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  • Last Updated on Feb 7, 2023

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Trekking Planner Nepal is a groundbreaking Nepalese initiative that has started a vison to provide opportunities for female guides to join the travel and tourism industry in Nepal. By connecting females with local trekking companies, this innovative project is helping to break down barriers, empower women, and open up new possibilities for career growth in the travel and tourism industry. Learn more about Trekking Planner Nepal’s mission and join the cause today!

What Is Trekking Planner Nepal female guide vision ?

Trekking Planner Nepal is a pioneering initiative that has started a vison to empower female guides in Nepal. This project connects aspiring women with local travel and trekking companies, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to join the industry. By increasing the number of female guides in the travel and tourism sector of Nepal, Trekking Planner Nepal seeks to create more equitable and fulfilling opportunities for all.

What Are the Benefits of travelling with Trekking Planner Nepal ?

There are many advantages to Trekking Planner Nepal, including developing a network of empowered female guides in Nepal. By increasing the presence of experienced and qualified women in the industry, Trekking Planner Nepal intends to not only boost economic growth but also create a more diverse and respectful travel experience for customers. Additionally, the initiative emphasizes collaboration between locals and travelers, allowing both to learn from each other while engaging in activities such as exploring diverse landscapes, discovering unique cultures, or learning about important environmental issues.

How Can You Get Involved ?

Trekking Planner Nepal is always looking for new members, and there are numerous ways to get involved. Whether you’re a female looking to join as a guide, an experienced tour operator wanting to support this initiative, or an individual wishing to donate your time or funds, you can make a difference. Check out the official website for more information and join us in our mission of empowering qualified female guides in Nepal and beyond!

How Does It Support Female Guides in Nepal ?

Trekking Planner Nepal is a socially conscious initiative that has created a vison to empower female guides in Nepal. The organization works hard to create opportunities for female guides, by arranging sponsorships and providing special training programs. Furthermore, they seek out the most experienced and qualified female trekking guides in the region in order to maximize their success rate on guided tours. Through this initiative, it has become possible for talented and passionate female guides to join the travel and tourism industry in Nepal.

What Is the Impact of the Initiative So Far ?

The Trekking Planner Nepal initiative has already made a positive impact for female guides in the region. By creating exposure and opportunities for sponsorship, many female guides have been able to start their dream careers in the travel and tourism industry. Furthermore, the training programs have enabled female trekking guides to become more qualified, experienced and prepared to take on harder treks with foreign travellers. Already, some of the best-reviewed tours are led by women who are proud of their newfound status as professional trekking guides. Hopefully, this initiative will continue to empower women across Nepal and provide greater equal access to an industry traditionally dominated by men.


Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner