has good relations with all domestic airlines which helps to secure flight booking well in advance, especially in the high peak season of trekking.

All clients are well informed ahead of the trip departure so that clients will know what to expect beforehand.

From every trip, 20 % of profit goes to the welfare of rural poor villages and for children's education materials.

Trekking Planner is committed to Responsible Tourism and has attended various many programs regarding awareness programs on Eco-Trekking.

The company has received many awards and merits for contributing huge support to the tourism industry of Nepal.  

Last but not least Trekking Planner is always ready to help all customers providing full information regarding the trips of choice from our wide range of exotic adventures to cultural destinations.

Trekking Planner at present expanding with its branch office around touristic areas of Nepal, to make every trip in Nepal and around the Himalayas a winner.

So, when you book a tour or treks with Trekking Planner where you will feel fully secure and glad that you did the right, choosing the best holidaymakers and planners in Nepal, as well as other Himalaya destinations.

Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner